noisy neighbor revenge method 1

Noisy Neighbors Revenge [8 Things You Can Do Today]

Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Getting revenge from noisy neighbors is something good to ever thought of, especially if they have been a nuisance for a long time. Sometimes back, I used to have some Yankee neighbors who used to give me a sleepless night, especially when I had a long day …

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a portable generator

How to Make a Generator Quieter: 7 Simple Ways

The loud noise from the generator can be annoying, especially at night in the camping site. Although the generator is quite essential for lighting and charging of your smartphone. These are some of the primary reasons why it is a great deal to come with a generator to the camping site. The irritating loud noise …

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How to Break a Window Quietly: 6 Tips for Cars & Houses

Have you locked yourself out of the house or car and need to break the window to get back in? Worried about making too much noise? Well this guide is for you. Whether you are breaking into your home or vehicle, there are some ways that will help keep the noise down so as not …

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an egg carton

Soundproofing with Egg Cartons: Does it Really Work?

If you’re having a real issue with unwanted noise in and around your home or work, you’ve probably thought about soundproofing. And if you’ve been down the Youtube rabbit hole, you would have seen many DIYs with egg cartons. I can see why people believe that egg crates can do the job. Their round shape …

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foam panel

Best Soundproof Foam Panels 2022 [Improve Acoustics Cheap]

If you’re looking for something to decrease the noise of the traffic, noisy surroundings or maybe you live in a noisy home and do not want to disturb your neighbours, acoustic panels are the best solution. I would heartily recommend acoustic foam panels to achieve a level of soundproofing as they are cheaper and as …

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soundproofing a floor

How to Soundproof a Floor

Are you tired of noisy neighbors that interfere with your peace? Noise pollution is an issue that sometimes leads to complaints in apartments. Experts call this type of noise airborne noise. It passes from one home to the next through areas such as small holes, floors as well as under the doors. You can eliminate …

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a photo of a small server rack network

How to Soundproof a Server Rack

Noise from servers is irritating and can be counterproductive for anyone working in close proximity with them. Many organizations get around this by housing the servers in an isolated room so noise does not seep out to people outside the room. This is a pragmatic approach because the servers remain well ventilated, freely dissipating heat …

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sound frequency waves

Does Sound Travel Up or Down? [Explained]

One of the most common questions I get is which direction does sound travel, I also had the same question and decided to do some research and I thought an article addressing this question would be really useful and handy for other people. In short, Sound Travels in both directions up and down, Sound is …

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stopping a loud noisy wooden floor

How to Fix Squeaky Hardwood Floors

Apart from alerting you someone is in your house, squeaky floors are a pain in the ear. Do you know you don’t need a pro to reclaim quiet tip-toes for your home? What Causes Wooden Floors to be Squeaky? Though squeaking is common in old houses, it can occur in new ones as well. Here …

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