Best Silent & Quiet keyboards 2019 for Noiseless Typing

silent gaming mechanical keyboard

Most computers come with standard keyboards that are quite noisy. While some people like the noise that your keyboard produces when typing, it can be irritating to others. And you don’t want to be the guy clacking away at the library or keeping your roommate up all night. That’s why you need a silent keyboard … Read moreBest Silent & Quiet keyboards 2019 for Noiseless Typing

How to Make a Sewing Machine Quieter

make a sewing machine quieter

Is your sewing machine making noise and shaking? well, you are not alone most people have been looking for a better solution to quiet their sewing machines. In this article, I will show you actionable things you can do today to drastically reduce sewing machine noise, vibrations and shaking. 1. Sewing Machine anti-noise and vibration pad … Read moreHow to Make a Sewing Machine Quieter

White Noise Machine for Office


Is your company in the market for a white noise machine for office? These machines are effective in creating background noise that hides close sounds in the immediate area. These white noise generators often produce different relaxing sounds from nature including rain, wind, and waterfalls. The reason is true white noise actually sounds like an … Read moreWhite Noise Machine for Office