How To Make A Motorcycle Exhaust Quieter: 5 Easy Tricks

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If you’re like most motorcycle riders, you want your bike to be as loud as possible. After all, what’s the fun of riding a quiet bike?

However, there may come a time when you want to make your motorcycle exhaust quieter. Maybe you’re driving in residential areas and don’t want to wake people up at night.

Or maybe you just don’t like the look of a loud exhaust system. Whatever the reason, these five easy tips will help make your motorcycle exhaust quieter without sacrificing performance.

1. Look for any gaps and leaks then seal it

This is one of the most common reasons for a loud exhaust, the fact that even the smallest holes visible can cause a great deal of noise.

Try to spend a few minutes to carefully look for the leaks. If you find any of them it’s time to seal them. Before beginning to seal the exhaust make sure you parked it for some time to help it cool down so you don’t get hurt.

Remember I just told you that even the thinnest gaps are significant, now depending on the size of the gaps, there are two ways to go about sound dampening it.

Sealing Tiny Gaps

Generally, the smaller the leaks the better because that will make the whole process a lot less complicated. what causes tiny leaks is when the exhaust starts to have rust.

Because of how easy this is luckily you won’t need to hire an expert and you can do this all by yourself which is a huge cost saver.

You will only need exhaust tape (like the one below) and that’s it! Just spend a few minutes to finish sealing the tiny gaps.

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Sealing Bigger Holes

Now, this is a different approach because if the exhaust has larger leaks you will often hear even more noise compared to a small leak and as a result, you will need some additional material to successfully soundproof the motorcycle exhaust.

Fortunately, it is still inexpensive to carry out the task and you won’t need a lot of tools and material. you will need an epoxy and some sort of a patch.

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After you got the required material, follow the following steps:

  1. Accurately measure how big is the leak so that you can accurately patch the whole gap (just make sure you leave a few millimeters to close the gap completely and cover some possible leaks)
  2. Make sure you properly clean the exhaust before you start to patch it.
  3. Cut the patch accordingly to the size of the hole, however, a few millimeters bigger.
  4. Apply the epoxy to the patch and apply it to the hole of the exhaust pipe.
  5. I would recommend that you add some more materials to furthermore strengthen the amount of soundproof on the exhaust.
  6. Try to make use of hose clamps to make sure the patch is stiff.

2. Try a Better Bullet Muffler

Motorcycles come with a decent looking bullet muffler which is often more louder. If you love the aesthetics of the muffler what if I told you that you can get a more quiet muffler without compromising the way it looks?

Great right? because not only you get a cool looking muffler but also a very quiet one which is what this post is about.  There are many different bullet mufflers that built their reputation by being silent and quieter.

If all this sounds great to you then I suggest you get louvered, chambered or perforated bullet mufflers. Perforated mufflers are the ones you often find holes in them but sound deaden very well.

Louvred is great for noise-proofing also because of the material used to make it including fiberglass and louvered.

What I like about these ones is the fact that the chambers absorb unwanted sounds.

3. Opt for a full case muffler

If you are looking to significantly reduce the noise levels then opting to go with full case mufflers is a viable option. You have a choice of two options which are:

  1.  Single Chamber: pretty much self-explanatory it is wrapped by a single chamber and usually is paired with baffles which are up of metal with holes packed stainless steel.
  2.  Dual Chambered: What it does it divides the muffler into two separate parts that are responsible for reducing noise.

4. Try a Custom made Sound deadener designed for the exhaust system.

The name generally used for custom made is Resonator muffler. due to fiberglass, it contains by simply installing this expect the noise to drastically decrease.

Because of the stainless steel design, this will last you forever so it is a great investment if you have the budget.

5. Get New Pipes

If you don’t like the previous methods or they simply didn’t work then your next move is to try getting new pipes. By getting these you will get rid of the noise.

Now depending on the type of exhaust system you have, there are different pipes that go with each unique system

If your motorbike has a dual exhaust system then Cross pipes you can also opt for h pipe or y pipe which will significantly sound deaden the system.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Why are Motorcycles Allowed to be so Loud?

In reality, most motorbike factories have rules in place regarding noise regulations when it comes to new motorcycles. most models (not all) are usually not that loud when still new, but as time goes by the owners can modify the pipes and exhaust to make it sound more aggressive

Also due to the mufflers in place. the sound levels are kept at a minimum, some drivers may prefer louder motorbikes and deliberately make it sound loud but in most cases, it’s the wear and tear that caused it.

Q. Do Bigger Bike Exhaust tips Make it Sound Louder?

In most cases, bigger motorcycle exhaust tips aid deepen the sound of the exhaust and as a result of that, this might end up making a loud undesirable noise.

Final thoughts on Reducing Motorcycle Exhaust Noise

I hope you found these tips and guidance valuable and finally got to fix the noisy exhaust.  Although some of these methods were challenging most were fairly easy and I hope you found a way to fix it. Be sure to let me know if this post helped you and don’t forget to share.

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