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How to Stop a Bed from Squeaking [Wooden & Metal Easy Fix]

Squeaking bed can deny you an opportunity to have a sound sleep at night and sometimes can portray a wicked picture to your next-door neighbors.

Dealing with such a noisy bed can be tricky, but once you can identify the areas behind the disgusting noise, it will be easy to solve.

There are plenty of ways on how to stop a bed from squeaking either temporally or permanently online, but this one tends to stand out.

Take your time to follow the steps provided in the text, and you will end up having a quiet night as well as sound sleep. Let’s jump in now:

How to Fix a Bed from Squeaking Like a Pro

The squeaking bed sound could be a sign of a minor problem that can only be fixed instead of buying a new bed. These problems behind the frustrating sounds at night can easily be fixed at home without calling onboard an expert.

Here are some of the popular spots causing the squeaking sounds and how to fix them at home. Let’s find out:

Problems on the Bed Joints

Loose joints commonly cause a squeaky bed. Therefore, take your time to check all the joints of the bed and see if they are the reason behind the weird sounds at night.

If the joints are loose, use a wrench to tighten them by adding a washer between the frame and the bolt to secure well.

Proper tightening of the loose joints will help you to have a quiet night and sound sleep in the long run. If this is not the case, then read the next point.

Change the Current Position of the Mattress

Spring mattresses are highly susceptible to producing squeaky sounds at night, especially when you are turning to another position.

Therefore, it is advisable to rotate the mattress such that the head sleeps on the feet position. This tricky works, but it is usually temporal.

Always have the habit of rotating the mattress on the bed after every six months since spring mattresses get pressed on one point hence resulting in noise.

Oil the Box Spring

Spring mattresses have box spring inside them and rotating them after every six months ensures there is equal distribution of pressure.

However, the noise may persist, and it is recommended to the oil inside the box spring. Open the box spring carefully and gently to avoid ripping the fabric.

Spray the lubricant in all joints of the mattress, and this will help eradicate the production of the nasty sound at night.

Use a construction stapler to bind back the mattress fabric, or you can sew the region where you get access to the inside of the spring box.

Buy a New Mattress

Sometimes you can oil the box spring and rotate the mattress but still, remain in vain. The first thing to hit your mind is getting a new mattress to replace the worn out.

A high-quality mattress tends to last for a couple of years, and the old bed is the one prone to the production of squeaky sounds.

It is recommended to consider mattresses made from foam or latex since they tend to be durable and silent at night.

Fix with unmatched Socks or Old T-shirts

This is an old trick, but it does wonders when it comes to making your bed being quiet throughout the night. The old fashion trick serves as a buffer.

You will be required to lift the mattress and place the old socks or T-shirts along the slat the lining helps to eliminate the sound caused by friction.

Replace the Box Spring

Sometimes fixing the box spring can be difficult or even after applying oil inside it still produce the irritating sounds at night.

Dealing with such box spring is quite comfortable when you think about replacing it with a new one. Always consider a box spring that matches your mattress, and it should be simple to assemble.

New box spring rarely produces squeaky sounds unless it is a fake one. Therefore, pay a lot of attention when buying a new one.

Lubricate the Screws and Bolts

Tightening screws and bolts can be difficult due to some resistance. The resistant could make an individual leave them loose.

Loose bolts or screws could be the reason behind the weird noise while sleeping. It is advisable to lubricate the screws or bolts so that it can be easier to tighten them firmly.

Get Alternatives Metal Washers

Bed screws and bolts usually come with matching washers. These items are quite vital when it comes to tightening the bed.

Sometimes these metal washers tend to rub on the bed frame, and this in the process produces the noisy sounds at night.

Therefore, it is advisable to use either rubber or nylon washers instead of the metal washers. These washers will inhibit rubbing and also squeaky sounds while sleeping.

Replace the Bed Frame

If you still experience squeaky sounds while sleeping, then it is high time to throw in the towel. This does not imply purchasing a new bed but replacing the bed frame with the quietest bed frame.

Replacing is quite affordable than getting a new bed. A new bed frame will spare you from the squeaky noise hence result in a sound sleep.

Get New Bolts and Screws

If fixing the old bolts and screws become a nightmare, then consider purchasing new ones as this will help eliminate the squeaky noise at night.

Old bolts and screws tend to get loose quite faster after fastening. Replacing them will be a good deal in the long run. New bolts or screws ensure you have a sound sleep due to proper functioning.

Uneven out the Floorboards or Bed Legs

Uneven floorboards or bed legs could also be the reason behind the squeaking bed while sleeping. The weird sounds can raise suspicion among your neighbors about your Private life.

Therefore, slip a towel or a folded sheet on the bed legs to ensure they do not get in touch directly with the floor.

Also, you can change the location of your bed to another spot where the floor is even, and this will help to get rid of the noise.

Bottom Line on How to Stop a Bed from Squeaking

The above-listed factors are the reason behind the squeaking noise while sleeping. Fixing the cause of the sound will help resolve the issue either permanently or temporally.

However, you can bring onboard a handyman to come and help fix the problem in case they prove to be tough.

Above all, I hope the tricks listed in the article on how to stop s a bed from squeaking will help you sort the problem at hand. Good Luck

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