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Lizard Skin vs Dynamat (Sound Deadening Spray Vs Mat)

In this article, I will compare two of the most popular sound deadening materials Lizard Skin and Dynamat. If you are undecided on what would be great for your vehicle then This article is for you!

After reading this article you will have a clear and in-depth knowledge of the differences and similarities between a sound deadening spray and mat.

Comparison Table between Dynamat and Lizard Skin

 Dynamat Lizard Skin
The preparation
Installation to areas that need the
sound deadening applied.
You have to cover some parts of the
vehicle because the spray can ruin
The applicationMay be difficult to cut and applySpraying the paint is easy but can be
a little messy
The coverageIt covers the body, but can be difficult to apply in hidden sectionsThe lizard skin covers the ribs,
frames and body of the vehicle
The finished productThere are a few cases of gaps and
seams in the finished product
There are no gaps, therefore no
risks of getting the nuts and bolts
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See Current Price on Amazon

Lizard Skin  Sound Control

This sound control is used together with atop coat and ceramic insulation. The ceramic insulation works as thermal insulators while the top coat is for aesthetics; it provides a glossy finish and durability.

You can choose not to use the ceramic insulation and the top coat as they are not compulsory for deadening. The lizard control is perfect for soundproofing the car on its own.

On Amazon, Lizard skin control is sold in 2-gallon buckets and the company recommends two thick coats for the perfect soundproofing. generally, you would need up to 4 gallons of the lizard skin control for an average car. The company estimates 6 gallons of the lizard skin for a hardtop car.

How to prepare the lizard skin control

Before you spray on the lizard control, you should understand that there are no partial installs available. You will need to spray the whole car.

Not many people can spray on the lizard skin on their own. When professionals do it, they dismantle parts of your vehicle to apply the spray.

You will need a mixing kit that you can attach to a power drill. The liquids are mixed together before application. You can get a spray gun for application from the same company.

Before application of the lizard skin control, you will need to protect over important parts of the vehicle. Masking tape is needed to cover the bolts, holes, nuts and other special areas.

If you do not cover these areas, you may have a hard time trying to remove the coating. Paint jobs and other important areas should be covered with a sheet to protect them from the coating.

How to apply

First, start with a small area of the vehicle and confirm that the thickness of the spray is right. When you have the right thickness, spray the first coat on the entire area. Repeat this process for every surface making sure you wait one hour before applying the second coat.


  • The process of application is easy and does not require too much time
  • No parts will be left untreated; it covers all areas of the ribs and body frame
  • There is no moisture trap
  • No injury risks
  • It does not require cutting
  • cheap to install


  • If you are not too careful, it can get messy
  • It can ruin your vehicle’s paint job
  • It’s can be difficult to do it on your own
  • It is not tested well enough
  • It can be expensive

Dynamat Sound Deadener

Dynamat may be a little expensive but is worth any penny. Dynamat’s soundproofing has been proven to be as great as that of a home theatre.

It provides nearly 100% of soundproofing for your vehicle; you won’t be able to hear most loud noises when you are inside your car. The

company offers Dynamat Xtreme which covers the majority of your care. For thermal insulation, you can add some Dynaliner. It is an additional rather than a replacement to the normal Dynamat.

For the floor of your vehicle, you can use the dynapad which is thick and will be able to cover the road noise transmitted to the vehicle.

How to prepare Dynamat

Dynamat is easier to prepare compared to the lizard skin. You will need a moderate amount or pre-installing work. You won’t have to worry about the paint, spray or liquids damaging the car from the paint job.

The application process

The difficult part about installing this soundproofing mat is the cutting part. Without the right tools, you will not be able to cut the parts accurately.

The process includes measuring your parts and making the cuttings, cleaning the surface to be installed, removing the liner and sticking the Dynamat. The last step includes using a roller to apply the adhesive and ensure it sticks firmly.

Sounds easy right? For smaller surfaces, this process is not a problem. The issue comes in when you have to stick the Dynamat to bigger surfaces like the roof and the floors. Removing the liner and sticking the Dynamat can be a long process, but not hard or tedious.


  • It is effective in noise deadening
  • Take less time to install
  • You can rely on this product
  • It does not have an asphalt base
  • You can do it yourself
  • Trust Brand


  • It is a bit costly
  • Can’t reach certain parts in the vehicle

The Verdict

Dynamat may be expensive, but it is very easy to apply and is proven to be effective. The lizard skin is also expensive, covers larger areas than the spray and has a clean finish. Your choice will depend on your pocket and the amount of coverage you will need.

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Final Thoughts

If you want to silence some road noises in your vehicle, sound deadening mats are definitely the right choice. You can also spray the surfaces of your interior with sound deadening materials to reduce the noise.

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