How to block out noise from apartment above you

One of the most common problems people face when moving into a new apartment is loud neighbours who are living above you whether you hear footsteps, music or even bass noise.

I trust me I have been in a similar situation when I moved to my own apartment after college. My upstairs neighbour was a drummer and would practice all the time, as a result, I couldn’t get the peace and quiet environment I often wanted.

In this article, I will show you things you can do today to significantly lower the unwanted sounds coming from the upstairs.

Unfortunately living in an apartment limits the soundproofing solutions because the rules and laws were given by your landlord. If you own the apartment, you are allowed to do renovations or own the house I suggest you see my guide on how to soundproof a ceiling cheaply.

If you are like me and restricted to the things you can do, here is exactly what you can do to block out the noise.

1. Use Sound Absorbing Acoustic Foam.

Now this may/may not get you into trouble with your landlord but what I like about these acoustic panels they are not a permanent solution and you can easily remove them when you want without any hassle( Given you installed them right)

Using Acoustic foam panels on your ceiling will dramatically reduce unwanted noise from upstairs however it is important to know that not all foams are as effective. The one I recommend is the Acoustic Foam Egg Crate Panel ( Click here to see the current price on Amazon).

These are the same panels you often see in recording studios which are used for noise reduction and echoes. First, make sure you know where the noise is coming from so you can install these panels only in that area to reduce any unnecessary expenses and damage.

My landlord was kind to let me apply these( although I never told her, naughty me). I strongly you speak to the owner before using acoustic foams but They are easier to remove when you installed them right ( Check how to temporarily install acoustic foams) and are designed to absorb sounds.

It is important to know that although using the foams on your ceiling will significantly block out noise from upstairs, it is not as effective as green glue when soundproofing but green glue is for a permanent noise-proof solution.

2. Close of your door Gaps

You would be really surprised how sealing the apartment door gaps impacts the amount of noise and sounds you hear. although the noise might be coming from upstairs in most cases some sounds come through the door gaps.

Luckily it is not expensive to do that, I am certain that the apartment owner will have no problem with that because you can easily remove it when you decide you move out.

The best way to close the door gaps is by using soundproof weatherstrips ( See the image on Amazon). You can alternatively use blankets to block out the noise coming through the door but it won’t look good in an apartment or rented space.

3. Try Sound-absorbing mats

This is mostly for people who are not renting out however if you are renting out you can try to convince your neighbor to apply them if you do have a positive relationship.

soundproofing mats are incredibly amazing and can dramatically lower the amount of noise and echoes especially if the issue was loud stomping.

You can try the interlocking puzzle noise-proofing mat. alternatively, you can speak to the landlord about implementing this or laminating the floors.

4. Soundproofing curtain

Another thing you could do is to hang a noise-reducing curtain to muffle the sounds and echoes coming through the window.

Soundproof curtains are great because not only do they reduce unwanted noise but also will look good in your apartment

5. Politely speak to them.

There are a lot of ways and some advice on how to properly address your neighbors because it is so difficult to sound dampen noise that is coming from directly above your apartment. One thing you can do is have a word with them and find out a better solution to this.

Maybe they were not aware of the situation and as soon as you make them aware the situation may change instantly. So it is important you speak to them about the issue.


I hope this article helped gave some value to you and I know how bad it is not enjoying the peacefulness and calmness you want in your apartment.

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