How To Soundproof A Wall From Noisy Neighbours (Cheaply)

How To Soundproof A Wall From Noisy Neighbours (Cheaply)

In this article, I will show you correctly step by step on how to soundproof a wall from noisy neighbors.

A noisy neighbor is a problem a lot of people face and have to deal with, in fact, statistics show that 17.9% of European Union Countries alone is impacted by noisy neighbors and people staying in the city suffers 23.3% compared to 10.4% of people living in the rural areas. (source: Eurostat)

Quick question, are you suffering from noisy neighbors although you try to ask them it just doesn’t work? This article is for you! Follow this quick guide on how to soundproof a wall and I promise you, in no time you will have a Calm and Peaceful Home again.

How to Soundproof a wall(Guide):

showing how to soundproof a wall

There are a lot of ways to sound insulate a wall; some methods are complicated and expensive like adding sound deadening material inside an existing wall which also requires a highly skilled and handy person and some techniques are easy and inexpensive, like adding soundproofing material outside an existing wall(Recommended).

It is straightforward and you don’t need to be an expert or highly skilled, follow this guide you will surely soundproof your wall fast and easy.

1. Determine which area you want to soundproof and carefully measure it.

This is one of the most important steps because it ensures that the right amount of material is ordered by doing this, you will cut down the costs as you don’t want any unwanted extra material.

2. Choose the right wall soundproofing foam Panel.

There are a lot of sound deadening foams. Unfortunately, not all foams can deliver what you expected that is why when you choose a foam you need to select the right one that will not only soundproof your wall but also saves you some money in the process.

I recommend Double Thick Acoustic Wedge soundproof foam panel from will do what is required and is very affordable(Click here to check price on Amazon). if you already bought the material that’s okay, move on to the next step)

3. Cut the foam panel according to the size of your wall.

Most panels come in as a  12 or 24 pack cover, depending on the size of the wall the 12 pack foam cover may be too big if that’s the case, cut the soundproofing foam according to the size of your wall.

If the 12 pack cover doesn’t cover the whole area, it would be wise to purchase the 24 pack cover. How do you know how much you need?

Simple, the average scale of the sound insulating foam is one tile = 1 square foot. What I like about Double Thick Studio Acoustic soundproof foam Is that it covers 2 square feet per tile which is 2x more than a usual Foam. This will save you a great deal of money.

4. Implement the soundproof wall foam by using adhesive.

Now that you have you the right size form, it is time to attach it to the wall you wish to soundproof; This will require something sticky to help it stick to the wall.

Regularly Glue could work, but I don’t recommend it for the long-term purpose, in fact, it is better if you use a proper adhesive to help the foam stick.

All you have to do is apply the adhesive to the foam and accurately place it where ever you desire. Don’t get too overwhelmed this is really easy, and you can do it for 2 hours even if you are not a really handy person.

If you struggle with instructions, I will insert a video at the end about how to exactly soundproof a wall from noisy neighbors (not my own but it will help you if you learn by watching visuals).

Common Questions About Wall Sound Dampening.

Will this help block noise from next door neighbors?

Yes, soundproofing your wall will dramatically reduce the noise made by your next-door neighbors

Will this help soundproof my Wall completely?

Yes but not completed this highly depends on various factors like room size and the material used, but what I can guarantee is this will help dramatically reduce the noise your neighbors might be making.

I can roughly say by 60-80% this is enough to have a peaceful and calm home without and neighbor noise interfering.

What can I use to cut the soundproofing foam?

This completely up to you, the foams are not really hard you can simply use a Handsaw or Fabric Scissors.

Is it expensive to sound dampen my wall?

Not at all, depending on the size of the wall and the material you use but I would estimate that you can get your wall done under $250(Maximum). No matter how big the wall might be.

Do I need to hire someone to help sound insulate my wall?

Nope! You can do this on your own because it is really simple just like I outlined the steps in this article if you follow these steps and the video below you should be fine unless time is the issue I don’t see a reason to hire someone for soundproofing.

Does This Foam work anywhere else other than a wall?

Yes, in fact, most people use this form in their recording studio walls., But is essential to know that this works best with walls wooden doors.


I hope you found this how-to soundproof a wall for noisy neighbors guides really helpful; you can also check out how you can soundproof a dishwasher without throwing it away.

This video should help you get started

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