How To Fix A Dryer Making A Grinding Noise (Solved)

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A dryer that is in a good condition is not supposed to make any noise sound. Repairing a broken dryer at home is not easy unless you are an expert.

However, it is advisable to figure out the cause of the grinding noise from your dryer before bringing onboard a technician.

The disgusting noise from your dryer could have been brought about by wear and tear after using your washer dryer for a couple of years.

Fortunately, the parts that have experienced wear and tear can easily be replaced. This will restore your machine to its normal functioning.

In this article, I have curated a list of things that is behind the annoying grinding noise from your Dryer. Let’s find out.

Why is Your Dryer Making a Grinding Noise and How to Fix it

It is usual for some dryer to make a little bit of noise while washing and drying clothes. However, if your dryer tends to make an obnoxious grinding noise, then it is an indication there is a problem.

Therefore, this should not get over your nerves since most of these machines need a quick fix and regular maintenance.

Never should you ignore the loud noise from the machine. The constant ignorance will subject the device and the laundry inside at risk of further damage. Here are some of the top pick parts in the machine that tends to make a lot of noise when your device is malfunctioning:

Dryer Drive Belt

Both gas and electric dryers are fitted with a drive belt. The brittle belt usually rotates the drum to enhance the proper functioning of the machine.

Therefore, the belt tends to wear and tear out after using it for a couple of years. The belt becomes frayed and separated hence the reason behind the grinding noise from the drum.

You’ll be expected to diagnose the drive belt behind opening the front panel of your dryer. If you notice any signs of wear and tear on the belt, then you need to replace it.

Drum Support Rollers and Shaft

The electric and gas dryers have rollers that play a vital role in supporting the drum. The location of the rollers on the dryer depends on the model of the machine.

Some machine tends to have them on the rear end while others on the front end. Prolong use of the machine makes the rollers to wear out hence resulting in the ground the noise.

It is advisable to open the end where the rollers are fitted and inspect them. If either one of the rollers is torn out, then it is advisable to remove all of them and replace them with new ones. Also, inspect the shaft of the dryer and make some changes.

Drum Slides or Glides

The slides or glides are essential components on your dryer since they help to turn the drums. They are fitted on the lining of either gas or electric washing machines.

The erosion of the glides will make the drums to make the grinding noise, which is quite annoying when doing your laundry. Open the cabinet and inspect the slides of your dryer drum.

If they are worn out, then search for the model number of the glides for replacement. Ensure the spare part bought has the exact number has the torn out one. The matching indicates that they can work according to the previous one.

The Bearings of the Drum

The bearings inside the drum are responsible for facilitating the rotation. Worn out bearings are the reason behind the disgusting noise from your dryer.

Check the bearings and diagnose the reason behind the noise. Replace the worn-out bearings with new ones, and this will help get rid of the annoying noise from your machine.

It is quite easy to locate the bearings in a dryer since they are in a ball and socket point. Some models have bearings in the sleeve bushing position.

Idler Pulley

This is a part of the washing machine that is known for supplying tension to the belt. It helps the belt from slipping on the motor pulley when the spinning is loaded.

The pulley tends to spin faster, which promotes wear and tear of the idler pulley. The friction is the reason behind the grinding noise. Inspect the part by unplugging the dryer.

Finding the idler pulley from a dryer is quite easy though it depends on the model of the machine. In some machines, you will need to access the lower panel while others the front panel.

Remove the belt and test if the pulley makes noise when roll manually. If the pulley and the shafts are torn out, then replace them with new ones this helps to get rid of the noise since they turn smoothly.

Worn out Felt Drum Seal

Torn out felt drum seal in a washer-dryer is responsible for the grinding noise and other forms of annoying noise.

The drum seal is responsible for cushioning the dryer drum from coming into direct contact with the bulkhead. It also helps to reduce too much air from going into the drum.

Damaged felt drum seal tends to make the clothes get stuck in the gaps of the drum while doing your laundry. The clothes will rip off or develop some marks after removing them from the dryer. Stop the dryer in the middle and check the region. Call a technician for the repair.

Dryer Motor

The motor is responsible for turning the dryer drum so that the blower can work effectively and efficiently. Is your dryer making a loud grinding noise?

Well, this could be due to worn out bushing or bearings in the motor. You will be expected to unplug the Dryer and remove the drive belt as well as the blower wheel to access the motor.

Check the motor carefully, and in case you notice any sign of damage, then you have no option but to replace it. Contact the nearest technician for replacement.

The Housing and Blower Wheel

A loose blower wheel in your washing machine could be responsible for the loud grinding noise. The plastic housing regulates the entry of air into the chamber to prevent overheating.

The thumping noise could be due to a thread or clamped blower wheel to the shaft of the motor end. Inspect the hub and junction of the wheel to confirm if it is worn out. Replace the blower wheel in case of these signs.

Baffle or Lifter

The baffles are responsible for tumbling and fluffing the clothes inside the dryer. They help to prevent the clothes from sticking inside the machine while washing.

The entry of small metal objects inside can make the machine loose causing the grinding and rattling noise. The grinding noise can also damage your clothes; hence, it is advisable to stop it.

Therefore, check the small metal objects stuck in the machine or loose change then correct them immediately to avoid damaging your clothes. Repairing worn baffles can be a nightmare at home; hence, it is advisable to contact the nearest technician to come and help.

Final Thought on Dryer Making a Grinding Noise

Repairing a dryer making disgusting noise can be tricky at home, but you can quickly figure out the source of the noise before calling upon a technician.

Calling a technician to diagnose the machine on your behalf can be expensive but use the above-mentioned areas to help find out the cause of the problem.

This will save you a lot of bucks. Once you have identified the cause, check if you can fix it by yourself or bring on board a professional. Complicating things concerning the electronic parts will need a profession.

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