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Are Noise Cancelling Headphones OSHA Approved?

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There are a lot of questions rotating around the various noise canceling models. One of the most popular quizzes is if noise canceling gadget is safe for use.

Well, if you happen to be in that shoe then count yourself lucky. Today, I will answer your question if the noise canceling models are approved by occupational safety and health administration.

In this post, we are going to discuss information about various models of noise- canceling headphones, rules, and warnings of OSHA. Are noise canceling headphones OSHA approved? Well, it is good to note that OSHA does not support all the headphones since they serve different functions.

The most commonly approved headphones are those used in the noisy working environment. However, OSHA still gives the business owners room to decide on the brands and models of noise-canceling headphones.

OSHA also remind the users that high volume and prolong use for an extended period can result in the loss of hearing. It is the most common phrase that many users ignore.

OSHA Rules on Noise Cancelling Headphones

Most people love wearing headphones or earphones while working. These gadgets help them to remain focused on whatever they are doing without experiencing external interferences.

This has resulted in the introduction of noise-canceling headphones and earphones in the market, which has triggered many questions if they have been approved by OSHA.

These gadgets are anti-noise, and they work uniquely by promoting necessary interference during busy working. They help to cut off interruption from the outside noises.

The gadgets were developed to help avid music listeners to pay keen attention to every word in their favorite album without experiencing interferences from external sources.

Therefore, you ought to be very careful when selecting a particular headphone or earphone for listening to music from a device since there are plenty in the market that is not OSHA approved.

OSHA approved headphones are said to be beneficial to the user since they do not result in hearing loss. On the other hand, OSHA approved earphones help to boost concentration, improve quality of sleep, reduce stress, and also improve the listening experience.

These benefits can only be achieved if the sound of the music being listened to is optimal, and it is on a short period. OSHA has cautioned the users that listening to loud music over a long period is likely to result in hearing loss.

Therefore, try to minimize ear exposure to these devices, and you will have more significant experience in the long run. According to a study, using headphones while in a factory floor is likely to inhibit an individual from hearing warnings and alerts of the machines.

This is likely to result in accidents in the place of work. The devices are designed in a way that they block unnecessary sounds completely, and this is the reason why they are not recommended for working in a noisy factory environment.

OSHA recommends ear muffs since they are made of materials that allow a small amount of sound to enter.

OSHA Warnings against Earphones and Headphones

OSHA has received a lot of complaints for a couple of years, and it has been forced to issue some warnings about the use of noise canceling gadgets.

They discourage the use of personal earphones and headphones in a hazardous working environment despite it being noisy. They have banned the use of these devices in such areas completely.

The main intention is to ensure people concentrate, and they can hear warnings from machines during busy working. This is the reason behind the release of a booklet checklist known as protecting yourself from noise in construction.

The booklet recommends the use of ear-plugs and sound-attenuating headphones for those people working in a noisy construction site. However, the organization body still supports certain brands of headphones in a low noise environment.

But there is still much worry about these personal headphones in a hazardous working environment.

The hazardous working environment is prone to the occurrence of injuries, and workers are required to be ever alert while working. It is dangerous to wear earphones in such a situation.

Wearing noise-canceling headphones is life-threatening both to yourself and also to the colleague or the pedestrian in case you are driving.

OSHA encourages employees to be vigilant and sensible before wearing personal noise canceling gadgets to the place of work.

Noise canceling headphones are suitable for those office writers who do not want interruption from external sources while working. Do not expose your ears to earphones for long.

OSHA Approved Headphones and Earbuds

There are quite a good number of headphones and earphones brand approved by OSHA despite the precautions stated above. These gadgets have great premium features that help to prevent high volumes hence avoid the ears of the user from being damaged.

I recommend you not only pay attention to our list but also do some extensive research about other noise-canceling headphones and earphones from the market that follow OSHA guidelines.

Plugfones, Ruckus, and Isotunes Audio are some of the most recommended headphones by OSHA to the users.

They have been made in a way that they can meet different specifications that suit the user. OSHA advises workers to keep the volume low when using them, and they should give their ears a couple of breaks to prevent hearing loss.

List of Osha Approved Headphones

  1.  Isotunes Audio
  2.  Rukus
  3. Plugphones

These are some of the well-known earbuds and noise-canceling headphones that are OSHA compliant.

Final Thoughts on Osha Approved Headphones and Earbuds

Well, I hope the article has answered your question today. Pick an OSHA to recommend headphones or earphones of your choice and brand.

There are some OSHA guidelines to follow when using headphones and earphones. It is recommended to compile with them to avoid unnecessary risks at the workplace.

You should note that prolonged exposure of the ears to headphones or earphones can damage them.

This happens to be the primary cause of hearing loss among many people across the world regardless of their age.

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