Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Protect Hearing?

Getting fancy headphones will automatically invoke curiosity and desire. Noise cancelling headphones happen to be the gold mine in this state.

They are suitable for avid music listeners. Well, do noise cancelling headphones protect us against hearing loss? A great question to toss our souls on the ocean.

Noise cancelling headphones play a vital role in protecting us from hearing loss but not in all situations. Advancement in technology has brought both good and harm.

The environment has become noisy due to jet engines, vehicles, factory machinery, and so on. The thing is that noise production is growing to the maximum.

But noise cancelling is a secrete landmark invention. They can block high-level sound decibels. Thus, the epic solution for protecting us from the loud sound effect and continuous noise.

There are quite a good number of noise-cancelling headphones in the market but do they protect us from hearing loss?

Let’s see…

Why Is It Important To Protect Hearing?

A serious study has been carried out by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which shows that prolonged exposure to loud sound can result in hearing loss.

Majority of people who suffer from induced hearing loss happen to be adults and children in the United States according to the study.

Having worked in a noisy factory environment for long, the noise was something I used to deal with daily. I can assure you that prolonged exposure to noise can result in hearing loss.

People living along railway lines and near airports are also susceptible to hearing loss. Unfortunately, it is quite challenging to note the hearing loss since it happens gradually.

Types of Noise Cancelling Headphones

Noise canceling headphones are grouped into two types, such as active and passive. They include:

Passive Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are headphones that do not use electronic technology to minimize the sound effect. The headphones are made from thick materials that help to block some amount of noise.

They have similar features as that of earmuffs, which are usually connected to the device while listening to music.

The ordinary headphones also help in blocking some amount of noise. Unfortunately, they are not considered to be reliable when it comes to noise canceling.

Active Noise Cancelling Headphones

These are quite expensive headphones, but they are worth the amount. They are made of devices that help to create sound waves, which are 180 degrees out of phase with the ambient noise from the environment.

They are regarded as suitable for pilots since they create 180 degrees out of phase sound waves with that of the jet engines.

The technology used in the development of the headphones enables an individual to listen to the music even at low volumes. In the case of ordinary headphones, you will be expected to increase the volume of the music while in a noisy environment.

Do Noise Cancelling Headphones Protect Hearing?

Of course, yes. It is a perfect remedy for protecting us from hearing loss. The noise canceling headphones are proven to perform this function by experts.

These headphones are purposely made for canceling loud sounds from the external source. If you happen to live in a noisy environment, then this is a perfect choice.

The headphones are programmed in a way that they can cancel out the noise from the external source.

In case you are using the standard headphones, you will be able to increase the volume in order cause interference to the external source.

How To Choose The Best Noise Cancelling Headphones

There are a lot of things you need to consider before purchasing noise reduction headphones. Here are some of the common factors to consider when buying noise-canceling headphones.


Purchase headphones that will give your ears a kind of comfort they deserve. Ensure the headbands are soft also to offer support to your head. Test them first to ensure they can perform the function effectively and also cut of noisy sound effects from reaching your ears.

The lifespan of the Battery

This is one of the common factors that so many people overlook. If the headphones come with a power source technology, it is good to check the battery life before purchasing. Ensure the battery is in a good state and it is fully charged. The battery lifespan is usually checked on the headphone tag. The battery should last for about 25hours after being fully charged.

Type of the Headphone

The headphones can either be wireless or wired type. This will determine your choice. Some come with fancy features that make them expensive but worth the price. Pick a headphone that can cancel noise and also protect your ears against induced hearing loss. This should be the first thing to consider in when opting for a particular type of headphone.

Performance Level

Buy headphones that have topnotch performance. They should be of high quality to serve superior performance. The headphones should have the capability to cancel unwanted noise and produce sweet audio sound when connected to a music device.

Cost of the Headphone

The cost of the headphone is also a factor to consider. You will be expected to check different market prices of the headphone and buy the one that fits in your budget. You should note that high-quality headphones that cancel out noise are quite expensive as compared to the standard headphones.

Ratings of the Headphones

The market rating of headphones is vital for decision making. Read the feedbacks of the previous customers about different models of the headphones. Negative feedbacks will imply that the headphone does not meet the expectations of the users and therefore opt for the one with more positive feedbacks.

Final Thoughts

The headphones help to cancel out the ambient noise by producing the equal magnitude of the sound. As an avid music listener, both passive and active noise canceling headphones are the perfect option of headphones to buy.

They are excellent in preventing hearing loss. However, in case you’re working in a noisy environment, it is advisable to go for earmuffs instead of purchasing noise- canceling headphones.

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