How To Get Revenge On Noisy Neighbors: 8 Legal Ideas

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Let’s talk about the elephant in the room. Getting revenge from noisy neighbors is something good to ever thought of, especially if they have been a nuisance for a long time.

Sometimes back, I used to have some Yankee neighbors who used to give me a sleepless night, especially when I had a long day at work.

Getting a nap or a peaceful environment even to read a book was a nightmare, and I was forced to vacate the apartment to another.

Moving to a new house apartment was still the same until I had to figure out how to deal with such noise from the neighbors.

If you happen to be in the situation, I feel your pain. It is time to give back to your noisy neighbors and in this article, I have crafted simple ways on how to deal with such circumstances whether they are your next-door or apartment neighbors this article is for you! let’s dive in.

Do You Have Annoying Neighbours?

Before reading the text, it is good to know that not all neighbors are bad. It will be a bad idea to punish good neighbors in the name of revenge.

There are some neighbors who you can reason with in case of noise and find a way on how to minimize or get rid of the situation.

However, some are a nuisance in nature, and they can be annoying when it comes to noise from loud music or human wailing at night.

These proverbial neighbors from hell deserve some well-arranged revenge so that they can feel the pain. It is time to repeat no more noise. Here are the simple ideas on how to hit back nicely. Let’s get on board.

How to Get Noisy Neighbour Revenge

1. Early Morning Chores

Hitting back on noisy neighbors is quite enjoyable, and the perfect way is waking up at around the 4 am then start the regular morning chores.

Start mowing the yard or even blowing the leaves by use of Husqvarna 125B which make as much noise as humanly possible.

Spend as much time as possible doing the chores until you notice most of them looking through the window. Ignore them and continue with your duties.

2. Music Practice Revenge

Music is the best solution for dealing with such yoke neighbors. If you ever dreamt of learning how to play a piano or violin, then this is the best time.

Choose the best time, especially when they are now asleep then begin your practice. Ensure all your windows are open and play them at top note volume.

You can also involve your children and tell them to dance or sing at the top of their voice the perfect medicine for Yankee neighbors.

3. Loud Music

Some neighbors love playing music at the time at high volume, and this can make life difficult when it comes to sleeping time.

Put off the fire with fire. Do the same to them. Right! You can talk to them casually and know the make of their audio system.

Go to the audio store and buy the best music system in the market. Come and put the volume of the music loud at midnight.

I prefer playing techno iTunes, which are metallic and this can blast them hard. Some of them might consider vacating the apartment after some time.

4.  Dog Kennel Plan

Dogs are great when it comes to taking revenge from noisy neighbors. You can build a dog house to the fence that is close to the neighbors.

Give the dog the freedom of roaming and even barking at midnight. This will help to scare them but remember to feed your dog well. The barking sound of the dog is much sweeter than the noise from the neighbors.

5. Basketball Court

Sports is the perfect option to consider when thinking about taking revenge from noisy neighbors. Take this seriously and even do it deliberately.

Design a perfect basketball court in your backyard. Start playing the ball even at dawn and hit the hoop board as much as possible to generate more noise.

Do the practice even early in the morning, and this will be an excellent punishment for noisy neighbors. Some may opt to relocate, and others may choose to live a healthy life free from noise.

6. Snake Prank

This is an excellent option for those neighbors who love barbecuing on a daily basis on the backyard while making a lot of noise.

However, this option can be terrifying, and it might not be the perfect method to those neighbors with serious health problems. If you have no other option, then consider it.

Buy some plastic snakes and throw them in the yard and switch on the button on the remote so that they can start making a hissing sound.

The sound itself will thwart the neighbors, and all of them will run into the house. Do it in a way that is scary, and they will end up canceling the event in the yard.

7. Call the Police

Sometimes you might have tried various tricks on curbing the noise, but it remains in vain. The best option is calling the police since they are useful in dealing with such a situation.

Consider this option, especially if the noisy neighbors are aggressive and difficult to be talked to about making noise. I think a prison is a perfect place for such types of neighbors.

8. Fart Prank

This is a perfect option if the neighbor is a closed door. Visit a store where they sell wet ass and wait for that time they are busy making noise in the house.

Spray the liquid ass in such a way that the fumes go directly into the house through the door gap. The fart smell will make them divert their attention by asking who has farted.

The disgusting smell will force some of them to go and sleep if it is in the middle of the night. The scent can be intolerable, but it is the perfect solution for noise.

Final Thoughts

Now that you have read these clever tricks to hit back then get to know your neighbors and opt for the one that will calm them down.

Come up with a WhatsApp or Facebook group of neighbors. This is a bonus tip for stopping noisy neighbors.

Any time they start making noise, bounce on the keyboard, and post a comment. If all the viable tricks fail, then opt on calling the police, which is considered to be the wisest solution as the others can also be dangerous to good neighbors.

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