How To Sound Deaden A Car Cheaply And Easily: DIY Guide

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At some point we all experience the misery of driving in a noisy and loud vehicle, It can be annoying whether you want to listen to your favorite music or have a conversation in a loud, noisy car. Fortunately, there is a way to Sound Deaden A car Cheap.

If you follow the steps I provide below, you should have a quiet vehicle. I will be looking at the best inexpensive ways to quiet your vehicle, and fortunately, there are a lot of ways to go about it.

What Causes Road Noise

There may be a lot of causes that may result in your car making noise when driving; however, these are the common causes of noise problems in your vehicle some may seem very obvious while others don’t.

Car model or Design: It’s no secret that electric motor powered vehicles, for example, Tesla makes the least noise when driving compared to vehicles like Jeeps and trucks/vans.

Quality of the road: This may seem a bit obvious to you because the smoother the path, the quieter is the vehicle But sometimes (well most of the times) we encounter uneven bumpy or gravel road, That is why it is crucial to soundproof your vehicle for the better driving experience.

Tires and Pavement: Often tires do contribute to the noise you may be experiencing in your car, but often the solution is not to change your tires (which can be quiet expensive) but to use the methods I am about to share with you.

1. Sound Deadening Noise From The Engine

Car noise comes from a lot of different places, and one of the most obvious Places is the engine bay in fact statistics show that the engine alone accounts for over 40% of the overall vehicle noise especially a diesel engine.

If you want to soundproof your vehicle, The Engine is where you should start. Luckily Soundproofing the engine is a simple task that you can do right now, follow these easy steps.

Engine Sound Dampen Material Required

It is important to know that sound deadening your vehicle engine is entirely different from Soundproofing the door of your vehicle.

Before purchasing the Engine Soundproofing Material You should follow this Guideline:

  1. The Material Must be able to stick
  2. The Material Must be resilient to Heat
  3. The Material Must be able to Protect your Car Engine against Oil, Grease and any Fuel( Aluminum Coating Recommended)

I recommend the Noico Sound deadener. The reason why we think this is what you need is that (1) Ticks all the recommended buying guideline (2) It comes in a Huge Roll to ensure that all the engine is covered (3) Incredibly Cheap! that is what the whole Guide is about. To Save you money while getting The Maximum Results!

Noico 80 mil (2 mm) 36 sqft (3.4 sqm) car Sound deadening...
5,621 Reviews
Noico 80 mil (2 mm) 36 sqft (3.4 sqm) car Sound deadening...
  • The cost effective 80 mil automotive butyl and foil sound deadening! You are not just...
  • Now the material is 1,5 times thicker that will get you 1,5 times more effective...
  • Automotive self-adhesive insulation consists of butyl. Noico sound deadening has a...

Steps to Sound Proof Your Engine:

Sound deadening your engine is so easy, it doesn’t require any Skills or Knowledge, And it will take you less than 30 minutes to properly soundproof your car engine. Just follow the 8 simple steps:

  1. Switch off the car completely
  2. Open the Hood
  3. Clean the Hood
  4. Measure the Car Bonnet (how large it is)
  5. Cut the Mat according to the size and shape of your vehicle hood
  6. Carefully insert the sound-absorbing mat under the Hood
  7. Make sure the aluminum Mat completely sticks on the hood
  8. Close the hood and start the engine to test it out.

2. Sound Deadening Car Door

Now, that we have done Sound dampening the Engine, It is vital to understand that sound deadening the Engine alone will have a Significant Impact in reducing the car noise, But if you really want a quiet, peaceful ride you need to soundproof the whole vehicle including the door.

Door Sound Reducing Material Required

Soundproofing an Engine and soundproofing a car door is not done the same way hence it requires a different kind of material (Don’t worry we considered your budget too)

Since we are working on soundproofing vehicle doors, we no longer need the aluminum mat that is specifically designed to be resistant to oil, heat, and fuel resilient.

