How To Make A Generator Quieter: 7 Easy Ways

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The loud noise from the generator can be annoying, especially at night in the camping site. Although the generator is quite essential for lighting and charging of your smartphone.

These are some of the primary reasons why it is a great deal to come with a generator to the camping site.

The irritating loud noise can ruin your enjoyment during your adventure at night. The article provides detailed information on how to make a generator quieter without putting a lot of effort. Let’s Dive in.

What Makes a Generator Noisy?

Many factors are contributing to the obnoxious noises from your generator. Most of these things can easily be contained.

Let’s find out these factors that make most generators to produce irritating sounds while in the camping sites.

The technology of the Generator

Research shows that traditional generators tend to produce a lot of noise as compared to modern generators.

Modern generators use inverter technology to provide the required electricity. The advanced technology that is involved in the construction of the new generators is what makes them less noisy and more efficient than traditional ones.

If you are planning to go for a camping site, then it is recommended to come along with a new generator since it is less noisy at night. It produces more power for charging devices while camping.

Power Output

A generator that has tremendous power output tend to be louder than low power output generators. These generators are usually fitted with soundproof and inverter but still produce more noise.

If you are heading for a camping site, then it is advisable to consider low power output generator since they are less noisy. They produce sufficient power for lighting and charging devices like phones only.

Generator Soundproofing

Soundproofing is usually fitted by the manufacturing company, but some generators tend to lack them hence forcing the owner to incur the additional cost of installing it.

Soundproofs help to minimize the loud noise generated by the generator. If the generator lacks the device, then expect it to produce irritating noise at night.

Position of the Generator

Putting a generator next to your camping site expect it to produce a loud noise. If you happen to position it far away from the site, then the lesser sound you will hear.

Therefore, it is advisable to have long cable for transmitting power to a longer distance since you are likely to place the generator at a far distance from the site.

The Best Way to Make a Generator Quiet as a Cricket

There are so many tips on how to silent your generator. However, some suggestions are quite easy to implement, while others are difficult.

Here are some of the commonly used tips that help to make the generator produce less noise while it is performing its duty. The tips include:

Position the Exhaust Pipes Vertically

Most generators have horizontal exhaust pipes. These types of generators produce a lot of noise since they transmit them horizontally into the air.

You can change the position of the exhaust pipe and make it stand vertically. This will make the generator to transmit the sound vertically into the air.

Vertically transmit noise get absorbed into the air, and this makes the generator less noisy. Therefore, if you are in the camping site, try to change the position of the exhaust pipe of the generator.

Add a Sound Deflector

You should note that the sound deflector does not make the generator less noisy, but it helps to distract the sound waves by directing it in a direction far away from your site.

You can also construct a barrier between your camp and the place where the generator is positioned this barrier help to block the noise from reaching your area of comfort in the campsite.

Most sound deflectors are cheap, and a DIY deflector is happened to be the best since it is simple to set up in the camping site.

Upgrade the Exhaust Muffler

The noise from the motor of the generator is expelled through the exhaust pipe. It is advisable to add a muffler on the exhaust pipe to minimize the amount of sound produced.

Installing a bigger and high-quality muffler will even make the generator more silent as compared to the one that lacks the device.

Use Water Trick

It sounds weird, right? You can fit a flexible pipe on the exhaust pipe and feed it in a large bucket of water. The noise coming from the generator will be baffled.

This water trick tip is considered useful in minimizing the amount of unnecessary sound produced by the generator. It results in peaceful night.

Build Enclosure for the Generator

Build a generator enclosure that looks like a box. Put the generator in the box and keep it far from your house. You will, therefore, be expected to take measurements of your generator before purchasing or building one.

Get a box that is well-ventilated and closed at the top to prevent rainwater. Get a box that is waterproof and lightweight. This will make it easy for movement and also durable despite being rained on.

Position the Generator Far Away

Placing the generator far away from the house or the camping result in less noise. However, you should not place the generator close to your neighbors due to disturbance.

Identify a place far away from the house or campsite to keep the generator. It will be evident that the sound reaching your home or campsite will be minimal.

Opt for Alternative Generators

Traditional generators are considered to be too noisy than modern generators. The current generators are developed using advanced technology.

Therefore, you are tired of the irritating noise, and then it is advisable to opt for an improved form of a generator for producing the required amount of power.

Final Thoughts

Turning the generator to a less noisy one is not an easy task. There are probably so many tips on how to deal with a generator that produces irritating sounds.

You need to deal with the noise from your generator to have a peaceful mind and enjoyable adventure in the camping site.

Follow the above-stated tips to make your generator produce desirable and suitable sounds that are not disgusting. These steps are quite essential for wilderness scavengers who love to go with their generators.

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