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Jeep Wrangler Noise Reduction: Sound Deadening Guide

I don’t know a lot about cars but what I certainly do know is my love for a jeep and particularly the Wrangler model. After doing my research about the car I realized that it makes a lot of noise, some people like it, however, some find it really unpleasant.

After finding out people had a problem with the noise a jeep wrangler makes, I decided to write a full Jeep Wrangler noise reduction guide to help you sound deaden it and enjoy a peaceful ride.

Whether it’s rattling, clicking or wind noise this article will help you, without further or do let’s jump straight to it.

1. Soundproof the base of the vehicle(underneath the carpet)

It is true that the most noise will come from the base of your vehicle, and by insulating this area you will significantly cut down a lot of noise.

This is really easy to do and you should get it done faster than you think, all you have to do is to install a thick carpet that will absorb sounds and for that, I highly recommend you try fatmat self-adhesive (Click here to check the current price on Amazon).

Fatmat will not reduce the noise but will also insulate the vehicle so that when winter comes, your vehicle will be well insulated as well.

It is easy to install all you have to do is follow the following steps:

  1. Remove the vehicle current mats
  2. Measure the amount for fatmat you will need
  3. Cut the mat according to the measured size
  4. Stick the mat and wait for the adhesive to dry
  5. Place back the original mats on top of the fatmat

After the installation process, you should notice a significant drop in the noise levels. If you are looking for a solid soundproofing beyond this, you can start by installing a reflective insulation foam before adding fatmat.

2. Sound Deaden the Headliner

Now, most people complain about wind noise coming through the hardtop, so it is important to also sound dampen the wrangler’s headliner.

To achieve this, you will need the pre-made jeep headliner boom mats and I recommend Dei Boom mat because it is so easy to install, it is effective and it is really cheap ( Check Current Price on Amazon ).

With this installed you will experience a nice quiet ride that you’ve always wanted. DEI is pretty straight-forward and it is one of the best in the market, that is why I personally recommend it.

With the DEI boom mat installed, it should block out any sounds coming through the hard top of the vehicle. for even great noise reduction you can also use the Side Window Trim Kit to sound dampen the windows.

3. Try a sailcloth top

I must admit, this is a bit costly than the other methods but works like magic, If you have a good option and you are willing to get rid of the noise then this might be a viable option for your Jeep.

One of the quietest is the Bestop Sailcloths which can reduce noise levels by at least 50% when compared to the regular ones you find.

One of the hardest decisions is choosing the best ones. check out the best ones here. Another thing to take note of is the thicker the material the better so when choosing sailcloth go for the thickest one which a zipper to be able to remove it whenever you want.

4. Try Using Weatherstrips

You can try to use weatherstrips when you hear wind noise when driving faster. The problem could be in the weatherstripping of your vehicle.

Before taking any action or measure it is important you check if the current ones are configured correctly, so start by checking if they are well sealed.

If they are well-sealed but you can still hear the noise then it is time to consider replacing them with sound-absorbing ones.

They are great because of the fact that not only will lower the noises and sounds but will also insulate the whole vehicle. They are beginner-friendly but make sure you don’t leave any hole exposed or it will make the project worthless.

5. Change to less noisy tires

Jeep default tires are really strong and powerful but they are a bit noisier, you can change the tires and use quieter ones. this will noise-proof and sounds caused or coming through the tires.

although this may not be the best option it will incredibly lower the noise by a huge percentage. If you decide to change the tires. Don’t worry, you can still change back anytime you feel like. this will also make the tires last longer so basically it’s like killing two birds with one stone.

6. Insulate the hood liner

This will also block out noise from the engine, it requires an expert to soundproof any engine but insulation is really easy and at least you won’t have to spend more money since you will be using the same material that you used to sound deaden the vehicle’s floor.

Fatmat is the product I recommended and works really well when soundproofing the car hood. because it can withstand heat and has a pretty long lifespan.

7. Check the Lifter for faults and fix it if it’s noisy

car engine lifter

Most of the time the lifter can be faulty and as a result, it causes some noise basically if you don’t know what a  lifter is, it is the small cylinder you find the engine.

8. Try earplugs

This is cost-effective and one way to combat the whole problem. You can use this if you are not satisfied with the above methods.

It is the quickest way, all you have to do is every time you disrupted by the noise you can simply put the earplugs on. But is a temporary solution and I don’t recommend using this approach long term.

The reason I feel this method is not the best is the fact that more often when wearing earplugs you can’t hear a thing and that can be dangerous so I plead with you to be careful if you want to wear them.

Earplugs are great when you hear the noise while trying to sleep.

9. Fix Steering Wheel Noise.

This is a popular complaint among many jeep owners when you try to turn the steering wheel, the jeep makes a loud irritating sound. If you are experiencing the same problem then this may be caused by different things. Here is a quick guide to help you fix that (click here)

FAQ Section

Are Jeep Wranglers Quiet?

Generally, jeep wranglers are quieter when driving, however, when compared to other cars on the market they tend to be a bit louder, you may experience wind noise and noise coming from the tires.

Is Jeep Hardtop Quieter than a Soft Top?

when comparing the noise levels between a hardtop and a soft top of a jeep, a hardtop is quieter due to the how solid the hardtop is, this offers some form of sound deadening and better noise levels compared to a soft top.


Jeep Wranglers are still the best cars in this modern Era, and Hopefully, I can get one for myself in the near future. I hope this noise reduction guide helped you sound deaden the vehicle to enjoy the best quiet ride.

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