How To Reduce Road Noise From Tires: 5 DIY Ways

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Road trip avid knows how irritating the noise from the tires can be. The sound tends to make driving a real hassle and hard to have a conversation while on the road trip.

For sure, the road noise can ruin your mood and make the drive that could be pleasurable to turn into real mental distress.

The road noise usually emanates from the interaction between the car tires and the surface of the road. So, if you want a quieter ride, you have come to the right place.

I will outline some tips on how to deal with the situation, and you’ll be surprised how small the issue is. According to research, excessive exposure to noise can result in health issues.

Some of the potential problems health-related to sound are cardiovascular and hypertension diseases. Therefore, the effect caused by tires while having a long ride trip can be damaging.

But there is a way on how to curb the situation. In this article, I am going to show how to reduce road noise from tires.

Have you ever heard of this yet? Well, if you haven’t, then you are in the right place. You will also learn about the causes and the dangers associated with noisy tires while on a road trip. Let’s dive into the main topic.

What Causes Noisy Tires

When you notice your car producing road noise from tires, then there are only two causes which are normal and abnormal. Let’s talk more about this.

Reasons Why Your Car Tires are Louder than Usual

Non-Tire Part Damage

The car tire has several parts that make it function well. When these parts get worn out or loose, it results in the noise.

Many people perceive the sound to be coming from the tires when it is not. It is essential to pay attention to these parts before concluding.

Improper Tire Maintenance

Improper maintenance of your car tires could result in road-noise, and this is a proper indication that your car needs tire balancing, rotation as well as wheel alignment.

If you happen to fail in correcting the problem, then expect the tires to wear unevenly and vibrate to produce the disgusting noise while driving.

Uneven Tread Wear

Every pattern on your car tires usually indicates a different issue. The shape of the tire after wearing out could help in providing insight into the problem of your car.

Uneven tread wear usually makes the tires to be noisy and even cause the car to vibrate. Tire cupping is considered to be the noisiest wear pattern, and it typically occurs as a result of the bent suspension.

How to Reduce Road Noise from Tires

You should note that some noise is unavoidable but a lot it can easily be reduced using the following tips.

1. Replace the Damaged or Worn Out Tires

This should always be the first thing to put into consideration, especially if your car has worn out and damaged tires. Replacing them will help to get rid of the noise permanently.

2. Sound Insulate the Doors

The tire noise tends to move inside the car through the door panel. The best thing to curb the noise is to insulate the doors with a FatMat.

You will be required to remove the door panel first and install the soundproofing material. After that, return the door panel to its normal position.

3. Soundproof Car Cabin Floor

The cabin floor is the most significant part of the car, and this is the region where the tire noise, as well as road noise, tends to resonate from.

Soundproofing the area with high-quality material will help to curb the incoming noise from the tires and the road.

You will be required to remove the carpet first then use a thick soundproof mat to cover the entire cabin floor. Research shows that the thicker the mat, the more noise reduction you’ll experience.

4. Add Extra Mass around the Wheels

Most car wheel wells are made from plastic material which is not ideal for inhibiting noise from reaching inside the car.

However, if you can modify the wheel wells with soundproofing materials, it will help to combat the noise from traveling inside the car.

Unfortunately, the process can be quite demanding since you’ll be required to purchase the soundproof material and even call onboard an expert to fix them.

5. Replace the Vehicle Door Seal

The seal found around the door and the frame. It helps to reduce the entry of road and tire noise into the car. However, they experience wear and tear, leading to sound inside the vehicle. It is therefore advisable to replace the worn-out seals on the doors.

Final Thoughts on Quieting Excessive Noisy Tires

Changing the tires may be the most effective way to instantly cut down the noise from your vehicle tires significantly, however, it’s best to also try the methods above.

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