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Quiet Impact Driver : Review and Buying Guide

The impact drill is the modern-day discerning handyman’s choice of a power tool. Suited both for professionals or the casual dad trying to install a new wall socket, impact drills/drivers are as versatile as they are handy.

From drilling holes to screw nuts and bolts, an impact drill can do most of the jobs a regular drill does, only with a fraction of the effort.

Of course, being smaller and more power effective than most other types of drills, the impact drill also has the added advantage of being quiet.

The major downside is that it creates a lot of noise during its operation and can annoy everyone in your home, Fortunately, due to the advent of technology, various silent impact drivers that can reduce the noise by 50% and more compared to ordinary ones.

With all that out of the way, let us take a look at the top 5 quietest impact drivers available on the market you could use:

1. Milwaukee Electric Tool 2653-22 M-18 18V Impact Drive Kit

The Milwaukee drill is designed with few moving parts and more electronics to work efficiently without creating much noise.

The motor uses an in-house technology called the ‘RedLink Plus Intelligence’ which optimizes the charge, status, and performance of the drill to work efficiently and last for a long time.

This is one of the quietest impact drivers out there. Powered by a brushless motor, it doesn’t heat up and can run for hours at a time.

This is made all the sweeter by the 18V battery that powers it. The kit also comes with two M18 RedLithium XC 4.0 extended capacity battery pack, a belt clip, a carrying case, and a charger.

This drill produces 1000 ft-lbs with a torque of 1750 RPM which is among the highest performance in the industry. So we can recommend this impact drill for heavy-duty work and for those who need portable usage.

The most useful feature is the 3-Mode Drive control which allows users to choose between 3 fastening modes.

The #1 mode allows precision work (100 ft-lbs of maximum), while # 2 provides higher torque and speed without damaging to the material ( 700 ft-lbs).

This driver comes with a bit holder which allows the users to seamlessly work with the belt clip. This could possibly be the quietest driver out there.

The Good

  • 2-mode control feature that allows you to do a variety of tasks like fastening small machine screws or even driving lag screws
  • RedLithium Battery Pack is a durable battery pack with 30-40% more runtime than other batteries
  • Provides 1000 in-lbs of torque

The Bad

  • Sweat build-up can cause slipping off your fingers of the trigger sometimes

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2. Makita XDT12Z 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Brushless Impact Driver

This tool is designed for both novices and experienced users. The special power modes make it easy to use tool for those that do not have experience with an impact driver.

It is equally suitable for contractors or tradesmen with plenty of experience. This is one of the very few drivers out there with variable speed control.

With a peak performance of 3600 RPM and 1550 lbs of max torque, this driver offers several options and modes of operation.

It comes with a quick shift mode selector which allows you to downshift the power to the motor at the same time control impact speedwell.

It also has an assist mode that starts out slow and gradually speeds up as the tightening beginning eliminating any cross-threading.

With 4 different speeds to choose from performing a wide variety of tasks can now be a breeze.

You wouldn’t want to keep buying a tool so durability is an important consideration and this Makita model uses a battery saver technology that extends battery life and protects from overheating, overcharging and overloading.

This Makita tool uses batteries with specifications of 4.0 amp/hour. They have a 3 stage indicator that will let you know how much charge is left, which is always a bonus for absent-minded folks.

The Good

  • The four-speed power selection is perfect for users that know exactly what they need from their tool.
  • Is lightweight at about three pounds even with the battery attached
  • Has four speeds that allow you to use all different sizes of screws in different types of material

The Bad

  • May take time for non-handy people to get used to it

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3. DEWALT DCF885M2 20V MAX Lithium-Ion 1/4Inch Impact Driver Kit

This is a tool made for professionals and comes with an impact driver, a 30-minute charger, 1 belt hook, and a carrying case.

It just weighs 2.8 pounds so is easy to work with for a long time. This tool is compact and therefore made for working through tight spaces.

It is also fast and also has a one-handed loading chuck which makes it more ergonomic. This driver has an impact speed of 2800 RPM which coupled with a weight of 2.8 lbs makes it easy to use especially during long jobs.

Running on 20V li-ion batteries this has a better runtime than most other drivers in the market. We always suggest Lithium-ion batteries over other ones as they can provide 35% more runtime.

If you’re using the impact drill for a long time, you may have concerns about getting too hot while using, quick discharge or overloading but the Dewalt has a switch that protects the above issues.

The Good

  • Made by one of the most trusted Brands
  • Provides 3,200 impacts per minute and 1,400 inch-pounds of maximum torque
  • Good for cabinetmakers, HVAC professionals, steel stud framers, and contractors

The Bad

  • Some found that the battery did not fit tightly

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4. PORTER-CABLE PCCK640LB 20-Volt ¼-Inch Hex Lithium-Ion Impact Tool

This is a driver for quick jobs and comes with an impact driver, two lithium-ion compact batteries, one charger, and 1 head screwdriver bit.

