5 Best Quiet Space Heaters [Warm the Room Silently]

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If you’re someone who is not prone to the cold, you have the option of stocking up on blankets, wearing thick layers of clothing or getting a space heater.

The other two options are easy fix but if you’re looking for something permanent, space heaters are a good idea. Some models are big, bulky and can be fairly noisy.

This can ruin the experience of being warm and comfortable. It can also be quite unprofessional for use in offices and be an annoyance to coworkers. So here is a guide on quiet space heaters that will help you get a device that does the job without being noisy.

Here are the 5 Quality Silent Space Heaters in 2021

1. Lasko 5586 Digital Ceramic Tower Heater with Remote, Dark Grey

This long and narrow tower heater from Lasko is a 1500-watt ceramic tower heater that can match the aesthetics of most modern spaces. The dimensions of this unit are 30 inches in height, with a 9.2 width and a 7.3-inch base.

It features a grey shell with a digital screen at the top consisting of control options. This Lasko device is made portable with a carry handle at the back of the device.

With remote control, it is very convenient to set the right temperature without having to get up all the time. modern design is further helped by the convenient carry handle in the back.

A timer feature is an add on as it shuts down after 8 hours of use, thus preventing overheating. It uses a safe ceramic element and is cool to the touch making it safe for use around kids and pets.


  • Tall and narrow so it does not take a lot of space
  • Digital controls with a programmable thermostat
  • Self-regulating ceramic element
  • Adjustable thermostat with a remote


  • Works better on medium-sized rooms of 350-500 sq feet
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his Delonghi Mica Panel consumes 1,500-watt to heat a large room of up to 300 sq.feet easily. There is an option to lower the thermostat at 750 watts at a lower setting.

A micathermic heater, this Delonghi heater gives off heat in multiple directions to heat up the entire space consistently. As this does not use a fan, this heater works without creating much noise.

The dimensions of the MICA is 27 inches wide, 10 inches thick and 22 inches tall. It also has 4 wheels holding the panel up. The advantage is that the feet are removable making it possible for you to mount it on your wall with the kit provided with the product.

It does also come with a carry handle and gliding wheel making it easily portable. I also found the heater to be pretty lightweight which is a bonus. If you decide to keep it on the floor, you should be happy to know that it has an internal tip-over switch.

There are 2 heat settings that can be adjusted with a dial on the right side of the panel. I found the design to be slender and sleek making it great for any modern room. Further, the compact and size ensure it blends with any room.


  • Thin profile so it can be mounted on the wall
  • Safe to use as the front panel can be touched without hurting yourself
  • Has an auto-shut down feature, trip-off, sturdy build and frost prevention
  • Lightweight with foldable wheels making it easy to port


  • The thermostat displays levels from 1 till 6 but does not provide the temperature
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3.  PuraFlame 1250W Clara White Portable Electric Heater

A beautiful looking device, the PuraFlame heater uses a real-looking to provide heat over an area of 400 square foot. It is a small and compact device measuring 12 inches in height, 9 inches in length and 5.7 inches in width.

The settings are present at the top of the heater with a carry handle at the back. Like I mentioned, the LED display shows an image of a coal fireplace over a metal grill, which is very different from other space heaters.

This device is available in three colors: red, black and white. The front of the heating gadget is made up from heavy metal vent.

On the bottom of the gadget there is a filter that blocks dust effectively. With features like tip-over and overheating protection, the Clara mini is safe for use around kids and pets.

An adjustable thermostat helps in getting the temperature to your liking and a 6 feet long power cord can help you place it anywhere in a room. I really admire the fire-effect created by LED light which can add value to your decor.


  • Beautiful aesthetic with realistic looking flames
  • Good value for money
  • Compact and easy to move around
  • Dial to set temperature


  • The surface of the heater can get hot to touch
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This TURBRO heater uses silicon to produce infrared light waves to warm up the air evenly without using oxygen or moisture from the air. It uses a micathermic heating system which gives off a comfortable and gentle heat.

The heater does work on 1,500 watts of power but you can use a low setting to limit the power to 1000 watts. Using a 3d rapid dimension system, it disperses heat quickly over a space of 160 square fee

t. The most important consideration in our list is that it is quiet as it does not use a fan to spread the heat. We found the noise level to be under ≤23dBA.

I found it to be pretty user-friendly as it has an adjustable thermostat. This helps you switch low and high temperatures and also use an energy-saving feature.

The design of this heater is standard and comes in two color options. If you’re looking for something sleek and narrow, keep the dimensions in minds- 26 inches tall, 17 inches wide, and 10 inches thick.

Like any other good space heater, this device also has overheating and tip-over protection. The device is also certified by ETL and PROP65.CA standards, thus providing additional peace of mind.


