How To Make A Sewing Machine Quieter: 7 Easy Tips

Written by Michael Harris
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Is your sewing machine making noise and shaking? well, you are not alone most people have been looking for a better solution to quiet their sewing machines. In this article, I will show you actionable things you can do today to drastically reduce sewing machine noise, vibrations, and shaking.

1. Sewing Machine Anti-Noise and Vibration Pads

One of the reasons your machine might be making noise is because it is unstable and nothing is under it. This could lead to shaking and undesirable noise.  There first thing I recommend for you to do is use a sewing machine vibration pad, This will absorb all the noise and vibrations the machine might be making.

Using Vibration pads under your machine will significantly reduce the shaking and loud noise. There are a lot of vibration pads on the market but the one I personally recommend is Cottage Mills stay in place anti-noise and vibration mat.

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2. Make sure the Sewing Machine is Balanced

One of the most causes of a loud and shaking sewing machine is when it is unbalanced. One of the first things you need to do is make sure it is balanced by checking if the levelers are functioning properly under the sewing machine.

Another thing to make sure is wherever you will be using the machine make sure it is on a flat surface.

3. Check Where the Noise is Coming From

Knowing where the sounds are coming from will help you identify the issue faster, for example, if you hear noise from the gears you might want to regularly lubricate the gears.

4. Regularly Clean the Machine

This may sound like a no-brainer but it surprising how many people use their sewing machine for a long period of time without performing proper maintenance like cleaning the machine especially the troat plate which usually makes a lot of noise when filled dust or any other dirty substance.

Maintenance is really important to help silence the machine and ensures it doesn’t break and last longer saving you tons of money. I’ve found the guide below to be really good advice.

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5. Change Where you Place the Machine

depending on where you currently placed the machine, the material of the table you used influences the amount of noise and vibrations produced.

It is better to place the sewing machine on a wooden table than a plastic table Because a wooden table does offer some level of noise absorption whereas plastic deflects which makes matters worse.

If you don’t have a dedicated table for your machine. I recommend Southern Enterprises Sewing Table.

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6. Reduce the Sewing Speed

You control the speed of the machine in two ways, one is by using the foot pedal and one thing most people are not aware of is how sensitive the foot pedal is. when you apply too much pressure on the foot pedal the machine becomes faster until the full speed.

Try to put consistent pressure but not too much pressure on the foot pedal. The faster the speed, the more noise it will make.

7. Look for a Quieter Model

If the above tips didn’t help, I think its best if you start looking for a quieter sewing machine. This will cut down all the hassle and unpleasant noise you are trying to get rid of. Older machines are loud and there are newer versions introduced into the market that are designed to be less quiet.

Looking for a silent machine will certainly help if you have the budget.


Normally these machines are loud but using the above tips will dramatically lower the noise levels the machine makes, I hope you found this article helpful and see how you can sound dampen your ceiling.

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