This driver is small and handy making it easy to use around tight spaces. We found that we could easily insert the bit with one hand using an easy load chuck.

If you’re looking to get an impact drill that is efficient yet portable, the Porter-Cable is a good choice as it is lightweight at 3.2 pounds.

With an ergonomic design, cold-forged internal impact block and slip-prevention grip, you can use this drill for long periods without experiencing fatigue.

The motor offers 1450-inch pounds of torque with a speed variable of 0-2,900 RPM which is good for its price range. It even has a switch for the LED light, located above the trigger to avoid a shadow being cast in the impact point.

Talking about the battery, it uses a Lithium-Ion technology which recharges in 20-30 minutes.

This driver comes with a battery gauge built into the grip so you can keep track of the power as you work. While this is a high-performance tool, it is also one of the quietest drivers out there.

The Good

  • High-torque motor producing 1,450 inch-pounds of torque
  • Lightweight and has an ergonomic design for ease of usage over long periods
  • The LED light provides extra light so if you work in a dark place, this is a bonus

The Bad

  • The trigger could be more consistent in variable speeds
  • A single light appears only 1-2 mins before the battery dies and we would appreciate a warning much beforehand

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5. Ingersoll Rand W1110 12V Hex Quick-Change Cordless Impact Wrench

This is one of the most feature-loaded impact drivers out there. One of the highlights of this tool is a rather durable all-metal mechanism.

This tool also has an electronic brake which is a one of a kind feature. The three-point pads on this driver add stability.

It boasts an aluminum gearbox which makes it rather durable. Weighing at only 1.8 lbs, the Ingerosoil wench can provide a maximum torque of 100 Ft-Lbs with a torque range of 15-75 Ft-Lbs.

While this is a versatile tool suitable for all needs, its original purpose like its name is to serve at an automotive factory or a mechanic’s garage.

Its moderate pricing makes it a must-have tool for professionals or an industrial worker. If your work involves chemicals and hard drops then this is a good choice as this is a super durable impact driver.

The Ingersoll impact driver has an ergonomic design and features an easy-grip of which will help you accomplish any purpose seamlessly. It’s aluminum gearbox handles any wear and tear.

The Good

  • Features variable-speed switch with an electronic brake allowing you better control of the tool
  • Ergonomic tool design and 100 ft-lb of torque that makes handling tough jobs easier
  • Three-Point Pads helps the tool remain stable while not damaging the work Surfaces

The Bad

  • The impact drill does not come with an attached battery. You can get the W110-K2 kit if you want the battery

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Why use an Impact driver

offers allow for tasks that require precision and careful planning. Additionally, the amount of force it offers reduces the stress on your muscles and allows you to effortlessly go about the task at hand.

The precision that an impact drill or a driver offers further ensures that the holes are exactly the right size and the screws/nuts and bolts are not stripped.

Things to look out for when buying a Quiet Impact Driver

Since impact drills are mostly used for DIY projects there are some aspects you need to consider before buying one. It is easy to purchase a drill that is overpowered for your needs or god forbid underpowered.

So, getting the right configuration can save you enough time and money.

Type of Motor

One of the key considerations when hunting for the drill is the motor. The kind of motor you choose can make a world of difference for the sort of task you are looking to accomplish.

For impact drills, the debate usually involves Brushed motors vs. Brushless motors. Brushed motors are usually less efficient than brushless ones.

However, brushed motors are more suited for people who break out the toolbox only once in a while. Brushed motors are a good investment for light household projects and small fixes.

Although using a brushed motor for anything other than its intended purposes will wear it out really quickly. The brushless motor is more efficient and can, therefore, be used on a regular basis for tasks of all manners.

This motor offers more power, better control derived from the precision motor and power control, better battery life, heat reduction, longer run time, reduced friction upon contact and so on.

So for professionals who use heavy tools on a regular basis using a handy impact driver with a brushless motor can make a world of difference.

Torque and Impact per Minute

Two major factors determine the effectiveness of an impact driver; Torque and impact per minute. Torque is simply the rotational force offered by the driver.

It is usually denoted as rotations per minute. So depending on the load of work you usually carry out you can choose a driver with the right amount of torque to suit your needs.

Impact per minute is the hammering action that the driver offers. The more hammerings per minute equate to quicker action with less effort and longer life.

Most cordless impact drivers today can deliver around 3000 impacts per minute on average. So make sure you choose a tool with enough torque and impacts per minute


Usually, impact drills come in 12V and 18V versions. An 18V can provide more torque so if you need extra muscle and more power, this would be the one to get. If you need a small impact drill, a 12V would be a better option.


While an impact driver is not one that has many features, it is a bonus if you can get a brushless motor, good grip, variable speed setting and LED lights.

Final thoughts on choosing a Noiseless Impact Driver

While other drivers fit this list in terms of power, torque, and performance, these are the ones that are the quietest. Apart from performance and efficiency, peace is one of the selling points for these drivers.

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