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How to Stop Car Door Rattling from Speaker

We all love listening to our favorite music when we driving especially if it’s a long trip because it is much more fun and relaxing, however sometimes this moment can be ruined by the rattle of the vehicle door usually caused by speakers.

In this article, I will show you how to stop a car door rattling from speakers without spending a fortune or wasting your precious time.

I have done a ton of research to find other solutions to this problem, and what I found to be the best way to go about reducing door rattle is to install sound deadening mats and in this post, I will show you step by step how to do that.

What Causes the Car Door to Rattle?

There are many factors that may cause vehicle doors to rattle but most of them are not so common nor significant, one of the most common things that cause rattling on the door of your car when you play music from your speakers is a surface that is acoustically damaged

This means sound deadening objects might be worn out, so every time you listen to music loudly most of the car parts are not vibration proof.

How to Stop Car Door Rattling from Speaker

Step 1: Detach the Door Panel

The first thing you want to do in order to install sound deadening material to your vehicle is to remove the door panel. I recommend you use plastic tools to help avoid scratching your car. If you don’t know how to remove the interior door panel, this article should help you.

Step 2: Remove the Vapor Shield

The vapor shield is the sponge-like(It can be rubber in some cars) object that you find after you remove your door panel. It is used to prevent water from coming inside the car. Make sure you try to do it gently because you will be replacing it again. After you have removed this, you should see a big hole that is designed to help a mechanic to easily access the window, this where you apply the sound deadening mat.

Step 3: Apply the Sound Deadening mat

Now, after you did step one and two successfully, then it is time to apply a sound dampening foam, There are plenty of sound-deadening materials you can use but I recommend  Dynamat Extreme Car Door Kit (See the latest Price on Amazon). One thing to keep in mind when purchasing a sound deadener is to always check how thick the material is, the thicker the more it will reduce door rattles.

Dynamat ticks all the boxes when it comes to sound-dampening your door, it is 80 mil thick, heat resistant and self-adhesive, no wonder why it has a good reputation.

Unfortunately, Dynamat can be a bit costly for some people and I am aware of that, that is why I went an extra mile to look for the most affordable Dynamat Substitute and Noico 80 Mil sound deadener comes out on top (Click here to see the current price & Reviews on Amazon)

You want to apply some of the material inside that mechanical hole you find, apply as much material as possible for better results.

Step 4: Test the Vehicle Doors

after applying the sound deadening mat, you should test the doors to check whether the doors still rattle when you play music. Usually, after step 3 there should be a noticeable difference. If you are still not satisfied then apply more sound dampening material.

Step 5: Replace all the parts

In this last step, you want to replace all the parts including the vapor shield and the interior door panel. make sure you do it gently and slowly to avoid any damages to your car doors.


Using the above steps will surely help you prevent your car doors from rattling due to the sound coming from your speakers. I hope this article helped you if you have any questions feel free to ask and check out my other guides about car sound deadening here.

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