Before Purchasing the Door Reducing material, you should follow this Guideline:

  1. The material must have an adhesive backing
  2.  The material must have insulation capability
  3. The material must be waterproof
Noico 80 mil (2 mm) 36 sqft (3.4 sqm) car Sound deadening...
5,621 Reviews
Noico 80 mil (2 mm) 36 sqft (3.4 sqm) car Sound deadening...
  • The cost effective 80 mil automotive butyl and foil sound deadening! You are not just...
  • Now the material is 1,5 times thicker that will get you 1,5 times more effective...
  • Automotive self-adhesive insulation consists of butyl. Noico sound deadening has a...

I recommend using the Noico Sound deadener. The reason why we recommend Siless is that (1) It’s enough to cover all doors on your car (2) It is cost-effective and high quality (3) It includes all the requirements for effectively soundproofing your doors.

Steps to Soundproof Your vehicle Doors:

Soundproofing your vehicle doors is a little bit more advanced but still relatively easy( if I can do it, you can too!), the whole process should take 45-90 minutes. And if you follow this guide, you should be good to go. Just follow these six easy steps.

  1. Carefully remove your vehicle door panels, due to every car being different we recommend that you search on Google specifically or refer to your vehicle user manual on how to remove them.
  2.  Quickly measure how much foam each door requires.
  3. Cut the foam using scissors according to the size your door requires
  4. Insert the foam inside the gaps you find inside the door.
  5. When done, put back the door panels and make sure you fasten them tightly.
  6. Test the car doors by opening and closing them.

If you completed everything, well done! I am pretty confident that your car noise level has reduced drastically, and you should feel the automobile is quieter and peaceful; however, only 80% of the job is we need to cover the last 20% if you are looking for how to sound deaden the entire vehicle.

3. Sound Dampening the Car floor

Soundproofing the floor is the final step you need to complete the project inexpensively, the last part you must soundproof is the vehicle floor where the mats are located.

Soundproofing Materials Required

Honestly, when it comes to soundproofing the car floor, it doesn’t matter which noise reduction mat you choose. Since you believe in my recommendations, and you understand I only give recommendations purely based on Quality and Budget.

I recommend you use the Fat Mat. Simply because it’s cheap and I have personally used it in my automobile and works like magic, and it is enough to cover 2-3 vehicles!

FatMat Self-Adhesive Black Butyl MegaMat Sound Deadener Bulk...
95 Reviews
FatMat Self-Adhesive Black Butyl MegaMat Sound Deadener Bulk...
  • One 18 inch wide x 16.75 feet long Roll of Black Self-Adhesive Butyl MegaMat (25 Sq...
  • Patented Butyl Rubber Compound with Protective Reinforced Aluminum Face, Black Finish
  • Anti-Vibration Membrane Absorbs and Dissipates Vibrations

Steps to Soundproof the Car Floor (base)

Now soundproofing the car base is way simple than any of the ones we discussed above and it should roughly take you about 20-40 minutes to completely soundproof it. Follow the following steps and you should be Good to Go!.

  1.  The first step is to remove the car’s original mat.
  2.  After you removed the original mat, measure the amount of soundproofing Mat required and cut accordingly.
  3. Then you will have to insert the soundproof insulation Mat
  4. Wait for the Mat glue to get dried up (about 5 minutes should be excellent)
  5. Then replace the original Mat back into the vehicle.

I know we haven’t covered things like sound deadening your car windows, but this guide alone will reduce the noise of your car by over 70% I tried it myself, and it worked! (update also check out how you can soundproof car doors inexpensively)

Cheap Sound Deadening Material for Cars

There are a lot of noise-reducing materials on the market, Most of them are really expensive and may not do what it is intended to do.

That is why I took the time to research and find not only inexpensive material but also a high quality that works and will soundproof your vehicle.

I haven’t personally used all of them but I have used Noico 80 mil and I highly recommend it. I also did hours and hours of research to give you more options if you don’t like the Noico, please note all of them are really inexpensive and recommended by a lot of people who used them in their own cars.

Why Do You Need to Sound Deaden Your Car

Driving a loud noisy vehicle can be really unpleasant, the driving experience becomes a tedious boring experience since it is even harder to listen to your favorite audio whilst driving.

Sound deadening your car will improve the overall acoustics inside your car which means the audio quality will improve, the car noise will reduce and you will certainly enjoy a sturdy quiet and peaceful driving experience.

with the right materials, you can DIY the process and sound deaden your vehicle a few minutes.

