Car Soundproofing: Best Way to Reduce Road Noise

Car Soundproofing: Best Way to Reduce Road Noise

Car road noise has been a prominent problem people had to deal with for years and years, it is not a pleasant problem to have whether you want to have a conversation with someone or you want to be at peace while driving.  road noise can be annoying and Frustrating.

What Causes Road Noise

There may be a lot of causes that may result in your car making noise when driving; however, these are the common causes of noise problems in your vehicle some may seem very obvious while others don’t.

Car model or Design: It’s no secret that electric motor powered vehicles, for example, Tesla makes the least noise when driving compared to vehicles like Jeeps and trucks/vans.
Quality of the road: This may seem a bit obvious to you because the smoother the path, the quieter is the vehicle But sometimes (well most of the times) we encounter uneven bumpy or gravel road, That is why it is crucial to soundproof your vehicle for better driving experience.
Tires and Pavement: Often tires do contribute to the noise you may be experiencing in your car, but often the solution is not to change your tires (which can be quiet expensive) but to use the methods I am about to share with you.

Best way to reduce road noise:

quiet loud car noise

There countless ways to help reduce noise in your vehicle but unfortunately not all methods are as effective, and some of them cost a lot of money.

The most Popular Proven method is to use Noico (Click here to see the current price on Amazon).

Now, I know you may be asking what is  Noico? Noico is a Sound Proofing Foam Shield it is known to be one of the best dynamat alternatives that are used to absorb the noise coming from the Engine and the Tires entering your vehicle.

How Noico works are merely placing the sound deadener mat under the seats of the car(typically the front seats) and the mat absorb any sound that comes through.

You can also use Noico to sound deaden the car doors to get rid of the irritating sound the door makes when you open and close it.

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You can alternatively use Fatmat Sound Deadener ( See Real User Reviews & Price on Amazon)

It is straightforward and simple to use the Fatmat, The exact amount of Fatmat you may need depends on numerous factors such as:

  • How big is it: The bigger the vehicle, The more Fatmat you might need.
  • How loud is the noise: I am pretty sure this is obvious if your vehicle is loud you may need to at least double the amount you use.
  • How much area do you want to cover: The beautiful thing about Fatmat is you can include a large area to completely quiet car and cabin noise.
  • How much is your Budget: This is simple math. The more money you have, the more foam you will have and the more area you can cover. However, I do not recommend spending a lot of money on foam. only cover the essential parts, and you are good to go.

How to use Fatmat Sound Deadener:

It is important to know that the process may take approximately 30 minutes – 60 minutes to complete. follow the following steps to soundproof your car:

    Remove all the mats on the front seat of your vehicle.

  • Quickly measure how much Fatmat Does you will need and Cut the correct size accordingly.
  • Insert the Fatmat, and it will automatically stick.
  • Then Put back your mats on top of the Fatmat. Great Job! You are done, and this will Drastically reduce all the noise that comes from your Engine and Tires.

These methods should do the job regarding Quieting your car, but you might want to soundproof other places on your vehicle like the back foot-wells of your vehicle this will help even more with quieting your vehicle.

Alternative to using Dynamat/Fatmat (The Reflective Insulation Foam)
Using Dynamat or Fatmat to soundproof your car to help lower the noise it makes, works like magic but sometimes the heat coming into the vehicle from the floorboard of the vehicle which is also responsible for increasing sound insulation.

This is will dramatically Reduce the noise in your car by eliminating the amount of heat that enters by roughly 96 %.

The heat coming from the floorboard causes an increase in the sound insulation, and as a result, the car makes noise. So to prevent this from happening it is essential to use The Reflective Insulation Foam(

It is something that I considered using for myself but didn’t really see the need, But just looking at Amazon reviews on the product I am surprised at how many people it has have helped.

I haven’t used personally used it. So I am not in a position to recommend it but it has a bunch of positive reviews, so it is worth a try if method one didn’t solve the problem.

Noise coming from your tires.

sometimes the noise might not be coming from your car engine or exhaust, In this case, you should check your tires which can be quite noisy and might be the main issue that your vehicle is loud.

If that’s the case please be on the lookout as I will write a great in-depth article on how to fix that, Other than that the methods mentioned above will work great. This video should help you with sound deadening your tires.

Where to soundproof Your Car

You don’t need any particular expertise or knowledge to soundproof your car, as I mentioned in the article you can do it yourself and can do it anywhere you feel is right for you because there are no dangers associated with soundproofing your vehicle.

Follow the steps above, and you will reduce the noise.

How much will it cost to sound deaden a full car

automotive sound dampening material

It is not expensive, especially if you are planning to do the job yourself, if you are looking for exact figures I would say a very basic vehicle soundproofing would cost you around $75 – $ 150 (assuming you are doing it yourself and you using what we recommended)

What else can I soundproof to lower car noise

There a lot of components in a car that you can soundproof which will result in incredible results you can soundproof the following elements in your vehicle:

  1. windows
  2. Doors
  3. Engine
  4.  Tires

Be on the lookout for a Guided step by step tutorial on how you can sound deaden your vehicle to get rid of unwanted noise.

Tips to keep your vehicle Quiet.

  1. Regularly check your tires for any faults
  2. make sure you sound dampen your ride
  3. Check Your engine if it needs any service regularly.
  4. take your vehicle to service once in a while

Final thoughts on how you can eliminate unwanted noise in your vehicle.

You can eliminate the noise you’ve always hated merely by following the advice from the guide, what you can expect is the reduction of noise by over 50 %. This will make Drive Peaceful and enjoyable. If you are looking to soundproof a car cheap this is the guide. having noisy air vents? learn how to sound dampen them here.

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