How to Quiet Drums for Practice (Noise Reducing Tips)

sound dampening drums for practice

If you want to hone your skills and become a better drummer then it is essential that you practice almost most of the time, however, that can’t always be possible due to Neighbors Complaining or when you leave in an Apartment and you are trying to avoid making noise and getting into trouble. Fortunately, there are … Read moreHow to Quiet Drums for Practice (Noise Reducing Tips)

Best Soundproof Blankets (Review & Buying Guide)

sound absorbing blankets

Have you ever considered soundproof blankets? These can be a great option if you want to design a small audio-recording studio, launch a YouTube channel, or deal with noisy neighbors effectively. In all these situations the sound-proof blankets can be a plus. Before shopping for these Acoustic Blankets, it’s important to know the basics. That … Read moreBest Soundproof Blankets (Review & Buying Guide)

How to Reduce Vibration from Subwoofer in a Car (Stop Rattle)

the best way to reduce vibrations and rattling in a vehicle

Listening to your favorite music can be really enjoyable and fun, especially when there is enough Bass supplied by your subwoofer,  Unfortunately, this can cause your vehicle to experience some annoying and unwanted rattling and vibrations. This can be really unpleasant as it makes it harder to play songs with bass without your car sounding like … Read moreHow to Reduce Vibration from Subwoofer in a Car (Stop Rattle)

How to Reduce Noise from Downstairs

showing the best ways to reduce noise from downstairs

Whether you are living in an Apartment, Flat or a House noise coming from downstairs can be unpleasant and a real pain especially if the neighbours won’t listen to your complaints. Fortunately, there are things you can do today that will drastically reduce noise from downstairs neighbours and, in this article,  I will share some of … Read moreHow to Reduce Noise from Downstairs

How to Soundproof a House from Airplane Noise

aircraft passing by

Airplane noise is a problem for most people especially if you stay near the airport. It can be really unpleasant because the noises and sounds can be really loud and some people especially light sleepers don’t enjoy a good night rest. Unfortunately, It can be really hard to soundproof an already built home, Luckily there … Read moreHow to Soundproof a House from Airplane Noise