soundproofing A Loud Washing machine

How To Soundproof A Washing Machine

A washing machine is one of the most useful home appliances and it saves us a great deal of time and does a better job with our laundry than using hands, however, sometimes a washing machine can make loud unwanted noise. This article will show you how to soundproof a washing machine.

A loud or vibrating washing machine is a common problem a lot of people face. There are literally a lot of reasons why your washing machine can be making a loud noise or excessive vibration(or both), But these are the most common reasons.

Common Causes of excessive washing machine noise and vibration.

noisy washing machine causes

As you may know there various reasons why your washing machine is loud. Here are the common causes of it and fortunately by following the tips in this article you can sound deaden your washing machine fast and cheap.

1. The washing machine position is unbalanced.

This is very common and it’s funny how a lot of people overlook it and yet this results in serious loud noise and vibration which may even cause the washing machine to move(walk).

2. Unbalanced Load.

This is also a problem people ignore but I don’t blame them even manufacturers don’t emphasize enough the importance of having a balanced load in your washing machine.

So what does loud balancing mean?

A balanced load means when doing your laundry you should separate the items accordingly to how heavy they weigh So for example when washing jeans you can add towels because they heavier too compared to t-shirts.

3. Loose Bearings and Nuts.

This is slightly uncommon than the ones we have already discussed but as the washing machine age, the likelihood of loose bearings increases also. This is more advanced but easy to do.

5 Best Ways to Reduce the noise of a Washing Machine.

1. Using Sound Absorbing Mats.

washing sound absorbing mats are really great and can certainly reduce excessive noise and vibrations not only they work for washing machines but also work for treadmills and washing machine dryers.

Washing Machine Sound Absorbing Mats are designed to reduce the noise and vibration caused by a washing machine. They are easy to use( All you have to do is slide one under your washing machine.

There are many different brands of sound-absorbing mats and all can do the job but I recommend Ruber-cal Anti-vibration and noise washing machine mat ( See the Current Price on Amazon).

Even though Sound Absorbing Mats are great and have a great impact on reducing a washing machine noise level, They can be a little bit expensive and that is a downside. Fortunately, there is a very inexpensive alternative, read on.

2. Use washing machine shock-absorbing Pads(cheaper Method).

Shock absorber pads(Also known as antivibration pads)  are really great and the fact that they do the same job(if not better) at a reasonable price, Half the price of the sound-absorbing mat.

anti-vibration pads are great to sound insulate and stop the vibration and moving of a washing machine.

shock-absorbing pads are really easy to use all you need to do is put one in each corner of the washing machine(under).

I haven’t really used mat sound-absorbing pads but I went the extra mile and did the research for you and people recommend Anti-walk Silent Feet Anti-vibration Pads for washing machines and dryers ( See Real User Reviews on Amazon).

Both these work very well and should dramatically reduce your washing machine noise levels, it’s just a matter of preference.

3. Balancing Washing Load

we spoke about the importance of balancing the load when doing laundry on a washing machine. This is simple but yet powerful and I have tried it myself and proved to work.

Balancing the load simply means that instead of mixing light and heavy items on the washing machine. Simply group the items accordingly to the weight.

4. Less Washing Load.

If the washing machine is still loud and vibrating, I recommend you reduce the amount of load you insert in the washing machine. You will notice if the washing machine speed changes and the noise level reducing.

If you are still looking for more ways to reduce your washing machine noise by now, I think the washing machine might have a bigger problem than we expected, But first, I want you to do the following step before hiring a technician.

5. Tighten loose Bearings and Nuts.

If the above tips didn’t seem to work, my next bet would be the washing machine bearing might be loose, This is a little bit more advanced but still easy to do, all you have to do is:

  1. Open the Cap of the washing machine (watch video below)
  2. use a screwdriver and tighten the loose nuts
  3. close the washing machine cap.

Final thoughts on muffling a washing machine.

I hope this article helped you to have a quiet machine. If you are looking for more ways to quiet loud home appliances and noise reduction tips .

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