best quiet hand dryers

Best Quiet Hand Dryers

Stay away from infections and diseases by maintaining proper hygiene. Washing of hands, again and again, can ensure hygiene, especially hand hygiene. To complete the process of hand washing, hand drying is important. Therefore, you use disposable paper towels to dry the hands. But the most hygienic way to dry the hands is to use hand dryers. The irritating thing about the use of hand dryers is the noise that they create during the hand drying process. Thanks to the innovative and latest technology as the use of innovative technology in hand dryers reduces the noise of the hand dryers to a large extent.

Best quiet hand dryers are not only noiseless but also eco-friendly and hygienic. This article is going to help you to choose the quiet hand dryer as the list of quiet hand dryers with a detailed review is describing here. Also, this article will highlight the things that you should look into at the time of shopping for the hand dryer.

Tek Motion Electric Automatic Bathroom Power Hand Dryer

Tek Motion Electric Automatic Hand Dryer Commercial for...

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A hand dryer that can save your money is Tek Motion Electric Automatic Bathroom Power Hand Dryer. It saves your money because comes in your budget range as it is not an expensive model of the hand dryer. The thing you like about this hand dryer is its high speed. Within just 10 to 12 seconds you can dry your hands. These small seconds ensure that it is fast in performance as compared to other hand dryers that take a long time to dry.

Not only this, but there is also much more with this hand dryer. It can save your electricity that indirectly saves your money as it will not overburden the electricity bill. Its use is very simple, just use it and avoid the paper towel.

It remains protected from rust as its body is made up of stainless steel. It’s also durable due to its stainless steel body. Additionally, it’s quiet enough as compared to the other models of hand dryers, its noise rating is just 70 decibels. Last but not the least, it’s a waterproof hand dryer so it cannot damage from water. You can use wet hands or a wet piece of cloth to clean it.

Alpine Hazel 110/120v Ultra Quiet Automatic Polycarbonate Hand Dryer

Alpine Hazel Automatic Hand Dryer | ABS Polycarbonate Hands...

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Another hand dryer that dries the hands at high speed is Alpine Hazel 110/120v Ultra Quiet Automatic Polycarbonate. It also uses an infrared sensor. It’s not only best in performance due to the integration of advanced technology but also beautiful in its design.

It is a favorite hand dryer due to its quiet performance. It performs its operation without creating much noise because the ultra-quiet motor is fixed in it. Enjoy no-touch operation to ensure the sanitary by using this hand dryer, no need to use paper towels anymore. Best in saving electricity as it consumes very little electricity.

Palmer Fixture Ecostorm2 Recessed Hand Dryer

Ecostorm2 Recessed High Speed 110/120 Volt Hand Dryer in...

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A hand dryer that is easy to install is Palmer Fixture Ecostorm2 Recessed hand dryer. It’s not easy to install but also light in weight as it carries a weight of 19 pounds only. It looks amazing due to its stainless steel body, its stainless less body makes it a durable hand dryer.

You can dry your hands quickly because due to its high power motor, it has the potential to dry the hands within 10 to 15 seconds. It comes under the category of automatic hand dryer because it turns off automatically when you move your hands away from this hand dryer.

It considered in the list of best quiet hand dryers because its noise rating is of only 63.5 decibels. Additionally, it can dry the hands quickly by consuming the power of 1000 watts.

Palmer Fixture HD0903-17 Hand Dryer

Palmer Fixture HD0903-17 Hand Dryer, Commercial High Grade...

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Palmer Fixture HD0903-17 is a hand dryer that works without the touch of a button which means it can dry the hands depending on its automatic functionality of turning on and off. Plus, it automatically turns off after the continuous use of 120 seconds.

Moreover, it can dry the hands from 30 to 35 seconds. High-grade fire retardant technology is used in it that keeps this hand dryer not to start as a burning fire. Further, it’s also a durable hand dryer as it is made up of ABS plastic, the plastic body can compete with the stainless steel body in durability. Its 80-watt motor operates at the power of 1800 watts.

Bobrick B-770 QuietDry Surface Mounted High-Speed Hand Dryer

Bobrick B-770 QuietDry Surface Mounted High Speed Hand...

