noico sound deadener review

Noico Sound Deadener Review

Nowadays it is very difficult to find decent sound deadening material for your vehicle, due to new products introduced into the market.

As much as that sounds like a good thing the problem comes when the product you purchase doesn’t meet your expectations.

In this article, I am going to fully review Noico 80mil sound deadening mat, So you can know if it’s worth your money or not (no Bs).

Noico Brief Overview

noico sound deadener review
Noico is one of the most popular sound deadening mat, It is also perceived as one of the best mats for car soundproofing. It can easily reduce unwanted loud noise that your vehicle might be having.

Noico is a cost-efficient High-end sound deadener, and what really stands out is the pricing of the product, It is a lot cheaper when compared to other High-end sound absorbers like Dynamat. (click here to see the latest Price on Amazon.)

It is Heat resistant which is another win for me, So you don’t have to worry about the heat ruining the noise insulation that you already toiled hard for.

Noise absorbers like this one are great because not only it will reduce and eliminate unwanted noise and sounds but it will also improve the quality of your car stereo. So if you are a bass fanatic (like me) or a music lover, expect your car sound quality to dramatically improve.

The design is decent, certainly not the best looking but also not the worst either, I love the uniqueness of the diamond shapes which stands out from the other competitors like Hushmat.

It comes in two colors, Black or Silver so you have a choice to pick a color that matches your desires

So far Noico seems to be impressive, now let’s dive a little bit deeper and find out more about it.

Noico Effectiveness

It is 80 mils thick which is approximately 20 millimeters thick(Slightly thicker than Dynamat), Which is great because of the thick the soundproof material the better. 80 mil thickness is enough to sound dampen your car and see significant changes immediately!

It is Self-adhesive, So there is no need for purchasing your own adhesive or using a heat gun, what is great about the mat is unlike most sound deadening mats on the market, this mat adhesive is really strong and easy to stick which will make it hard to peel off your car.

The flexibility of this mat is impressive because most soundproofing mats would tear and break when applied to a certain degree other than a flat surface. This one is an exception due to its flexibility you can confidently install the mat in every corner of your vehicle without it tearing or breaking.

It is also heat resistant which I mentioned earlier in this post, but I wanted to emphasize the importance of sound deadening mats being able to withstand heat.

Without a doubt, in my opinion, the Noico sound deadener is very competitive and effective.

Where can you install it?

Noico 80mil is versatile and amazing because of the different areas of your vehicle you can install it including:

  • Headliner
  • Vehicle doors
  • hood liner
  • Dashboard
  • Car surface

How to Install Noico

Now, one of the things that stand out is how easy it is to install it, You don’t need to hire an expert( more cost) to install it for you, Even if you a beginner or not handy(like me) you will certainly find it fairly easy to install.

The Peel back is amazing how it easily peels off without you having to break a sweat. As much as this seems like a minor thing. It can save you a great deal of time.

As I mentioned earlier, This vehicle sound dampening mat is self-adhesive and the stickiness is incredible. It can last you years and years without peeling off.

Noico is equipped with an installation user manual which shows you step by step how to install it.

What’s In the box

When you purchase the Noico 80 mil 36sqft sound deadener you will get:

  • The instruction manual that guides you during the whole installation process and valuable tips.
  • 9 sheets in total that cover 36sqft.

Generally, there could be more ( Depending on when you are going to see the post). That is all you need to fully soundproof your car.

Price Range

Noico is way cheaper and worth every penny compared to most competitors, it cost approximately 1.5-$2.5 dollars per square foot ( bare with me I used to skip math classes).

I was also surprised at how cheap it is. The quality is great for the price it is truly a bang for your buck.

What I like

  • The pricing: I never thought about the price of Noico you can sound deaden your car. Well, I was proven wrong and even if you are on a tight budget, you can get yourself one of these incredible sounds absorbing mats.
  • Smell: The fact that it is odorless gives it a huge boost, most sound absorbing mats have a weird smell especially when it’s hot.
  • Ease of installation process:  It is a beginner-friendly that saves a lot of time and money.

What I don’t like

It is really hard for me to criticize such an amazing product, however, there are certain things that I think there is room for improvement for.

  • Design: Although I am not really complaining about the design, Some people love aesthetics so if a new design can be introduced that would be great.


  • No additional Adhesive Required
  • Can last for Years
  • Great Pricing
  • Odorless
  • Easy to peel off
  • Beginner Friendly


  • Design: It’s funny because I don’t really know what to write here, I am certain there are some flaws in the product but I couldn’t find significant ones

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Noico Sound Deadener any Good?

When it comes to sound deadening mats, Noico is one of the best brands out there, the quality and the materials used to sound deaden are of high-quality and very effective.


As expected I am happy with the product and I would recommend it to anyone, any day. if you are unsure whether you should go for Dynamat or Noico I recently wrote an article about Noico vs Dynamat click here to see it.


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