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Noico vs Dynamat vs Kilmat

If you are trying to soundproof your car, You have probably come across a lot of sound deadening products such as Dynamat, Hushamat even kilmat. It is really hard and confusing to decide which sound dampening mat is good for your car.

In this article, we are going to look at some of the most popular sound deadening material in the market, Noico, and Dynamat.

Dynamat21 x 13 x 3.5 inches36sqft$2-5
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Noico21.5 x 11.5 x 2.8 inches36sqft$1-3
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Kilmat17.5 x 3.5 x 11 in36sqft$1-3
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I will be comparing these two products based on the following factors:

  •  Size
  • Thickness
  • Reliability& Effectiveness
  • Ease of Use
  • Price
  • Installation Process

1. Size

The size of the material is one of the most overlooked but important things to consider before purchasing because this will determine if you are actually wasting or saving money. Most soundproofing mats vary in size and that is why it is worth looking at it.

The size will also determine how many items you need to fully sound dampen your car.

Dynamat Sound deadener Size

Dynamat is 36sqft in size which is normally the standard size for other brands too, I am quite impressed with the size. It has a dimension of 21 x 13 x 3.5 inches which is a bit larger than Noico and most sound deadeners in the market.

Noico Sound Deadener Size

Noico is also 36sqft in size, which actually great and has a dimension of  21.5 x 11.5 x 2.8 inches. Slightly lesser than Dynamat in terms of Dimensions but still very competitive. It’s good to mention that the dimension of the product is not really essential for vehicle soundproofing.


Dynamat is a clear winner here, even though the sizes are the same, the dimensions make the product a little bit bigger which is great.

2. Thickness

One of the most important things because the thickness of the product will certainly influence the overall soundproofing. Typically the thicker the material the better.

Dynamat Thickness

Dynamat is 50-60 mil thick which will certainly work and you will see dramatic results immediately. As far as other products it seems above average in terms of how thick it is.

Noico Thickness

Noico is 80 mil thick which is 1.5 times than most products this means by using Noico you should expect 1.5 times more insulation effectiveness.


Noico 80 mil comes up on top in this round. This doesn’t mean that Dynamat doesn’t work because it does, in fact, it is one of the most commonly used sound deadening product (If not the most used). What I like about Noico is the fact that they wanted to be competitive and they used thickness to their advantage.

3. Reliability & Effectiveness

Reliability is important because you don’t want to purchase a product that will function for only a few days. That is why it important to know if the product will continue to function and do what it is supposed to do.


Without a doubt nor hesitation, Dynamat is a product you can trust in.

It has been around for a long time and is a well-established brand with nothing but good positive feedback, In fact, I used it on my previous car and I am confident in it because it lasted for a long time without any problems.

It works incredibly well and can withstand heat which is good especially if you want to soundproof a vehicle hood liner. What I also like about it is the flexibility you can install at any angle.


Let me start by saying I haven’t personally used it but I spent hours researching, learning about the product and reading customer feedback ( Click here to see full Noico review).

From what I found Noico seems like a great product, more people are talking about and are really happy, someone even wrote that he has been using it for more than 4 years on their vehicle.

It is also resistant to heat which is Amazing especially when the car starts to heat up, it won’t lose functionality.


It would be really fair to call it a TIE  because both products seem to work fine and a lot of people love them.

4. Ease of Use & Installation Process

The ease of installation is essential especially when you are not really handy, this could save you time and money. Most people prefer beginners friendly products and luckily both of these items are not really to install(If I did it you can too).

Dynamat is a bit complicated at first especially if you have never done any soundproofing Diy project before, This may seem overwhelming but trust me once you watch a few tutorials on how to do it properly, whereas Noico is much more beginner-friendly and most people install it by themselves.


Both products are easier to use and install however Noico is definitely much more beginner-friendly because you don’t need any additional kits like a roller etc.


Dynamat( $2-5 per sqft) is slightly more expensive, as people always say ” you get what you pay for” and definitely purchasing it will meet your expectations because the quality it brings to the table however if you are really tight on budget, Don’t worry because Noico is the best alternative to Dynamat and will cost you around $1-2 per sqft.

What about kilmat vs Dynamat vs Noico?

Kimat is another great sound deadener and it is also one of the best in the market, it is a bit cheaper than both products but I still believe Noico takes the cup


Now, after a tough side by side comparison, I would recommend Noico because it is way cheaper and does pretty much the same job I hope you found this article helpful and good luck with your project.

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