FatMat Vs Dynamat: Which Is The Better Sound Dampener?

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Have you noticed how irritating traffic noise is when you are taking a long drive? It makes it hard to enjoy the drive or listen to the radio or even have some time for yourself.

The loud horn from other vehicles and revving motorcycle are enough to prevent you and the people/person you are traveling with from having a decent conversation.

Soundproofing your vehicle is a great way to improve the sound and acoustics. Many people enjoy music while driving and the sound quality is very important.

Soundproofing your car will cut down both internal and external noise drastically and ensure a smooth drive every time.

Table Comparison of the FatMat vs Dynamat

Dynamat Review

The Dynamat sound deadener is considered one of the best solutions for soundproofing your car. It is perfect for the isolation of sound and unwanted noise in your vehicle. It is capable of perfect isolation for your vehicle.

This aluminum-coated sound deadener is also a great heat resistant material, which means you will not have heat problems in your vehicle.

These properties make the Dynamat quite valuable. The Dynamat is very valuable regardless of the price. It provides you with everything you need to soundproof your vehicle.

Dynamat Effectiveness

There are multiple things you can look at to gauge the Dynamat value and performance. This sound deadener is thick and works to stop any noise from outside the car.

The effective design and features of the Dynamat allow you to enjoy a silent or perfect audio environment.

This is the perfect tool for every audiophile’s vehicle. The butyl based material used for the Dynamat acts as a heat insulator.

It protects the vehicle against heat and can work under temperature of up to 240 degrees Fahrenheit. The material is completely odorless so you do not have to worry about that. The thick material is strong and dense; therefore you cannot tear it apart easily.

The Installation/Application Process

The only difficult part about installing the soundproofing material is the part where you have to cut it into sections. If you do not have the right tools, the part might come out crooked.

The whole process should start with measuring the parts of the vehicle and comparing them to the parts of the Dynamat. Once you have the correct measurements, you should be able to make the clean cuts on the Dynamat.

The next step involves cleaning the surface where the deadener is to be installed and removing the liner from the Dynamat cut. For the last step, you need a roller to apply the adhesive on the car to make sure it sticks firmly.

The process is very easy, especially for smaller surfaces. You have to be careful when sticking the Dynamat to larger surfaces like the floor and roof of the vehicle. This process is done in stages to minimize the wrong installation.

The Use of Dynamat

Even though the primary function of the Dynamat is to insulate the car, it passes for several other uses. If you need to reduce the noises in the room, or soundproof a home theatre the Dynamat will work just perfectly.


  • It is effective in noise deadening
  • It has a butyl base that is heatproof
  • Very easy to install
  • Does not leave any odor in the car
  • The aluminum coat ensures quality and durability


  • A bit pricey
  • Takes quite some time to install

FatMat Review

The Fatmat deadener is pretty valuable when it comes to sound deadening. This 50 mils thick sound deadener has a different structure to the Dynamat.

The FatMat, like the Dynamat, has an asphalt-based structure but very thin when compared. Nevertheless, it works perfectly to ensure sound isolation.

The Effectiveness

The FatMat is definitely a sound deadener you would want for your vehicle. It is made of good quality materials and very effective in soundproofing.

It has an asphalt base structure that ensures perfect sound quality boost and sound isolation. The problem with an asphalt base material is that it is not good with high temperatures; this is why it is favorable for cold environments.

The thin structure of the FatMat makes it easy easier to install when compared to the Dynamat.

The Installation Process

The installation process is quite easy. The FatMat sound deadener is self-adhesive which make the concept of application really easy.

The problem with the installation of the Fatmat is the temperature barriers. The asphalt base makes the installation process really hard.

You need the perfect heat temperature to install this sound deadener. Some parts of the material might also seep out when you are applying the FatMat.

The Use

Just like Dynamat, you can use it for a lot of different things. FatMat is food for field usage, you can use it on door panels and floor of your vehicle to reduce the road noise and it boosts the bass and sound quality of the space In general.


  • It is affordable
  • Great for noise cancelation
  • It keeps the noise out and the sound in
  • Fights the audio vibration distortion


  • The asphalt base is bad in high temperatures
  • The installation process is hard

Rattletrap Review

The rattletrap sound deadener is 80 mm thick and effective when it comes to sound deadening. The Rattletrap is made by the same company as the FatMat but works a little bit better.

With the rattletrap, you get what you are paying for and the results you expect.

The Effectiveness

The rattletrap is very effective when it comes to sound deadening. The original version of the rattletrap, which is the FatMat, worked better when it was layered.

The rattletrap is so thick that it works better than the FatMat even without layering. It saves you a lot of work during the installation and you get better sound deadening results.

The Installation Process

The installation process is basically like that of the FatMat sound deadener. They basically have the same construction principals.

It is self-adhesive so the installation process is very easy. The mat has a very aggressive coating and will stick to the surface strongly.

Unlike the FatMat, you can apply this in both warm and cold conditions. No additional heat is required for installation.

When applying the rattletrap, make sure you go as close to the edges as you can. Apply it from the center outwards to make sure no air bubbles are trapped in the deadener.

Apply it on clean and dust free surfaces to make sure it sticks. You can put fiberglass matting in all the locations except the doors when applying the rattletrap.

The Use

The rattletrap is a multilayer construction and will stick to anything. It is perfect for soundproofing your vehicle. It goes on the doors, roofing and body panel.


  • Good for any type of temperature
  • Is effective
  • Easy to apply


  • It is a bit Pricey


FatMat vs Dynamat

While FatMat has its own qualities and advantages, Dynamat is better and offers a better service. Dynamat is effective in all temperatures, unlike FatMat which cannot handle the heat. The Dynamat v FatMat comparison simply goes to show that the Dynamat is more effective

Rattletrap vs FatMat

Both the Rattletrap and FatMat are made by the same company. Rattletrap is a simple and advanced version of the FatMat. It is better in a very way, easier to apply and works under any form of temperature. The Rattletrap is three times more effective than the FatMat.

Dynamat vs Rattletrap

Here is where the difficult choice is. Both the Dynamat and rattletrap are effective when it comes to sound deadening. When it comes to these two, the competition is really on the coverage. The rattletrap gives you more coverage than Dynamat which means it is more effective.

Final Thoughts

These 3 sound deadeners are very hard to compare because they are all great, choosing one will entirely depend on your preference, be sure to check out my other articles about soundproofing and sound deadening here.

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