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5 Top Dynamat Alternative

One of the most unpleasant feelings is driving in a nosy loud car that prevents you from enjoying your favorite music, radio show, having a decent conversation both on the phone or with someone in the vehicle or even having a quiet and peaceful ride.

Dynamat is one of the most popular sound deadening mats but unfortunately, it can be costly and some people just don’t like it.

Fortunately, there are Quality Dynamat alternatives sound reducing mats that are aimed to combat the noises and sounds and In this article, I will review the best Sound Deadening Material on the market. Choosing a great sound deadener can be a challenge because there are so many on the market some are worth the money some are just a waste of time and money.

Luckily, I did all the digging and Groundwork to come up with vehicle sound dampening material that not only works but also affordable and long-lasting.

Best Dynamat alternatives Comparison Table

Product Thickness & SizePrice & Image
Noico 80 mil 36 Sqft $$
See Price on Amazon
Fatmat80 mil 50 Sqft $$
See Price on Amazon
Kilmat 80 mil 36 Sqft$$
See Image on Amazon
Dynamat80 mil 32 Sqft$$
See Price on Amazon
Hushmat80 mil 36 Sqft$$
See Image on Amazon
Siless80 mil 36 Sqft$$
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What is a Sound Deadening Mat?

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Sound deadeners are used to eliminate or reduce noises and vibrations in a vehicle or other home appliances, They are commonly used in the automotive industry to get rid of the noises, rattling and other vibrations.

Things to Look for when Purchasing Sound Deadening Material

Type of Material

There are different types of materials used when it comes to automotive sound deadening, however, there are four that are commonly used and widely known including:

  • Insulation sound deadeners: These are made from thick fiber material and commonly placed under the carpet to help absorb some of the sounds coming through
  • Soundproofing mats: These are what people used on their vehicle and they are very effective and this article is based on these sound dampening mats.
  • Foams Material: You often see foams being used on the cabins to help eliminate echoes and reverbs.
  • Sound dampening Sprays: Sometimes there are areas where it is impossible for the mat or foam to reach, in this case, sprays are used to sound dampen those areas.

How Thick Is It

Thickness is a huge factor when choosing vehicle sound absorbing materials because of the capacity of absorption can the mat handle. Typically most sound deadening mats are 80 mil thick which is thick enough to dampen most sounds and vibrations. The golden rule here is the thicker the material, the better the soundproof.

The Overall Size

The size of the material may not be as important as the thickness, however, it can indirectly save you some money because if you choose the right size at the right price then you won’t have to overspend on material that is not required.

Also, It is important to pick the right size when purchasing automotive sound deadeners to help you not run out of the material or buy more than enough.


This is very essential because if the sound deadener is not sticky enough then it is more likely to come off in the future. There are many products on the market that claim to last longer, unfortunately, that is not the case with most of them having a poor adhesive ability which makes the material work for only a short period of time.

A good sound deadener has the ability to stick and the adhesive used is strong enough to hold on for years and years to come.

Heat Resistance

Unfortunately not all vehicle sound deadeners can take the heat, but it is important that you make sure you purchase one that can withstand heat because more often than not vehicles heat up and that can cause the product to fail. Luckily all the products I am reviewing today passes this test.


If you are on a budget and looking for sound deadening material for the money then Price is also something to look out for, It is not a secret that some deadeners are much more expensive than other which competes in terms of performance.


Some people prefer something much better looking and certain colors, fortunately, most automotive sound deadeners are designed incredibly well and will fit and blend just well with your vehicle.

Other Real User Reviews

If you are looking for a product that I haven’t discussed here it is important you make sure to check what are other people saying about the product before purchasing, you can find some authentic real user reviews in websites like Amazon.

Top 5 Dynamat Alternative

this photo shows a car door

1. Noico Sound Deadening Mat.

Noico is one of the most well known and well-respected brands on the market due to the quality they have to offer. Noico doesn’t only offer High quality but also a competitive Pricing which saves you some extra money when you are on a budget.

This Product will work anywhere for your vehicle, any surface, you can install noico in the car hood, floor, roof or doors without any hassle. It is easy to install and anyone can use it without the need to hire an expert.

Although Noico sound deadener can be used anywhere, it works incredibly well in Automobiles.

It is 80 mil thick which is thick enough to sound dampen undesirable sounds and rattling.

Product Highlights

  1. Odorless
  2. 80 Mil Thick
  3. Heat Resistant
  4. User-Friendly
  5. Affordable
  6. Various colors
  7. Trust Brand

Noico is incredibly cheap compared to most of the other brands that offer the same quality. It also comes in two different colors to choose from which are Black and Silver giving you the opportunity to choose the right color that will blend well with your vehicle.

2. Kilmat Sound Deadener

If you are looking for the best quality but at a cheaper price, then Kilmat is what you have been looking for, without a doubt kilmat is still one of the best most cost-effective sound deadening material on the market. Quality is good enough to break into my top 7 list. Kilmat is known to drastically reduce vibrations, rattling, noises and sounds without compromising and budget.

Product Highlights

  1. 80 Mil Thick
  2. Universally used
  3.  Extremely Cheap
  4. Easy to Use
  5.  Strong adhesive

Kilmat sound deadener is still one of the products that are worth the money, however, unlike Noico the installation of this product takes a little bit more time and requires more effort.

3. Fatmat Automotive Sound deadening mat

To be honest it is really hard to compare products of the same caliber. Fatmat is amongst the best and deservingly so.

Fatmat is known for its thickness and the ability to remain cool under heat. It is easy to install, it is also self-adhesive and requires no additional adhesive which can cost you more money.

Product Highlights

  1.  Self-adhesive
  2. Heat Resistant
  3. Reliable
  4. Can cover the whole vehicle
  5. Well-established brands
  6. Strong

With all the positives about fatmat, the only minor downside you might encounter when using fatmat is that it is really tough to cut it through, due to the material used. You will need to use a really sharp and strong knife to cut it, other than that, This is a great product.

4. Hushmat

The last but definitely not the least sound deadening material is Hushmat, Other than a creative name and a popular brand Hushmat is considered amongst the best automotive noise elimination product. Hushmat is designed to reduce road noise and vibrations which is often a problem for many drivers.

When you purchase Hushmat, you will find 30 sheets that can cover most of the area on your vehicle, however, it won’t cover the whole vehicle you may need to buy another pack if you own a larger vehicle and looking for a solid soundproofing solution.

Overlapping these sheets can help strengthen the sound deadening.

Product Highlights

  1. Adheres to any surface
  2. Reduces road noise
  3. Doesn’t require special tools
  4. Easy to install
  5. Looks elegant
  6. Simple Peel and Stick

Very good at withstanding heat, it can withstand heat between 30 – 400 Fahrenheit and it is affordable too.

Final Thoughts

There are many different sound deadening mats that makes good alternatives for dynamat, however, these 4 automotive sound deadening material that is effective and worth every penny. Although there are much more different once I found these items among the best. For more articles about creating a  quiet environment click here.

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