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How to Break Glass Quietly [Silent Hack for Car & House]

Humans are prone to forgetting things. The memory lapse is gradually growing among many people, and this usually occurs due to the accumulation of stress.

This is the reason behind the frequent cases of people locking their pets and kids in the car or sometimes locking the house while the keys are still inside.

What do you think will happen if a pet or a child is locked inside a car that is not ventilated? Well, probably it is suffocation.

Learning how to break glass quietly might help in this circumstance since the noise can be irritating or scary to the child or pet inside the car.

The noise can even alert the neighbors, and they might think is a burglary case forcing them to dial 911. Is there a proper way of breaking unwanted glasses without raising the alarm? Of course, Yes.

However, there are plenty of articles and tutorials talking about glass breaking without releasing any noise, but in a real sense, this does not happen.

If you happen to be looking for the best way on how to break glass quietly, you’re in the right place. There is no fluff here. Take your time to read through the guide and learn how to do it correctly.

Step by Step Guide of Breaking Glass Quietly

There are several ways on how to break glasses, and most of these methods tend to result in the release of much noise that is irritating.

The following are steps on how to break a glass at home quietly without disturbing your neighbors. Let’s see how they work.

Method 1: Involve Three Steps

Step One: Use of a Duct Tape

Identify the glass that you want to break into pieces. Cover both sides of the glass with duct tape. Ensure no part of the glass is visible when covered with the duct tape.

The tape helps to hold the glass pieces together when breaking; hence, the minimal sound will be produced in the long run.

The duct tape has the reputation of creating a soft surface on the glass to help to reduce the sound impact when hitting the glass into pieces.

Step Two: Place a Thick Blanket below the Glass

This is another incredible method of breaking the glass. The thick blanket help to prevent the pieces of glass from making noise while falling on the floor.

Place several thick blankets on the floor so that it will be easy to collect the pieces without making much noise that can irritate your neighbors.

Step Three: Place a Thick Pillow

Place a pillow against the glass and gently hit it with a hammer until it breaks into pieces. The stage is quite useful especially if the duct tape is covered on one side of the glass.

The pieces of glass will not fall and result in unwanted noise. If one piece falls by chance, then the blanket layer on the floor will reduce the impact sound.

Method 2: Use a Ceramic Portion of a Spark Plug

This is a suitable method for those people who are stranded outside their car after leaving the keys inside it. The method involves the use of a ceramic portion of a spark plug to break the car side window quietly without creating an unnecessary alert from the passerby.

Method 3: Use an Automatic Steel Center Punch

An automatic steel center punch is used to create dimple at the workplace. It can also be used to break glass quietly by pressing the glass gently.

The spring on the punch store energy, which can be released to result in an impulse that forces the punch to produce dimple. The device is excellent, especially during an emergency scenario.

Final Thoughts

Safety glasses are much easier to break without creating unnecessary noise. These glasses are made of two layers with a plastic sheet in between the glasses.

If your glass happens to be safety glass, then go ahead and cover it with duct tape. Cover it well and place it on a thick pillow then hit it.

You’ll notice that it will produce a shallow sound. I hope the article was great to help you find ways on how to break glass quietly without releasing irritating noise. Make it your new bible in any situation you want to break a glass at home or workplace.

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