How To Stop Trunk Vibration From Subwoofer: No More Rattles

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Listening to your favorite music can be really enjoyable and fun, especially when there is enough Bass supplied by your subwoofer,  Unfortunately, this can cause your vehicle to experience some annoying and unwanted rattling and vibrations.

This can be really unpleasant as it makes it harder to play songs with bass without your car sounding like an old trashy 1800’s vehicle.

Fortunately, there are some things that can do today to get rid of or minimize unwanted vibrations or rattling in your car. In this article, I am going to share with you what you can do to reduce vibration from the subwoofer in your car.

What causes Vibrations and Rattling?

The rattling is usually caused by low-frequency sound waves coming from the subs which turn into air molecules that are then transferred into a powerful energy that causes the metal on your vehicle to vibrate and as a result, the rattling starts.

Can you fix a rattling speaker?

Fortunately, there are a few things that can help you reduce the impact of subwoofer rattle in your vehicle, and today this article aims to provide solutions for subwoofer vibrations.

Here are the best ways to Stop vibrations and Rattling in your Vehicle.

There are a lot of ways you can go about achieving this, but what I found as the most cost-effective, efficient and easier is to use the following methods:

1. Check where the vibration is coming from

This will save you a lot of time and money along the way by helping you identify which area in your car is affected most by the subwoofer bass. One of the most common areas is the vehicle’s trunk, doors, windows, license plate, and hood liner.

You can this by playing a song that has a lot of bass at a higher volume to help you spot out the areas in your car that are affected.

2. Use an Automotive Sound Deadener

After you have identified where the vibrations are coming from( most likely the trunk or doors) you can begin to combat the issue by using a sound deadener.

There are different sound deadeners that you can use but not all of them are as effective, the one that I found will do a great job is Dynamat Extreme. Dynamat is one of the best in the market when it comes to sound deading.

However, it can be a bit costly for some people, a greater alternative to it would be Noico Sound deadener.

After you purchased a sound deadener you start by applying some in the trunk of your vehicle, then you can proceed and cover the other areas like the doors (See how to sound deaden vehicle doors) and you can apply some underside of the License Plate.

For the best vibration damping, I Highly recommend that you apply the sound deadener everywhere in your vehicle, check out this guide about how to sound deaden your car.

3. Tighten Your License Plate

Most people overlook the effect a loose license plate can have on your car especially when you have subs installed and you play music loudly, it is important to make sure that your license plate is tight and you can add some sound deadener to make it tighter and reduce vibrations.

4. Make Sure You Tighten your Trunk Screws

Just like with the license plate, loose trunk screws can exaggerate the vibrations and rattling when you playing music so what you want to do is tighten the screws.

5. Lower the bass frequency

Yeah, I get it this is the most boring tip( probably that is why I saved it for last) but you can do instead of playing the music loudly and putting some pressure on the subwoofer, you can use something like an amp to modify the amount of bass your sub produces.

Final Thoughts on how to reduce subwoofer vibration in your car

Hopefully, this article helped you get rid of or at least minimize unwanted vibrations on your vehicle, It is difficult to find other vibration damping methods that are easier and efficient. Don’t be afraid to check some of my latest articles about car sound deadening.

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