How To Quiet A Noisy Lifter: Quick Fix

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Ticking noise emanating from the lifter tends to be quite annoying especially when hitting the road for a long distance.

A lot of car owners often think of soundproofing but this is not a permanent solution. The best thing is to address the issue and resolve it permanently.

Fixing the noisy lifter requires a certain level of skills and this is the reason why many people opt to seek assistance from car mechanics.

The good news is that the guide provides a step by step information on how to fix a noisy lifter without hiring an expert.

Take the time to read through and find out the trick. But you need to know what a lifter is before thinking about how to fix the problem.

A lifter is a tiny cylindrical shape rod attached to the rocket arm. It is normally the point where the valve meets. The main role of the lifter is to improve the performance of the car and also make the entire vehicle quiet while hitting the road.

The need for fixing noisy issue tends to occur due to the faulty of the lifter. It is advisable never to ignore the issue since this can ruin the performance of the car.

What Makes the Lifter to Make Noise?

Ticking lifter is a rare problem in new cars and this is the reason many car owners never get bothered by the issue.

However, the problem tends to be quite common in old cars and those that have covered large mileage. The good thing is that the problem can easily be fixed with ease at home.

The noise emanating from the lifter tends to vary from one car to another. Some machines can produce a lot of noise for a long moment when compared to others.

A faulty lifter usually taps or tick and when the issue becomes consistent then the noise can be annoying when hitting the road for long-distance.

If you do not address the issue on time then expect a serious problem in the long run. Sometimes car owners end up incurring the cost of diagnosing their machines which becomes expensive.

Here are some of the common things that make lifters make a lot of noise. They include:

Bent Push Rod

The bend push rod can make the lifters to produce a lot of annoying noise and this might end up affecting the performance of the car.

The best solution is taking the car to the garage and get the bent pushrod replaced immediately. It is also something that can be fixed at home easily by the car owner.

Bad Lifters

A faulty lifter in the engine can make your car lifter to tick and this can be annoying to some extent. It is advisable to call upon a car mechanic to diagnose the issue and fix it out.

Dirty Oil Deposits

This is the main cause of ticking sound emanating from the top of the engine. You can try to change the oil and see if the noise ceases. Call upon an expert in case the ticking sound persists.

Is Lifter Tick Dangerous?

Faulty lifters tend to make a different noise and each type of noise harms the car. The most wonderful thing is that ticking, tapping and clicking noise due to bad lifters tend to last for a few moments when the engine is working.

It is quite important to pay attention to the noise produced by the lifters and this can help determine how bad they are in the long run.

Faulty lifters make the vehicle to be noisy and this can be annoying especially if you have the toddler inside trying to have a nap.

Besides that, these types of lifters tend to affect the performance of your car and this makes the owner struggle when ridding it.

Also, noisy lifters can damage the motor of the engine and this can be too expensive when it comes to fixing the problem. The cost can also be too high.

How to Fix a Noisy Lifter

Fixing the noisy lifter depend on the cause of the problem. The most amazing thing is that the problem can easily be fixed at home after identifying the cause.

Here are some of the proven tricks on how to fix a noisy lifter of a car without hiring a car mechanics. Let’s find out:

1. Clean the Noisy Lifter

Lifters tend to make noise due to the accumulation of dirt. It is advisable to think about cleaning them to eliminate the noise.

It is recommended to use oil addictive to clean the lifters and try to remove the dirt around the rockers as well as valves.

Regular cleaning of the rockers and valves helps to prevent the production of annoying noise. It also helps to boost the performance of the car.

2. Changing the Oil

Proper care and lubrication make the car engine to last longer. Besides that, it helps to reduce the chance of noise production when ridding.

It is recommended to use oil that is suitable for your car and this will enhance proper lubrication. According to research, old oil in the car makes the lifters to tap and tick.

This happens due to improper lubrication. Therefore, it is recommended to change the oil once you start hearing tapping, ticking and clicking sounds from the engine.

3. Adjusting the Lifters

Lifters tend to be self-adjusting but sometimes they get out of the position and this results in the production of noise.

Adjusting the lifter is quite easier and it is advisable to read the car engine manual. This will reduce the expense of hiring a car mechanic.

Check the gap between the valves and try to adjust it using the screw. This will help to eliminate the noise emanating from the car.

4. Replace Damage Push Rods

After changing the oil, cleaning the lifter and adjusting them but still, there is the production of noise then this could be due to bend pushrods.

The best thing to consider is checking the pushrods if they are straight and flat. If there is a bend then this is a clear indication that they need replacement.

Driving a car at a high speed is the reason behind the bend pushrods. It is advisable to use the required speed limit when hitting the road.

Conclusion on Quieting Noisy Lifter

occurs due to old oil, damage pushrods, and accumulation of the dirt. The information from the guide clear on how to handle every situation.

In case the noise persists then you have no option but to buy a new lifter for your car. This is the best solution for resolving the problem from the car. Replacing the damage lifters with new ones is quite easy but you can still call upon a car mechanic for assistance.

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