How To Fix Squeaky Shoes: 8 Easy Tips To Stop The Noise

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Having squeaky shoes can be a nuisance and even an embarrassment. Imagine matching down the aisle with a quite auditorium, entering the library or a severe meeting with squeaky shoes.

The noisy sounds from your shoes can bother people and even make them murmur. Some people may also lose attention and start staring at you.

However, if you happen to own a good pair of shoes that do not squeak, then keeping them silent will be an excellent thing. Knowing the point behind the squeaky noise is crucial and also the possible causes of the noisy sound.

These two factors will help to fix it. In this article, I have highlighted some of the ways on how to fix squeaky shoes like a pro rather than hiring a handyman for assistance.

The steps listed are quite easy to comprehend and follow. There is no fluff here. Take time to go through the steps slowly and resolve the issue permanently.

Why Do Shoes Squeak?

Sometimes the squeaking noise from the shoes can be beyond our control since there are significant factors behind it. Here are some of the common reasons why your shoes squeak:

Brand New Shoes

New shoes are highly susceptible to squeaking since the rubber soles are quite smooth. The noise tends to be quite loud, especially when walking on another flat floor.

The sounds can quickly alert the crowd about your new shoes, and people can even start making fun of you. However, it is advisable to walk on a rough floor immediately after wearing to wear off the smooth surface.

In case the squeaking becomes too much, and fixing is severe, then you can put on the other pair of shoes that does not squeak.

Poorly Build Shoes

Poorly design shoes tend to fall apart in most cases, and this could be another reason behind the squeaking noise. Even old shoes can also cause awful noise while walking down the street, and this can attract the attention of people.

The peeling of the outer sole at the front and heels could be the possible reason causing the squeaking sounds. Fixing such problems is quite accessible since you will be required to visit a cobbler for a quick fix.

Also, avoid buying poorly build shoes or cheap shoes to avoid causing unnecessary sounds while walking.

Damaged Shoes

Worn out shoes can produce awful squeaky sounds, especially after being rained on while walking down the street. The water makes the worn-out shoe to increase in size, then making them unable to fit your feet properly.

The soaked inner sole will produce the sound when pressure is applied while walking. The music is usually disgusting, but it can easily be fixed. You will be expected to dry out your shoes properly.

How to Stop Shoes from Squeaking like an Expert

Fixing squeaking shoes is quite accessible since it is something that you can handle without the need to visit a cobbler. If you’re the kind of a person who hates peep sounds here are the best ways to stop shoes from squeaking:

Check the Loose Shoe Heels

Check around the heels of the squeaking shoes to come if there is a gap. Once you identify the difference, apply a superglue around the heel.

This will help to hold it tightly. The removal of the gap by clamping will automatically eliminate the disgusting squeaky sound from the shoe.

Apply Baby Powder

Human feet are prone to sweating after overstaying in the shoe. The sweat makes the feet to rub against the wall of the shoes then produce the unnecessary sounds.

However, fixing such type of problem is quite accessible since you are only required to apply baby powder on the inner sole. The powder is responsible for absorbing the moisture.

Apply Petroleum Jelly on Insole

The removable insole tends to rub against the walls of the inside shoe. The rubbing causes squeaking sound. To prevent such sounds from happening, you’ll be expected to apply a thin layer of petroleum jelly to ensure the insole rub the inside shoe wall smoothly.

Try to Soften the Soles

Some soles tend to dry up after some time. The dryness makes them harden up. Therefore, use sandpaper to rub on the soles so that they can soften up and reduce the squeaking sound.

Throw in the Dryer

In case the inside shoe and insoles are soaked with water, they will produce that squeaking sound. Add a fabric softener on the washcloth and toss it inside the shoe. Finally, throw the show into the dryer for about ten minutes. The heat will help to evaporate the water.

Try WD-40

Take a cotton ball and spray it with silicone or WD-40. Apply the substance on the outer seams of the soles where the squeaking sound is emanating from.

The substance helps to seal any weak points on the seams responsible for that weird sound. Never use it on suede since it can damage them ultimately.

Use Saddle Soap

Squeaky sounds of the shoes can be brought about by shoelaces. The rubbing of the laces against the mouth of the leather shoe tongue can result in noisy sounds.

Therefore, it is advisable to rub them using saddle soap, and this will help to prevent the occurrence of the squeaking sounds.

Final Thoughts on How to Fix Squeaky Shoes

Fixing squeaky shoes depend on the cause. The first thing that is entirely responsible for squeaking shoes is soaking them with rainwater.

Therefore, try to stay away from the streets while it is raining since the water can damage and make your shoes squeak. Use the tricks mentioned above carefully to fix squeaky shoes like a pro instead of visiting a cobbler. Good Luck!

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