make a sewing machine quieter

How to Make a Sewing Machine Quieter: 7 Easy Tips

Is your sewing machine making noise and shaking? well, you are not alone most people have been looking for a better solution to quiet their sewing machines. In this article, I will show you actionable things you can do today to drastically reduce sewing machine noise, vibrations, and shaking. 1. Sewing Machine Anti-Noise and Vibration Pads …

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noise absorbing mat and rugs

The 5 Best Soundproofing Floor Mats: Reviews & Buying Guide

A noisy Squeaky floor can be really irritating, and create unwanted echoes amplifying the noises and sounds in the room and that can result in loud footsteps and sounds. Unfortunately, Soundproofing the floor can be a long and tedious process that can be really costly. Luckily there are mats that you can install to help …

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sound absorbing blankets

The 5 Best Soundproof Blankets in 2022 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

Have you ever considered soundproof blankets? These can be a great option if you want to design a small audio-recording studio, launch a YouTube channel, or deal with noisy neighbors effectively. In all these situations the sound-proof blankets can be a plus. Before shopping for these Acoustic Blankets, it’s important to know the basics. That …

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sound proof tent

Soundproof Tent: The Ultimate Buying Guide & DIY

In this article, you will learn things that you can do to soundproof a tent and also I will review some of the best soundproof tents that can make a huge difference in reducing unwanted noise. Sound dampening a tent is one of the hardest tasks to do, due to the nature of the environment …

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