How To Reduce Bass Noise From Neighbors: 7 Easy Ways

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A quiet and peaceful home is one of the most desired things, unfortunately, that can be ruined and exploited by selfish neighbors, and that could lead to unwanted conflict most of all you can’t simply relax and feel at peace in your own house.

Fortunately, there are some things you can do to drastically reduce the bass noise from neighbors, and in this article, I am going to share with you actionable things you can do today to sound dampen the unwanted noise caused by inconsiderate neighbors.

I know you have probably spoken to them about the issue and you are looking for other solutions.

I did my best to find better ways to deal with this issue and the following tips should be able to at least dramatically reduce the low-frequency noise. ( If you haven’t, check the last tip about how to properly address the issue.)

Here are Some of the Best ways to Reduce Bass Noise from Neighbors

1. Use Bass Traps

I am not sure if you are familiar with bass traps, however, they are a great way to trap unwanted bass through the walls. they are often used in studios to help eliminate reverbs and sound dampen the room.

With that said I must add that soundproofing low-frequency sounds is really difficult so don’t expect a complete sound dampening solution using bass traps.

What I can assure you is that they will significantly reduce the low-frequency noise.

2. Hang Soundproofing Curtains

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Now, If most of the bass noise is coming through your windows then it is best to make use of sound-absorbing curtains which are incredibly amazing because they are thick and absorb most sounds.

Soundproof curtains will help reduce the overall noise and help eliminate echoes which often emphasizes the bass.

A rule of thumb when getting these curtains is always go for the denser and thick ones for better results. I personally recommend Nice Town Noise Reducing Full Shading Curtains.

What I like about these curtains, is the fact that not only do they help lower sounds but they look pretty amazing too, with different colors and elegant designs.

3. Soundproof the Walls

Now if you have the budget and you are willing to solve this problem then you start by sound-dampening your walls. Depending on where the sound is coming from you might want to soundproof the entire room.

I recently wrote an article on how to soundproof a room cheaply be sure to check it out.

Anyways soundproofing the walls could be a better solution. there are two ways to can go about achieving this:

Sound dampening the walls using Green Glue and Drywall ( Most effective):

This is also known as building a room within a room due to adding an extra layer of drywall which furthermore helps with the overall dampening.

Related: Does Green Glue Really work?

Soundproofing the walls using acoustic panels ( Cheaper method):

Acoustic foams do work, you often find them in studios because they also help with reducing echoes and reverbs.

They are cheaper compared to building a room within a room but not as effective as adding extra drywall. I recommend Foamily because it is a well-trusted brand and produces nothing but quality.

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4. Sound Dampening the Windows & Doors

If you are looking for different ways to noise-proof your windows click here. anyways this could be effective especially if the windows are facing your neighbor’s house.

By taking the approach to soundproof the windows can make a huge difference.

You can also look into purchasing soundproofing Curtains for your home, these curtains are designed to absorb noise and are created from thick sound-absorbing materials.

What I like about these is the fact that they are so affordable and yet extremely effective.

One of the best sound absorbing curtains I recommend is Nice Town Noise Reducing Drapes.

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You can also use door sound dampening weather-strips to close off the gaps on the doors that noise often exploits.

What I like about Soundproof weatherstrips for doors is they are really effective, cheap (anyone can afford to get them) and easy to use( you don’t need to hire an expert).

If you are really tight on the budget, you can alternatively use thick blankets to help cover the door from the noise. The golden rule here is to make sure the blanket is thick to help with the overall sound-absorbing.

5. Sound Dampen Bass Coming Through the Floor

Sound dampening the floor is as equally important as the walls since sound waves can travel in various forms and places, especially bass soundwaves.

That is why I recommend you sound dampen the floor, this can be tricky however some methods are as simple as installing a new sound-absorbing rug or a thick dense carpet.

There are many things you can do, but as I mentioned some are really complicated but effective, however, the easiest thing you can do today is to get a sound absorbing mat or rug.

6. Play White Noise Sounds

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This is another way to go about keeping your home quiet and peaceful so you can relax at all times is to get a white noise machine.

This is a counter-attack approach because playing white noise sounds will not only reduce the bass noise but will also help you feel relaxed and calm at all times.

If you are tight on a budget this may be a better solution for you. There are plenty of white noise machines and all does the job to be fair but the one I personally recommend is Adaptive Sound Technologies White Noise Machine.

7. Addressing the Issue with your Neighbour (Bonus)

Now before you attempt doing that. It is important to first know and understand the type of person your neighbor is. as this will make everything simple by giving you alternatives on how to face them.

Find out if they are Decent considerate people that were not aware of it or just selfish bad people that don’t care.

After finding out the type of person/people you are dealing with.

Start by politely asking them to lower the volume maybe you don’t mind them playing the music when you are not at home, let them know what time you get the disturbance and see what they say.

If they are decent good people, I am sure you could work something out, If the issue still continues to find out why they still being loud after you politely asked them,

Maybe there is something you might be doing that they don’t like or they just being jerks if the latter it’s time to call the police.

Quick note: Don’t be aggressive in the approach because that could open a can of worms and that’s the last thing you want.

By being polite and keeping your composure although you angry will show your neighbors that you a great person and you are not doing this because you want to ruin their fun but because you genuinely can’t deal with it.

This is is probably the best way to deal with your neighbors and the whole situation.

Here are Some Other Tips That Will Help You

1. Sound Dampen the ceiling

This is not as important as the other things we’ve already discussed, but by doing this you will drastically improve the overall quietness of your home. There are many ways which are cost-effective but I recommend you stick with either

  • Adding a layer of drywall using green glue noise-proofing
  • Using Acoustic Foams

2. Wear Earmuff or Plugs

I know this might not sound appealing to you, but if you still on a budget and looking for ways to sleep through the bass, this may be the quickest solution you can ever go to.


I hope this article helped you solve the issue and if you have other things that worked for you, please feel free to leave a comment to help others in the same situation because, to be honest, no one deserves to suffer from loud neighbors.

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