How Loud Should White Noise be for Babies? A Complete Guide

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When it comes to soothing a crying baby, white noise can be a parent’s best friend. The sound of gentle rain, waves, or even a vacuum cleaner can help to lull an infant to sleep. But how loud should white noise be for babies and how loud is too loud?

If it’s too loud, it could actually end up disturbing sleep instead of promoting it. Too soft, and it may not be effective in masking other sounds.

In this post, we’re going to cover everything you need to know about white noise for babies to help you know what’s safe. Let’s get started.

What is White Machine Noise?

In simple terms, a white noise machine also known as a sound machine or a sound masking machine is an electronic device that was created to produce white noise sounds like rain, ocean waves, wind, etc.  A white noise Sound machine is used to help relax, sleep or for privacy.

You can use a white noise machine almost anywhere some people use it for office, sleeping even for bathroom privacy.

This device is used only for producing soothing, relaxing white sounds.

How Loud Should White Noise be for a Baby?

In general white noise is not harmful, however, it should be used with precaution especially when it comes to little children, Playing it loudly or busting the speakers will do more harm than good to your baby.

If you are looking for Decibels to use, It is recommended that you play within the range of 40-60 Decibels and the ideal figure is playing at 50 Decibels, anything over 80 decibels may be harmful to your child.

Also, don’t play the white noise for over 8 hours, I recommend you play it and when the baby is asleep switch it off another thing I recommend is to keep it a bit far away from your kid’s ear to avoid any discomfort.

Although white noise is not harmful to kids and people in general, it is important that it is not overused and used with precaution.

Another thing I recommend is to use the right sound machine when playing white noise since you have to adjust the number of decibels and the quality of sound is important. The one I recommend is Hatch Baby Rest Night Sound Machine.

Do Babies Need White Noise When Sleeping?

Now, the short definite answer is No, because there are other things that you can do to help your baby sleep, like bathing with water, adjusting the lights, and developing a sleeping routine for your child, etc., however, white noise sounds will certainly help your child sleep and rest better faster than usual.

No, you don’t need a sound machine but it is something essential for you and your baby because of the benefits it comes with it such as the soothing relaxed gentle sound that will comfort your baby helping her/him get quality sleep.

The Best loud Enough White Noise Machine for Babies

Without a doubt, there are many different white noise machines on the market and to be fair most of them are great and will do the job, however, some are really low quality and a waste of money especially if you are looking for nothing but the best quality for your child.

The Sound machine I recommend your babies is Hatch Baby Rest Night Sound Machine . This sound machine is certainly the best because you can control it via an app so if your baby is in the nursery room, you have full control of the volume and the lighting of the sound machine.

Is White Noise Harmful to Babies?

White noise is not harmful to babies generally, however, when used in excess or abused it can cause some minor side effects, with that said I think it’s essential to do some research based on the kind of sound machine and white noise you want to use.

When to Stop Using White Noise  Machine for Baby?

There is no definite time to stop using a white noise machine for your baby since it can be used by any age group, so it depends on why were you using it in the first place. However, there are some things that may force you to stop using a white noise machine like irritation or discomfort for your child.

Pros and Cons of White Noise for Babies

Just like anything in life, there are Pros and Cons of using a white noise machine for babies and here are some of the pros and cons


  • White Sounds will help your baby to relax and fall asleep faster.
  • Playing white noise will help cancel some of the other noises in the house such as TV sounds.
  • Depending on the actual sound machine some contain features such as heartbeat-like sounds which can be very comforting to children especially infants


  • Some babies may not like the sounds
  • When the white noise machine not used carefully may pass the recommended limits.
  • If you play it for a long time some babies may get addicted to hearing the sounds and become dependent on them to sleep.

Final Thoughts

White noise is great unlike pink noise, white noise is loaded with tons of benefits that can help improve your life as a parent and your babies life overall. I hope this article was helpful to and if you are looking for more posts about soundproofing click here.

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