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How to Quiet Drums for Practice (drum noise reduction)

If you want to hone your skills and become a better drummer then it is essential that you practice almost most of the time, however, that can’t always be possible due to Neighbors Complaining or when you leave in an apartment and you are trying to avoid making noise and getting into trouble.

Fortunately, there are things you can do starting now to quiet drums and make them less noisy so that you can get to practice and become a better drummer.

If you follow these steps,  you will be able to play your drums without disturbing anyone meanwhile you get to practice and master this musical instrument.

How to Make Drums Quieter

1. Invest in Silent Drumhead Pads

This is one of the best and most effective things you can do right now, Silent drum pads are pads that are designed to quiet the noise the drum normally makes when you play, these lightweight and great for reducing noise.  I recommend you try Aquarian Drumheads Super Pads (See current Price on Amazon)

Aquarian super heads are designed for quiet practice and come in all sizes which means you will definitely get the right size for your drumset. what I like about these is they are affordable and they fit well with any kind of drumset with a rubber border that is designed to make them stable while cutting down the sounds and noises.

2. Get a Low Volume Cymbal Set

I am sure you were wondering about the cymbals, Well, I got that covered too, cymbals usually makes a lot of noise and if you are looking to cut down the noises then investing in a low volume cymbal set is a must.

There are many low volume cymbal sets on the market but the ones I find effective and worth the money is the Zildjian L80 Low Volume Cymbal Set (See real user reviews on Amazon).

These are much quieter, they are 70-80% quieter than normal ordinary cymbals. These will surely lower the noise when you are practicing and what I like most about these is the fact that you can play for long hours without damaging them.

3. Reposition the Drumset

Now, if you have your drums somewhere in the middle, It is advisable that you move the drums to the corner of your room to keep the sounds and noises contained in one area.

Moving your drumset to the corner of the room will help keep the sound in one small area, It is even better if it’s next to the window.

4. Install a Thick Soundproof Rug

In order to sound dampen the floor where you will be placing your drumset, you can simply install a thick mat to combat some of the noises and sound waves coming from the instrument and also reduce some of the vibrations created by the bass.

5. Attach Acoustic Foam Panels

In order to balance the Acoustics in the room, you can attach some foam panels on your walls to help reduce reverbs and echoes. Fortunately! you don’t have to cover the whole walls, all you have to do is get a set of foam panels and cover parts of the walls.

If you don’t know what acoustic foam panels are, in simple terms acoustic panels are spongey like objects that are designed to reduce reverbs and echoes while keeping the sound waves balanced, that is why you often see them in recording studios.

6. Get Sound Absorbing Drapes

If most of the drum noise escape through your window, then you might want to combat that, and one simple way to achieve that is by installing thick curtains that absorb sounds. These curtains won’t completely soundproof your room/window but will help sound dampen it.

7. Fill the Room with Items

Another thing that can help muffle the drum noise is to fill the room with sound-absorbing items like soft cushions, carpets and wall decorations, you can even add a bookshelf filled with books to help muffle some of the sounds and noises.

Final Thoughts on how to reduce drum noise

I truly understand the importance of practicing especially if you want to be a professional drummer or join a band that is why I create this article to help you solve all the issues that your neighbors might cause, I hope you found this article useful.

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