cheap soundproofing material

Best Cheap Soundproofing Materials for People on a Budget

If you are living in urban areas, then you are well aware of the need for a quiet environment, free from any external disturbances. From the Unbearable sound of air horns to sharp noise created by machines all are sufficient to break into your room comfort, disrupting studying, nursing patients or any other work requiring …

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fixing a loud water pump

How to Quiet a Noisy Water Pump: 6 Soundproofing Hacks

Unwanted vibrations and noise from your water pump tend to be very annoying. If you have a water pump in your home you understand where this is coming from. The noise has the capacity to drive you crazy when you want to do something relaxing like reading or even when you are just watching TV. …

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picture showing bass traps

What are Foam Bass Traps?

One of the most common questions I get is, is what are foam bass traps and whether or not they work. In this article, I am going to answer a bulk of questions regarding whether or not bass traps are worth the time and money. What Are Foam Bass Traps? In simple terms, Bass Traps …

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How to Reduce Treadmill Noise in an Apartment: 8 Easy Ways

Are you enjoying your treadmill but worried about how much noise it’s making? Maybe you’ve had a complaint from a neighbor or loved one and you have to bring the noise levels down. But don’t worry, there are a number of ways to fix the issue and we’ll have your treadmill running quieter in no …

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How to Soundproof a Door: 11 Simple Tips and Tricks

Are you looking for cheap and easy ways to soundproof a door at home? Soundproofing your door can be a quick and easy way to make your house quieter, so you can finally sleep in peace or not be disturbed by unwanted sounds from outside your room. To help you know what to do, we’ve …

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soundproofing A Loud Washing machine

How To Reduce Washing Machine Noise: 5 Simple Ways

A washing machine is one of the most useful home appliances and it saves us a great deal of time and does a better job with our laundry than using hands, however, sometimes a washing machine can make loud unwanted noise. This article will show you how to soundproof a washing machine. A loud or …

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sound dampening drywall

Green Glue vs Resilient Channel vs Quiet Rock

A noisy home can keep you awake, slow you down at work and even drive you crazy. To help you keep your home quiet, construction companies have developed different materials for wall and ceiling installation. What happens if your house is not under construction and you still want to install the soundproof walls? You can …

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french glass door

How to Soundproof French Doors

In this article I will show you exactly how to soundproof french doors and sliding glass doors without wasting a ton of time and money. To be honest, sound dampening french or sliding glass doors can really be a challenge and harder than you think, however what I am about to share with you, will …

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tools to help you make your own acoustic panels

DIY Acoustic Panel: How to Make Sound Absorbing Panel

Are you looking for an in-depth article that will show you a cheap, best and most effective way to create Sound-absorbing acoustic panels that not only work but also very affordable and easy to do? if the answer is yes, then you are in the right place! This article will show you step by step …

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sound absorbing acoustic wallpaper

Soundproof Acoustic Wallpaper: Is it Worth the Money?

If you live in a noisy environment or work in a noisy office, you have probably looked into the soundproofing market in a bid to find a solution to the problem. Despite the many soundproofing methods, the Chances are that you have come across soundproof acoustic wallpaper as a comfortable and convenient option to soundproofing …

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