Noico 80mil Sound Absorbing Mat

Noico 80 mil (2 mm) 36 sqft (3.4 sqm) car Sound deadening...
5,621 Reviews
Noico 80 mil (2 mm) 36 sqft (3.4 sqm) car Sound deadening...
  • The cost effective 80 mil automotive butyl and foil sound deadening! You are not just...
  • Now the material is 1,5 times thicker that will get you 1,5 times more effective...
  • Automotive self-adhesive insulation consists of butyl. Noico sound deadening has a...

Noico is definitely one of the best sound deadening mat I’ve ever used, don’t want to lie but at first, I was a bit skeptical of the product because is inexpensive and it claims to reduce noise levels in a car, however, I must admit I am quite impressed!.

I installed this mat in mid-2017 and to date, my vehicle is still much more peaceful.

Noice is a high-class sound dampening mat, It is 80mil thick which ensures all unwanted noise and sounds are absorbed, significantly reducing the noise levels.

What I like about Noico more than anything is the price, It is the best choice if you have a really tight budget and you want to get rid of that unwanted noise in your vehicle. When you look at other brands like Dynamat and Gmat, Noico comes up on top in terms of price.

Not only it will sound dampen your vehicle but I found that it also insulates the vehicle keeping it warm during cold winter days.

The mat is self-adhesive which means you won’t need any additional adhesive to install it in your car. It is 36 sqft which is more than enough to cover the whole car including the doors and hood liner to absorb noise from a noisy engine.

Noico is easy to install, you don’t really need to hire anyone to soundproof your vehicle (If I did it, You can too).

This is my number one recommendation, luckily I am not the only one doing that ( that would be weird and biased) check reviews on Amazon. This should mean something.

Kilmat Sound Absorbing Mat

KILMAT 80 mil 36 sqft Car Sound Deadening Mat, Butyl...
8,266 Reviews
KILMAT 80 mil 36 sqft Car Sound Deadening Mat, Butyl...
  • The cost effective 80 mil automotive butyl and foil sound deadening! You are not just...
  • Now the material is 1,5 times thicker that will get you 1,5 times more effective...
  • Automotive self-adhesive insulation consists of butyl. KILMAT sound deadening has a...

I was going to be surprised if I excluded kilmat on my list (Weird phrase, I know) anyways kilmat is one of the best automotive soundproofing mat, one of the highest quality for a pretty low price.

Just like Noico, Kilmat is 80mil thick which is great for reducing both internal and external noise in a car. Kilmat is also 36sqft in size which is big enough to soundproof the whole vehicle.

In terms of pricing Kilmat is slightly cheaper than Noico but nothing significant given the quality of Noico. What I like about kilmat is how cheap it is and according to most people, it does what is intended to do which is of cause to get rid of unwanted noise.

Kilmat is lighter than Noico and also self-adhesive saving you the costs of buying additional material.

Easy to install which will save you tons of money and time. You can fully install Kilmat within 70 minutes.

kilmat has great reviews on Amazon proving the quality of the product.

Fatmat Self-Adhesive

FatMat Self-Adhesive Rattletrap Sound Deadener Pack with...
1,492 Reviews
FatMat Self-Adhesive Rattletrap Sound Deadener Pack with...
  • One 18 inch wide x 16.75 feet long Roll of Self-Adhesive RattleTrap (25 Sq Ft Total)...
  • 80 mil nominal thickness with Patented "Super-Stick" Adhesive
  • Sound Deadening Acoustical Insulation for automotive, trucks, homes, RV's, and marine

Fatmat is an established brand that is trusted by a lot of people and today is made to the list reasonably so, It’s a top-notch product that not only will do the job but will also save you a lot of money.

Fatmat is 80mil thick just like the other materials mentioned, What really stands out with Fatmat is that it comes with a roller which makes the whole process easier, instead of using your hands, a roller will the job for you.

Fatmat is also self-adhesive which is great. What I don’t really like about Fatmat is it only covers 25 sqft but you have an option to purchase a bigger one.

