Why Is My Hard Drive Making Strange Noises (Solved)

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Is your hard drive making strange noises? Do you have no idea what to do about it? Don’t panic!

In this blog post, we will walk you through some common causes of hard drive noise and how to fix them.

We will also provide some tips on how to prevent your hard drive from making these noises in the future. Let’s get started!

Is It Normal For A Hard Drive To Make Noise?

Well, is it true? Absolutely yes. The hard drive of any computer tends to make a sound when the machine is being accessed or shut down.

The humming sound is quite familiar, and the rotating motor in the drive typically produces it. However, the humming noise is quite low.

Another source of noise could be the clicking sounds made by the HDD platter. This happens when the data is being read.

Therefore, do not allow the minimal noise being made the hard drive to get over your nerves since this is something healthy. If you are an avid computer, then you probably know the reason why the hard drive is making noise.

However, the sound can be annoying or disgusting, especially if you want to concentrate on something. However, if the sound start being loud and persistent, then you need to worry more since this can distort the stored data in the machine.

Recovering the lost data in a drive can make you go banana at some point. The entire process can be hectic and too expensive.

For this reason, we usually recommend you backup all your data on the computer to avoid getting lost in case of hard drive malfunction.

The constant loud sounds is a clear sign that your hard drive will soon fail to work. It is advisable to fix the issue as fast as possible to save yourself from a hell of a problem.

Call upon an expert to examine the source and cause of the noise in the computer. The computer tech-savvy will also help you in fixing the issue.

Why Is My Hard Drive Making Noise?

The noise from the hard drive tends to occur due to the failure of the disk’s read-write actuator. The movement of the defective disk could be the possible cause of the noise.

However, there are plenty of reasons why hard drive makes sounds, and they are usually associated with the disk head.

Well, we have compiled some of the possible causes of the sounds in the hard drive, and I hope it will be useful. Let’s dive into the main topic.

Hard Drive with Physical Damage

Using a computer for a couple of years continuously make the parts of the hard drive to experience wear and tear. Also, exposure of your hard drive to destructive factors like fire, water, and high magnetic field subject it to physical damage.

Therefore, a damaged hard drive due to physical factors or wear and tear of internal components make it fail as well as make noisy sounds.

Low Power Supply The hard drive is a data center where data is being processed. The component is also fitted with a power supply unit that has a fan for ventilation and cooling down of the heated hard drive.

In case of a low power supply, the fan in the power supply unit will start to make an annoying noise. Sometimes this behavior can make the drive to become malfunction due to damaged IC.

If that is the case, then getting a quieter hard drive is a viable option.

Power Surge

This is one of the worst things that could occur to your computer. It makes everything to malfunction after its occurrence.

The most affected part of the hard drive is the printed circuit board and head stack assembly. Power surge will render them completely useless, and the noisy sounds can signify this.

Misalignment of Reading and Write Head

People who tend to have external hard drives are highly prone to experience the issue of noisy sounds from the device.

Why? Once the device falls, the read and write head become misaligned. The parts are the ones responsible for the noisy sounds when connected to a PC.

Issues with the Service

Area Many hard drives have a service area that helps to store the manufacturer’s specific data which helps to enhance its operation.

Installation of corrupt files will make it difficult for the hard drive to read, and this could result in a lot of errors. The issue will also cause noisy clicking sounds in the hard drive since it is finding it tough to translate the information.

Note: Learn to handle the hard drive with a lot of care. Any rough handling and care will render to failure after a short time. Never drop the hard drive since it will loosen or misalign head stacks.

How Long Do Hard Drives Last?

It is quite challenging to answer the question of how long do hard drive lasts since the malfunctioning of the hard drive is unpredictable.

Well, if you own a PC that does a lot of work continuously, then the hard drive is likely to last for about three years. But this is dependent on how you handle the PC.

The most beautiful thing is that a high-quality hard drive rarely fails. This implies that they have the capability of lasting for long.

However, you will be expected to keep your PC in a controlled environment, and this will help to improve the lifespan of your machine.

Besides that, the brand, applications, usability, heat, and how frequent the PC is shaken or bumped will determine the lifespan of your hard drive.

Therefore, consider computers with a hard drive from reputable brands and put precautionary measures in place when handling it. This will help to increase the lifespan and also prevent the occurrence of noisy sounds.

Do Hard Drives Go Bad If Not Used?

Well, hard drives do not have a shelf life. In fact, using the hard drive frequently make it highly susceptible to failure. You can remove the hard drive from a computer and keep it in a dry place.

This will enable it to last for a couple of years without going bad. I also recommend that you keep the hard drive away from large magnetic fields since these are some of the things that tend to damage the drive.

Also, the area where the hard drive is kept should experience minimal movement and constant temperature.

Can An External Hard Drive Go Bad?

Usually, wear and tear is a thing that is not inevitable among electronics. The fact is a hard drive, whether external or internal tends to go bad after some years.

The bitter bad is when you expose your external hard drive to moisture, excess humidity and electromagnetic fields. These factors can ruin your hard drive within a second.

The storage and handling methods play a vital role when it comes to the lifespan of an external hard drive. The good news is that hard drive is not highly susceptible to failure and damage so long as proper measures have been followed.

According to research, external hard drives tend to last between five to ten years. Also, the external hard drive has no shelf life.

How to Quiet a Hard Drive Making Noise

There are a couple of things to consider before dealing with hard drive making noise. Sometimes, these things may require intervention from an expert while others can be easily be fixed.

Here are some of the ways on how to silent a hard drive making noise that is annoying and disgusting. They include:

Phase One

Troubleshoot the hard drive, and this process usually takes a couple of minutes. Ensure the sound is emanating from the hard disk only.

However, the sound from other components of the computer might pose some confusion, and it is recommended to remove the drive from the computer.

Access the computer, and if the noise stops, then automatically is the hard drive behind the humming or grinding noise.

Phase Two

Use diagnostic software from the internet and troubleshoot the hard drive to identify the cause of the problem. If the hard drive is completely damaged, the diagnostic software will not help in such a case.

Phase Three

Replace the damaged hard drive in case it is wholly malfunctioned. Check the model and the make of your current driver first.

Visit the nearest electronics store and purchase a new hard drive for your computer. This will help to resolve the whole issue of noise permanently.

Phase Four

If the noise starts emanating after fixing a new hard drive, then it is recommended to call upon a tech-savvy for assistance.

This could be something else inside your computer that needs thorough troubleshooting for easy identification. However, you will cough some dollars in the long last.

Final Thoughts

If you notice your hard drive is making a lot of noise, find out the cause by troubleshooting, and this will save you from a couple of problems.

Many people tend to take time to resolve the issue, and they end up losing vital data stored in the computer. We recommend that if your hard drive has failed, then consider calling a professional data recovery expert for assistance.

If you ever managed to handle a noisy hard drive, feel free to share the story in the comment section below.

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