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Another hand dryer that uses the technology of the sensor to detect the hands is Bobrick B-770 QuietDry Surface Mounted High-Speed Hand Dryer. Due to the usage of the sensor, it turns off and turns on automatically by sensing the hands. Therefore, you do not need to push the button to use this hand dryer.

It creates less noise as compared to other hand dryers available in the market. Its noise rating is almost 72 decibels, which is much competitive than other hand dryers. It has the potential to dry the hands quickly as it has high speed. Consider this hand dryer if speed is your priority in selecting the hand dryer.

Stiebel Eltron Galaxy M 1 Quiet Hand Dryer

Stiebel Eltron 073724-G 120-volt Galaxy M1 Touchless...

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The most lightweight hand dryer is Stiebel Eltron M 1 Quiet Hand Dryer as its weight is only 10 pounds. You can easily install it in the washroom because you can carry it without much effort due to its lightweight.

If durability is your preference, then select this hand dryer as it is made up of durable aluminum. It also comes under the category of automatic hand dryer because the sensor is used in it, this sensor detects the hands and turn on or turn off hand dryer depending on the presence or absence of the hands.

It is perfect to maintain the peaceful environment of the washroom as its noise rating is 53 decibels. Therefore, it is in the list of the quietest hand dryer.

How to Choose the Best Quiet Hand Dryer?

Different factors make a perfect hand dryer. These factors are highlighting here so keep these in your mind when you go shopping to buy the hand dryer.

At priority, make sure select the hand dryer that is quiet in its operation as it keeps the environment of the washroom peaceful. The hand dryer that passes a massive amount of hot air makes more noise and they are louder than others. So, you have to neglect the factor of massive hot air when you pick a quieter model of the hand dryer.

The other factor that you can consider is the speed of the hand dryer. On average, normal hand dryers take 45 seconds to dry hands by passing the hot air. Wait of 45 seconds is too long, so, it’s better to choose the hand dryer that takes only 10 seconds to dry the hands. The offering of high speed by the hand dryer will be convenient for you. Might be a case, the hand dryer with high speed may create more noise. Some of the hand dryers use the variable speed of the motor.

Hand dryers come with a button, you have to press the button to dry your hands. But the most convenient type of hand dryer is automatic. Automatic hand dryers come without the button, the infrared sensor technology is used in the hand dryer. So, it turns on automatically when your hands under the hand dryer and turns off when you remove your hands. Automatic hand dryers are also energy efficient but this type of hand dryer will charge more from you as compared to the hand dryer that comes with the button.

Further, consider your budget range, as the quietest and automatic hand dryers are more expensive. So, you can choose the one that is quietest but without automatic functionality. Pressing or pushing a button is not a big deal.


How many decibels is a hand dryer?

Many hand dryers were under 85 decibels, about a third of the models Nora tested averaged over 100 decibels. Sounds that are 100 decibels can damage your hearing in less than 15 minutes of exposure per day. One model of hand dryer even reached 121 decibels, which is as loud as an ambulance siren.

Are hand dryers sanitary?

Bathroom hand dryers can be more environmental than paper towels, they can also be a whirlpool of faecal matter. The researchers concluded that many kinds of bacteria, including potential pathogens and spores, can be deposited on hands exposed to bathroom hand dryers.

Why hand dryers are better than paper towels?

There is no question that hand dryers are much less expensive to operate than paper towels. Hand dryers also create much less waste than paper towels. A big complaint for many companies that use paper towels is that they have to clean up after the towels, which can be all over the restrooms.

What is the quietest hand dryer?

The quietest hand dryers are The HU02 Dyson V Airblade, Dryflow Elite Mark II hand dryer, Stealthforce PLUS hand dryer, Drayflow Viper hand dryer, The Ecoforce hand dryer, Mitsubishi Jet Towel Slim and Smart, Dryflow EcoSlim hand dryer, Jet Force Pro hand dryer

How long do hand dryers last?

Most hand dryers last between seven to 10 years, depending on the frequency of use. Some of the energy efficient hand dryers are warrantied for 7 years.

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