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Best Silent Hamster Wheel [Quiet & Safe Runner]

Your pet needs exercise to stay healthy and extend its lifespan, just as you do. While you can go to the gym to get your workout done, your hamster may face limited options.

You could consider finding a quiet hamster wheel to get your companion their daily dose of exercise. The best silent hamster wheel will offer protection as well, making sure no harm comes to their tails or legs.

These are the best silent hamster wheels you could consider for your pet’s exercise needs.

Top Quiet Hamster Wheel Comparison Table

In case you are in a hurry here are the best noiseless and safe hamster wheels that I personally recommend for your pet.

Wheel NameDiameter Price & Image
Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner9"$$
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Kaytee Giant exercise wheel12"$$
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Trixie Exercise Wheel11"See Image on Amazon
Wodent Hamster Wheel8"See User Reviews on Amazon
Ware Manufacturing Flying7.25"$$
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Does your Hamster Really Need a Wheel?

Hamsters are naturally active creatures. When they are wild, they spend most of their time running and scurrying about, or digging burrows.

They will still retain this natural instinct even when they are housed as pets. They still need to be highly active, which is rather limited in a glass box.

By installing a hamster wheel, you will allow your pet to live out naturally but within your home. The wheel provides your hamster with a sense of the wild.

If the research by the American Society for Prevention of Cruelty To Animals is anything to go by, which suggests that hamsters can run up to 6 miles a night on the wheel, installing a hamster wheel for your pet could be a necessary element of keeping them for a longer time.

Hamsters can become obese without exercise, much like human beings. It will strain their internal organs and could affect the functionality of their liver, lungs, heart and essential organs, which significantly reduces their lifespan.

They can also suffer from cage paralysis, which arises from a progressive lack of exercise. Your hamster could lose the use of its hind legs and may even become paralyzed in severe cases of this muscle and bone degeneration condition.

While it can be treated, it needs to be detected early and addressed. After cure, you will still need to purchase a wheel to keep your companion active and alive.

Exercise also helps to maintain stable mental health. By keeping your hamster busy, you will provide an outdoors environment inside your home.

Your hamster could become restless and depressed due to a lack of activity. A huge sign of mental problems arising from inactivity is aggressive behavior such as chewing on their hair, gnawing on cages and breaking their teeth.

Silent Hamster Wheels Review

Your pet needs exercise, just as you do. In fact, their natural instinct may dictate that they need more exercise than you do. According to the ASPCA, hamsters can run up to 6 miles in a night.

They are naturally active, and your hamster wheel will replicate the high activity levels they need to keep them satisfied.

You may consider finding a silent hamster wheel, which will keep your hamster active without interrupting your schedule. As some models may cause injury to your pet, you also need to find a safe quiet hamster wheel.

These are the best silent hamster wheels you could consider.

1. Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner

Featuring stainless steel bearings, this aesthetic hamster wheel is whisper-quiet.

It includes a cage attachment to allow you easily affix it onto your wall or stand.

It is a heavy-duty wheel and can handle larger sized pets as well. It has textured running tracks for better grip, protecting your pet from slipping.

It has no axle, which makes it even safer. This model will detach easily for cleaning and has no nooks where feces could get stuck in.


  • Includes cage attachment
  • Great design
  • Includes covered back wall for wall-hugging hamsters
  • Guarantees your hamster’s safety
  • Strong metal base to keep it in place
  • Great customer support


  • Bearings can be noisy if installed incorrectly

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2. Kaytee Giant Silent Exercise Wheel

The Kaytee Comfort Exercise wheel for your pet is quiet and safe. It is also available in a variety of colors and sizes, allowing you to find the perfect fit.

It can be attached in your hamster’s cage, but may also be used as a freestanding wheel. It is enclosed, which will offer protection for your hamster.

The rung-free solid plastic surface will facilitate lengthy running without putting your pet at risk of injury or infection.