  • Adjustable thermostat
  • Uses silicon+mica crystal to provide even heating
  • Whisper Quiet
  • User friendly


  • Has a bulky frame
  • Vents on the top of the heater are quite hot so you have to be careful not to touch it accidentally
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This 1,500-watt Dr. Infrared Heater is quite small compared to others on this list but it works equally as well. The compact heater is 16 inches tall, 11 inches wide, and 13 inches deep. It also has 4 swivel wheels on the bottom that makes it easy to move around.

The manufacturer claims that it covers 1000 square feet but we found it to be lesser than that. Box-shaped, this heater is quite unique in its looks and goes well with most decors. Made of cherry wood, this heater stands out from other metallic heaters.

It uses an infrared quartz tube inside the heater which produces more heat than other material thus helps save energy. This heater remains quiet due to its high pressure system and low noise fan. I found that warm air passed effectively throughout the room without irritating noise levels.

While infrared heaters aren’t drying like most others, during winters they can make the air feel uncomfortable and crackly. Which is why we are enjoying the features of an added humidifier with this heater.

It uses a bottle of water to produce a cool mist. The Dr. Infrared Space Heater has a remote control feature allowing users to control the temperature, humidifier and the oscillating fan.

A feature we insist on is overheating protection as this will ensure the heater shuts down automatically after 12 hours. Also, it has tip-over protection which would prevent it from being a fire-hazard if its topples over.


  • Cherry wood exterior
  • High, low, and automatic temperature setting
  • Remote control Humidifier with the 1500-watt heater to add moisture to the air
  • Portable and easy to clean


  • Can consume a lot of power if used continuously


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Features To Look For when Choosing a Quiet Space Heater

The Noise Levels

Many new models are not noisy, thankfully. The most noise that is acceptable in today’s standards should be the quiet whirring of the fan. So if you’re someone who wants to keep things peaceful and quiet, check for the noise levels of the heater before buying it.

The Heating Technology

There are 3 types of heating technology:

1. Convection heaters:

These type of heaters are the most used type of heater. They operate by making convection currents flow through heating element which are electric coils, wires, or oil. This process warms the air in the machine which is then pushed to the whole room by fans. The bonus is that this technology can heat large enclosed spaces

2. Radiant heating:

on the other hand, works by heating objects around the machine instead of the air. Because they provide a focused heat source, it is usually used in small rooms, under tables or desks for soft head. This method is used to power infrared heaters.

3. Micathermic heating technology

combines both the above technologies. Devices using this method circulate warm air and yet give local warmth. As they don’t use fans, they are compact in size and silent.

Various types of heaters use these technologies, so here’s how you can recognize them when you’re shopping.

The Different Types of Heaters

  • Ceramic heaters which use positive temperature coefficient to regulate the temperature of the device safely. Electricity warms the plate in the unit which then radiates heat to the surroundings.
  • Infrared or halogen heaters are usually the cheapest space heating devices in the market. Hot tubes heat the space around them so they aren’t a good idea for small spaces and places with kids and pets.
  • Oil-filled heaters are affordable and work using a micathermic heating technology.

Heating Capacity

Usually the size of a heater can help determine the heating capacity. We have found that 10 watts of power can warm a square foot of floor space.

So, if you have a 75 square foot room, you’re going to need a 750-watt unit. Of course, this is just a common observation and there can be exceptions to this rule.

For one, if you have ceilings that are higher than 8 feet, you will need to get a stronger heater. Additionally, some kinds of heaters have the capacity to warm bigger spaces than their wattage implies. For example, infrared heaters have a capacity that is generally greater than their wattage would make it seem.

Features and Portability

The features will depend on the budget of the device. Cheaper ones will have a few heat levels and not much more. Other more expensive devices will have a timer, remote control, oscillation, thermostats and portability characteristics. Modern devices have energy-saving features as well.


There’s no shying about it but it’s true that a space heater can be a fire hazard. One of the safety features that’s caused me the most grief is the tip-over protection switch. That feature is usually a switch on the bottom of a heater that is released if the unit falls to the ground.

So the heater can only work if the switch is pressed. Overheating protection shuts off the device once it’s been on for a long time and switches it back on after it cools down.

Besides the two safety features, most manufacturers add other features like moisture resistance to it. This means that you can use the heater in the bathroom or kitchen without worrying. Some units are cool to the touch which is useful if you want to use it around kids and pets.

Energy Efficiency

It is a good practice to find out how much your heater would be caused on a monthly basis. Simply multiply the heater’s kilowatts per hour by the approximate number of hours you use the device in a day. Then multiply that number with the cost per kilowatt-hour of electricity to get a daily estimate of your daily cost.

Final Thoughts

Choosing a quiet space heater can really add to your comfort. We hope this guide could shed light on choosing the right one for you. Either one of my picks has been proven to do the job well at noises well within the acceptable limit.

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