How To Fix A Humming Garbage Disposal (Causes And Solution)

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One of the most annoying sounds in the kitchen is a humming garbage disposal. Not only is it loud, but it can also be a sign that something is wrong with your disposal.

It could be that the unit needs some simple maintenance, or it could be a sign of a more serious issue.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss the causes and solutions for a humming garbage disposal. So whether your disposal is just starting to hum or it’s been going on for a while, read on for tips on how to fix it!

Why Is Your Garbage Disposal Humming?

The humming sound from your garbage disposal unit can be annoying, especially when the house is silent at night. The sound will make you lose the peace of having a sound sleep.

Knowing the reason behind the disgusting sound from your machine will help you fix it without calling or hiring a professional.

Here are some of the possible reasons behind the humming sounds from your garbage disposal unit. Take time to read through and learn how to fix each issue with ease.

Stuck Foreign Object

Many people do not know how to use their sinks, and sometimes they tend to throw some objects in it. This is typical behavior among children.

The object goes straight into the disposal unit, which causes the impeller blades to jam leading to the production of humming sounds.

Therefore, you will be required to switch off the power supply to the unit and physically inspect the group to know what is causing the jam.

Use a pair of tongs to remove any foreign object stuck in the unit and restore it to normal working function. Never use your hands to remove the objects in the impeller blades.

Tripped GFI or Disposer

The kitchen is an area in the house where many appliances are used, and a garbage disposal unit is one of them. Most of these kitchen appliances use electricity to function, and many people may connect them under one electrical circuit.

The overload of the circuit may result in tripping, and this may limit the supply of the power to the unit hence producing the humming sounds.

Restoring such a problem is quite simple and easy. You’ll be required to open the panel then turn the power on. Read the labels in the closet carefully and identify the one labeled kitchen. Switch off the main button, especially when the cabinet has three settings before turning on.

Overheated Garbage Disposal Unit

It is always advisable never to force the drains in the disposal unit, especially when in a hurry. Although many people prefer doing things at the last minute, this will make your unit overheat due to force.

An overheated disposal unit has the capability of producing hum sounds, and this also makes the unit to be less efficient.

Therefore, turn off the power and allow the whole unit to rest for a couple of minutes. Resting helps the unit to cool down and try again to switch it on.

Clogged Garbage Disposal

Clogging is a common issue affecting almost all disposal unites in many homes. People tend to throw pieces of stuff, either knowing or without knowing.

Unclogging the entire unit can be quite tedious though it is simple to fix. A clogged disposal unit tends to produce humming sound, and this can be irritating sometimes.

There are several instruments that you will need to unclog the sink but always unplug the power cable from the unit before commencing the duty of unclogging.

Old Garbage Disposal Unit

Owing to a garbage disposal unit for over some decades tend to break down and fail to function entirely even after doing some repairs.

The excellent pieces of stuff inside the disposal unit tend to smell bad; however much you try to clean the entire system.

The constant grinding of the significant kinds of stuff causes them to accumulate and make the machine produce weird humming sounds.

The only favor that you do for yourself is purchasing a new machine. This will help to eradicate the sound in the house.

How to Fix a Garbage Disposal That Only Hums

The issues that make your garbage disposal machine to make a humming noise have different ways of fixing them. However, here is a general thumb of the rule on how to fix a jamming machine that results only in hum sounds. Let’s figure out:

1. Restart the Machine

Check at the bottom of the unit and press the red button to restart the machine. The overheating of the group makes the internal circuit to trip and restarting helps to restore it to normal. If you notice the humming sound is still being heard, then you will need to move to the next step below.

2. Unplug the Power Supply

Turning off the machine ultimately will help to eliminate the humming sounds, but this will probably not fix the issue affecting it.

It is always advisable to unplug the power supply from the machine in case you are unable to shut it down. Use the next step if you want to fix the issue, causing the humming sounds from the garbage disposal unit.

3. Unclog the Disposal Unit

The blocked disposal unit is highly susceptible to producing a humming sound. The best thing to do is to remove the significant blockages in the system.

Some of the everyday things that block the machine are the banana peels, remain of foodstuff and tiny metals or plastics.

Use a pair of tongs the hold back the rubber drain flaps. Try to remove any significant blockages to unclog the impeller blades. Never use your hands to do the task.

4. Try to Turn the Blades

Sometimes the blades of the machine fail to rotate due to several reasons hence causing the humming sound. Therefore, use the small hole under the disposal unit and try to rotate the blades manually.

Try to turn the leaves in all directions to get rid of the stuff restricting the movement. This will help the machine gain momentum again.

Use the same hole to get rid of significant kinds of stuff clogging the system and fish them out. The impeller blades will be restored to normal functioning.

5. Plug the Power Supply and Give it a Shot

Once you have ensured the entire system is clean, then try to switch on the power and give it a shot. Remember to stay away since the remains of the dirt can be flushed into your eyes. The shot helped to jump-start the machine again.

6. Vacuum the Entire System

The humming sounds become persistent then you will be required to break out the shop vac. Disable the entire power supply and vacuum down the drain.

Start vacuuming the disposal unit, and this will help to get rid of tiny metals, glass, or plastics that have been a grind.

Shake the system thoroughly as you try to drain it with running water. This will help to get rid of everything perfectly.

7. Hire a Plumber

In case the noise becomes too much despite trying to clean it out, then it is high time to bring on board an expert. Call the plumber in your nearest location, and they have techniques on how to fix such a stubborn disposal unit that produce disgusting noise.

Final Thoughts on a Noisy Garbage Disposal.

I hope you found this comprehensive guide useful and you were able to quiet down your noisy garbage disposal. If you are looking for more soundproofing tips or quiet products click here.

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