Siless Mat

Siless 50 mil 30 sqft Car Sound Deadening mat - Butyl...
20 Reviews
Siless 50 mil 30 sqft Car Sound Deadening mat - Butyl...
  • ★ Siless VIBRO 50 mil is ultimate quality sound deadening insulation. Designed for...
  • ★ Advanced Formulation - SILESS VIBRO Damping Material consists of newly invented...
  • ★ Value - SILESS VIBRO Damping Material is just under $1.29 per sqft, priced to be...

Siless came with a different approach in terms of size and thickness, it covers 50sqft which is quite impressive if you have a larger vehicle.

The only noticeable downside with Siless sound absorber is it is only 50mil thick which is 30mil less than the ones I’ve reviewed. However, the soundproofing is good and will reduce the unwanted noise dramatically.

Very easy to install, you just have to peel and place the sound dampening mat and you will see a noticeable difference.

Questions you Might Have About Vehicle Soundproofing Material

Is DIY Car Sound Deadening Hard?

Not at all, even a complete beginner will be able to sound deaden his/her car easily without hiring a car mechanic or a soundproofing expert. So don’t worry it is simple to sound dampen your car and you can do it easily at home.

How much material do I need for my vehicle?

Well, this is hard to answer because it depends on a lot of factors including the size of your vehicle, are you looking to sound dampen a certain part of the whole car? and how much noise do you want to reduce?.

Do I need any other materials?

Yes, but it’s optional. Some of the cheap sound dampening material for cars comes with a roller and others don’t, It is not necessary to purchase a roller as you can use your hands, but it will make life easier when you installing the material on your vehicle.

Does heat affect these mats?

No, not at all but too much heat will cause an upset to the material however they are designed to stand the heat, so don’t worry if your car gets a little bit hot now and then.

How long does it take to install the sound deaning material in a car?

It took me about 3-4 hours to complete my car, it can take you much less because of you faster than me (wink). general devote several hours and the job will be done and road noise will be gone, forever!.

What is the best DIY Soundproofing Material for Cars?

The best material you should use that I recommend is :

  • Fatmat car sound reducing foam
  • Dynamat
  • Noico soundproofing mat
  • SoundQubed Q-Mat
  • Hushmat 10400

Why should I Soundproof a Car?

This varies from person to person, some people(including myself) don’t like it when a car is always making noise, whether I want to listen to my favorite songs or merely trying to talk on a phone, the car noise can be thunderous and unpleasant. Soundproofing a car will help eliminate that.

What is the Overall Cost of Sound Dampen a Car?

By following this Guide comprehensively which aims to find you the best inexpensive way to soundproof your vehicle. it should cost no more than $200 to entirely have a %100 quiet car. ( note: the links provided are affiliate links which means if you purchase through them, we get a small commission to help support the site)

Does Soundproofing Car Work?

I don’t even have to think about that, the answer is Yes, Yes and Yes! I have tried it myself, and I wouldn’t spend so many hours writing a post to help you reduce unwanted noise in a car cheap if all this stuff didn’t work, I believe in giving value.

Do I Need any Skills?

No, you don’t, in fact, you can do it right now without any level of technical knowledge or skills. Follow this guide, and if you don’t know how to do something Google it and I promise you there are so many resources out there, this will save you some money and you will a new skill!.

What to Use for Soundproofing a Car?

  •  Guteauto Noise absorbing mat for engine
  •  Silent Door Anti-sound Foam for the doors
  • Fat Mat for the car interior

You will get all these links above to check the materials required on Amazon.

Car Soundproofing Tips

  1. Always make sure you buy the best materials for the best results
  2. make sure you read instructions carefully before you start the process.
  3. take your time ( so I recommend doing it when you have time)
  4. Always make sure all gaps are covered to avoid any functional errors

if you follow this car soundproofing tips, you will be very satisfied with the results.

How Much Does it Cost to Sound Deaden a Car?

There is no straightforward answer to that because it depends on many factors however the average cost of sound deadening a car is between $80-$300.

Final Advice

I truly hope this article showed you ways you can reduce automotive noise on a budget and how cheap sound deadening can be there are a lot of resources and products out there, I Plead you to be careful about how you choose them and if this guide helps you don’t forget to share.

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