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Ceiling Speaker Soundproofing: How to Do it Yourself

Every homeowner has a dream not to cause noise disturbance to the neighbors and other family members when it comes to watching or listening to music.

Most people have device ways on how to install their sound speakers in the house. This is one of the reasons behind the rise of ceiling speakers in the market.

Ceiling speakers make the house look nice and also save on the space. However, the sound generated by the speakers can easily be transferred to other rooms.

Noise from music or movies can be annoying to other family members and this is the reason why you need to soundproof the ceiling speakers.

The idea behind soundproofing ceiling speakers is quite great but it requires certain skills to implement them. There are plenty of materials in the market that can handle the issue.

The most wonderful thing is that it gives you the freedom to watch and listen to movies or music without getting worried.

The article provides detail information on how to soundproof ceiling speakers like a pro without hiring an expert. Take the time to read through it step by step.

Do Ceiling Speakers Sound Good?

Ceiling speakers produce high-quality sounds without affecting the décor of the room. Besides that, they tend to save on space and make the room have a luxurious outlook.

The most wonderful thing is that ceiling speakers are good for the multi-music system. The cables can easily be network in each room and give you a chance to enjoy the music.

Also, ceiling speakers can easily be customized to suit the décor of the rooms and produce an amazing sound. However, the traveling sound to the adjacent rooms can be a nuisance to other family members hence the need for soundproofing.

There are some people who love to listen to music at high volume and this can be annoying since these speakers are quite audible.

Therefore, if you are looking forward to installing these ceiling speakers then think about noise reduction measures. Soundproofing is always the key factor to put into consideration.

What Are The Problems Associated With Ceiling Speakers?

Ceiling speakers tend to look nice and make the room to appear luxurious. It is a great addition that can help improve the value of your home.

The most amazing thing is the ability to save on space when compared to common speakers. Also, the cables used for networking tend to be invisible.

Unfortunately, the sound produced by the speakers tends to be quite awful when compared to regular speakers. The poor sound quality can even clutter the décor of the room since they are located between the two layers of drywall.

Besides that, the ability of the sound to travel through a different medium can be a nuisance to people staying in the adjacent rooms due to the noise. Ceiling speakers result in an additional cost of soundproofing them and this becomes quite expensive in the long run.

How to Soundproof Ceiling Speakers like A Pro

Noise reduction from ceiling speakers can be attained through soundproofing. There are plenty of ways to do this regardless of the type of ceiling and speakers. Here are the main two methods to consider:

Option One: Construct Backer Boxes

Most ceiling speakers are not covered at the back and this is the reason why they tend to transmit sound to the adjacent rooms in the house.

Covering these ends with backer boxes will help to inhibit sound from migrating to the next room through external walls.

The big thing you are supposed to do is to ensure the box is about 5 inches deep. Constructing backer boxers is something quite simple and it can be done at home without hiring a professional.

Here are steps on how to build backer boxes: The first thing is to take the measurement of the ceiling speaker from the back since this is the point where the backer box is going to be fixed.

Take a piece of 2 by 4 wood and mark it with the measurements obtained from the ceiling speaker back. Use a nail gun to fasten the cut pieces of wood and construct the frame.

Place the frame on the OSB board and trace out its outline. Cut along the outline using a table saw and use the cut portion as the lid of the speaker back.

Use a nail gun to fix the lid on the frame. Finally, drill a hole on the frame to allow wires to pass through it. Apply the glue damping compound around the frame to seal any gaps. The compound helps to prevent sound from coming out.

Option Two: Purchase Soundproof Enclosures

Many people find it hectic to build backer boxes for their ceiling speakers since they do not have an interest in woodwork.

But the good news is that there are plenty of soundproof enclosures in the market that can act as an alternative to backer boxers.

According to research, these items are regarded as quite effective and efficient when it comes to soundproofing ceiling speakers.

Dynamat 50306 DynaBox Speaker Enclosure and Klipsch ME-800-C Speaker Enclosure are among the most popular soundproof speaker enclosure in the market.

These products are manufactured by reputable brands in the market and they are also quite affordable. Besides that, they do an amazing task of soundproofing the ceiling speakers.

If you are looking to have freedom when listening to music and watching movies then consider these products for your ceiling speakers.

Final Thoughts about Soundproofing Ceiling Speakers

Ceiling speakers tend to add value to your house besides saving on space. These fixtures make the room also to appear nice in the eyes of the guest.

However, they tend to comes with some disadvantages such as transmitting sounds to the adjacent rooms. Unnecessary sounds tend to annoy some people especially when they are trying to sleep.

Therefore, this has led to the need for soundproofing these ceiling speakers to inhibit sound transmission to other rooms in the house.

Purchasing soundproof enclosure especially Dynamat 50306 DynaBox Speaker Enclosure and Klipsch ME-800-C Speaker Enclosure will be of great help in such a situation.

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