  • Special Silent Spin Design
  • Larger Diameter for Larger Pets
  • Can fit multiple small pets
  • Durable plastic material
  • Can be attached to a cage or used as a standalone item
  • Available in a variety of sizes


  • The wrong size may hurt your pet

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3. Trixie Exercise Wheel

The Wodent 8-inch wheel is great for your hamster because it features a simple design with a solid running surface.

It is ideal for smaller sized rodents as it includes a central axel that could trap your pet’s tail. It is very safe and has been approved by the ASPCA. It is detachable, which makes it very easy to clean.


  • Solid back wall
  • Includes cage attachment
  • Simple design
  • Durable plastic materials


  • The wheel can get stuck in bedding material inside the cage
  • Not ideal for sugar gliders

4.  Wodent Hamster Wheel

The Wodent 8-inch wheel is great for your hamster because it features a simple design with a solid running surface.

It is ideal for smaller sized rodents as it includes a central axel that could trap your pet’s tail. It is very safe and has been approved by the ASPCA.

It is detachable, which makes it very easy to clean.


  • Solid back wall
  • Includes cage attachment
  • Simple design
  • Durable plastic materials


  • The Wheel can get stuck in bedding material inside Cage
  • Not ideal for sugar gliders

5. Ware Manufacturing Flying Saucer

This plastic flying saucer-shaped hamster wheel is a great quiet option for your home.

The clear plastic wheel is made of a solid base, allowing your hamster to exercise without risking any injury.

It is very easy to wash and maintain since it made of plastic, and may last longer than most available options. It has no center axel, which makes it safe for your hamster’s toes and tail.


  • Tail and toe safe
  • Solid running surface offers protection from bumblefoot and injury
  • Unique and aesthetic design without a center axle
  • Easy to wash and maintain


  • Maybe noisy if not well installed

What to Look for When Purchasing The Best Silent Hamster Wheel (Buying Guide)

cute little hamster pet

1. Materials and size

You should find a wheel in a comfortable size for your hamster to prevent them from getting trapped in the wheel during a workout.

They will be less likely to be injured if the wheel suits their size. Syrian hamsters and other larger pets require about 8 inches in diameter, while smaller pets will need a 6.5-inch wheel.

You need to watch your material, as this can increase or reduce the risk of injury to your pet. Avoid any metal rungs, as they have been known to cause injuries and infections such as bumblefoot.

2. Hamster wheel design

Hamster wheels feature a partially closed front to prevent your pet from being flung out of the cage during high-intensity workouts.

Modern designs replaced the completely open front with the protective partially closed off the front. The sturdy solid wall design is popular with pet owners and has been associated with increased workout rates for hamsters.

There are different novelty designs as well, allowing you to find an aesthetic and silent hamster wheel for your pet.

3. Attachments and stands

You should find a silent hamster wheel which offers space-friendly stands and fixings. Some of the options will cut down on the required room by including attachments that can be fixed onto the cage.

Some wheels even include attachments that can be used outside the wheel. This will increase the space within your cage for your pet.

4. Can support more than one hamster

If you have more than one hamster sharing a living space, you need to take into account a number of different measurements to keep all your pets exercising and active.

You need to consider the size of your cage, number, and size of your hamsters, as well as the size of your silent hamster wheel. You should consider smaller wheels for your cage but must support the sizes of your hamsters.

If you cannot fit your desired number of hamster wheels, you will need to add in an additional cage.


I like the build and design of the Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Hamster Wheel. It has no center axel, which eliminates any risk to your pet.

Your hamster will not risk any injuries to their neck, tail or feet. It rolls completely silently and should allow you some peace of mind while keeping your pet healthy. It also has excellent grip, reducing any chance that your pet could slip.

Still, it is completely safe and that would not cause any harm to your pet even if they did. It is a great size for larger pets and may hold more than one small pet.

You need to measure your pet before purchasing the cage to make sure it is a friendly size for them. If you are looking for the best silent hamster wheel, the whisper-quiet Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Hamster Wheel is the choice for you.

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