How To Make A CPAP Machine Quieter (Solved!)

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Using a CPAP machine is meant to improve your sleep’s quality and not actually make it more difficult. Not only does a noisy CPAP machine make your nighttime miserable, it makes the next person’s night miserable.

Therefore, it is important to find ways on how to improve sleep for both you and your partner for more productive days. Here are a few ways on how to quiet a noisy CPAP machine.

Inspect the CPAP Machine for any visible Leaks

One way to tell if a CPAP machine has any leaks is to check what happens when you are inhaling, if your CPAP makes a noise while inhaling there is a huge chance that it as a leak. One of the most common leaks in CPAP machines is a seal leak and this happens when the mask is not properly sealed to your face.

When this happens, the air gets out of the mask and it slips away in between the mask and your face. Leaks not only make noises but they also tend to affect the air pressure as well as the flow.

Severe leaks might make the machine lose its sole purpose of keeping your air ways opened. When the machine is leaking, much of the air is getting out which means you are not getting as much air as you should.

Something else that might occur as a result of a leaking CPAP machine is what is called a dry eye. If you wake up and your eyes are feeling weird more-so dry, it means much of the air was blowing into your eyes.

Change the Way the CPAP Machine is Positioned

Sometimes the noise might be as a result of bad positioning and placing it further from you might just be the remedy. Placing it under your ear level is good because it’ll prevent the noise from getting into your ears.

The CPAP machine can be placed anywhere else except on the carpet since the carpet might muffle it and block the air intake.

Ensure the surface where you place the CPAP machine is clean because it might suck in dirty air that will in turn be sucked in into your lungs. Placing it on a clean towel is one of the most effective ways on how to quiet a CPAP machine.

The clean towel absorbs the noise coming from the CPAP machine and it makes it quieter. Caution is however recommended to ensure that the towel does not block the flow of the air.

Check the humidifier

Some CPAP machines come with a humidifier. It is important to check if the humidifier has a problem that could be contributing to the CPAP machine’s noise.

The main noise maker in a humidifier is low water level. The humidifier’s job is to ensure that your airways are moist all the time. When the humidifier is not filled with water completely up to the fill line, then it’ll start making gurgling noises.

Some CPAP machines need you to purchase a humidifier separately while others are inbuilt. The other thing that might be causing the CPAP machine to make noise is if the hose from the humidifier to the face mask is not tight enough.

Ensure that all the hoses connections are tight to eliminate the sucking noise or the slight hissing noise. Also ensure there are no bends or kinks in the connection because it can obstruct air flow which in turn increases pressure in the humidifier. The increased pressure causes the water in the humidifier to gurgle or bubble thus resulting to noise.

Avoid making the mask too tight

Most people believe that over tightening the mask will help in making the CPAP machine quiet. Sometimes the effect is the opposite, so it is important to be careful.

The other reason your CPAP machine might be making noise is that it could be worn out and old. An old mask just starts to leak and the best thing is to just replace it with a new one; masks should be replaced after every six months.

Also, always ensure you are buying the right size of the mask because wearing a mask that’s either too small or too big leads to leaks.

Using a CPAP pillow to prevent the leaks

There are pillows that have been designed specifically for people who use CPAP machines to help them keep the mask on their face properly.

The main difference between this CPAP pillow and others is that it has inbuilt slopes which allow one to sleep comfortably without disturbing the seal from the mask to your face or any other obstruction.

This CPAP pillow has been made with memory foam which adjusts to everyone’s heads. You can opt to use a normal pillowcase or a CPAP custom made pillow.

This CPAP pillow encourages a comfortable sleeping position and it doesn’t compromise its functionality. Before buying a CPAP pillow, it is important to check the type of mask you have to ensure that they will work properly with each other.

Using white noise

Using white noise is not much of a solution but it goes a long way. Using white noise helps to divert your attention from the CPAP machine and lull you to sleep.

You are wondering what white noise is; white noise is the noise that plays in the background to help drown all the other noises. You can opt to buy a budget or an expensive white noise machine depending on your budget.

With a budget white noise machine, you only have a few options to choose from with fan noise, forest sounds, and humming noises being the most common ones.

These budget noises are compact and great for traveling with; they are also good for reducing noises in a baby’s room. Expensive white noise machines are a bit expensive and they also have more options to pick from.

They have also been clinically tested which means you’ll be buying a good machine and you’ll be getting value for your money. The sounds have been designed with different sounds that come in very handy to lull you to sleep.


In conclusion, ensure your CPAP machine is well taken care of by keeping it clean. Ensure that the mask has been attached to keep leaks at bay. Also, ensure that the humidifier is always full and with clean water of course. To be on the safe, you should CPAP machines that are less noisy or with no noise at all.

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