How To Break A Window Quietly, Silently And Safely

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Have you locked yourself out of the house and need to break the window to get back in? Worried about making too much noise? Well this guide is for you.

Whether you are breaking into your home or vehicle, there are some ways that will help keep the noise down so as not to disturb people around you.

In this article, we’ll give you our tips of how to break a window quietly and cover what tools you’ll need to get the job done.

6 Ways to Break a Window Without any Noise

There are several ways on how to break windows, and most of these methods tend to result in quite a bit of noise.

It’s inevitable that you’re going to make some noise but we can take a few steps to minimize the amount of noise.

So with that in mind, the following are steps on how to break glass quietly without disturbing your neighbors.

Let’s see how they work.

1. Using Household Items

First, we’ll cover how to break glass quietly with items that you should have lying around the house.

For this method you’ll need:

  • Duct tape
  • Thick blankets
  • A pillow
  • A hammer

The first thing to do when breaking any glass is to use duct tape to cover the glass.

This will help keep any shards of broken glass from flying all over and making a mess and noise.

Then, once you’ve taped up the window, put down some thick blankets or a rug underneath the area before you start smashing.

Ideally you’d do this on both sides of the window but obviously that’s not always possible.

Using blankets in this way will help muffle some of the sound of falling glass and keep it from echoing too much in your surroundings.

Using a blanket below the window also makes clearing up a lot easier as you can just sweep the glass shards into it and collect them all together.

Then get a pillow and place it up against the glass and use a hammer to hit gently.

The pillow will muffle some of the sound and keep you safe from shards of glass flying around the place.

2. Using a Fragment of a Spark Plug

Breaking a car window is a little different from a home window however as it’s made from tempered safety glass.

For this type of glass, your best bet is by using the porcelain part of a spark plug to smash it.

Take a hammer and break the porcelain end of your spark plug so you get a couple of small fragments.

These are the perfect weapon to break tempered safety glass!

Ensure no one is around and if possible you have safety goggles on and then throw the piece of porcelain at the window.

If done properly it will break the window with ease and without too much noise.

This video below shows it in action.

How to break a car window with a spark plug

It’s also worth noting that these porcelain shards won’t break a car windshield as they’re made with a laminate feature to reinforce them and prevent them from breaking.

3. Using an Emergency Hammer

Because car windows are made from tempered glass they’re designed not to break from blunt force.

This is where you’ll need to use an emergency hammer to break it.

They typically come in first aid kids so you might have one to hand even if you haven’t purchased one.

Again, use blankets below the window to keep it quiet.

4. Use a Steel Center Punch

Another way of breaking a window is to use a steel center punch.

They made from strong steel and are often used to mark the middle of a hole before you use a drill.

This tool can be used on any type of glass and will help you avoid breaking the entire pane, which could make more noise than necessary or cause shards that are difficult for people around it clean up after themselves.

You can also get an automatic steel center punch which uses a spring to create the force that punches the glasses and causes it to break.

5. Using Porcelain Bits

Another good way of breaking a window to get into your home is by use porcelain drill bits.

You don’t need to use a drill though and just hitting them on the glass will break it without too much force.

Like the spark plugs, they require a lot less force than a blunt hammer and so they won’t make nearly as much noise.

6. Using a Regular Hammer

And lastly, if you need to break a window with double glazing we’d recommend using a regular hammer.

This is because you’ll be able to break the first pane with a rock but the second pane will be hard to break without hurting yourself.

We’d recommend using the hammer with a pillow to muffle the sound and try to hit it with the edge of the hammer

Safety Precautions

Whenever you’re breaking glass it’s vitally important to take appropriate safety precautions to keep you and those around you safe.

Before you start make sure that there are no children or pets around.

You don’t want them treading on any of the broken glass and cutting themselves.

You also want to, if possible, wear appropriate safety equipment.

A pair of thick gloves should be worn so you don’t cut yourself on the sharp edges that are left behind after breaking a window or windshield.

And if you have them a pair of safety goggles pop them as glass is notoriously unpredictable, especially when smashing it

The last thing you want is shards of glass near your eyes.

Then when you’re finished, make sure to clean up all the glass that fell when you smashed the window.

Glass breaks into very small pieces and try to contain as much of it as you can in the thick blankets that you laid down when you started.

Summing Up Quietly Breaking a Window

That’s it for our guide on breaking a window quietly, we hope you found this useful and that it will come in handy the next time you need to get into your home or car.

Just make sure to stay safe when breaking glass, it’s more important than being quiet!

If you have any other tips let us know.

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