Soundproof Fence: Does It Really Work (What You Need To Know)

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Whether you are moving into a new house or looking to pimping your home, searching for a suitable soundproof fence will always be the critical set tone.


The population is multiplying, and people have started living closer in a tight pack. The mental stress of noise is becoming a serious issue as many people are seeking litigation.

The issue of noise is not only limited to night parties but also pool pumps, ringing phones, TV, factories, machines, and moving vehicles for those living near the main street.

As much as you will try to tune out, you will still experience some noise that will end up hurting your nerves.

A quiet environment is critical for having a sound sleep at night after having a hard day at work. Also, peace of mind will help you meditate upon many things and have an ideal environment for grabbing a novel to read.

If you happen to be the victim of noise pollution, then I have a perfect solution for you. The soundproof fence is the thing for you now.

Does soundproof fence work? Of course, the fence works well to reduce noises from outside, however, I would be lying to you if I told you the fence will 100% block unwanted noises but it is really effective compared to standard fences.

However, there are a couple of factors to put into consideration before deciding which soundproof fence is ideal for your home.

With that out of the way, let’s dive into the main topic. I have compiled some information regarding soundproof fence and how they work.

Things to Consider when looking for a Soundproof Fence

You have to put into consideration several factors that will help you decide if the soundproofed fence will work or not for your home. These factors include:

Location of the Home

The location of your property matters a lot when it comes to installing a sound barrier fence. House located on the hill or down valley tends to experience different noise levels.

If you own a property in the valley or even the smallest one, then install a soundproof fence that is taller than your building.

The taller fence will make a difference when it comes to the impact of the sound, and in most cases, you will hear no sound.

Contrary, if you own property even on the smallest hill, then be assured to experience a lot of noise problem. You will be expected to get the highest sound barrier fence from out there.

Ensure your house buildings are not taller than the fence to block the noise completely.

Noise Reduction Factor (NRF)

When shopping for a sound barrier fence, there is a bit of science involved, and it is quite vital in case noise is causing a nuisance to your family.

Therefore, I recommend you consider materials that have a high rate of absorbing sounds from your neighborhood. Materials that have a higher rate of noise reduction coefficient are considered the best for blocking any sound from reaching your house.

Direction of Wind

The wind is a natural thing, and nobody has control over them. It all depends on your luck though it plays a significant role in sound transmission.

Sometimes the direction of the wind can be advantageous and disadvantageous. If the wind flows towards your property, then be assured to experience more noise.

On the other hand, if it flows away from your home, then you are lucky since you will hear no noise. There is nothing you can do when it comes to weather, but I recommend you get a sturdy sound barrier fence that is tall. This will help to reduce the impact only.

Distance Range between the House and Fence

The distance between your house and the fence matters a lot when it comes to soundproofing. If the distance is more significant, count yourself are safe from the noise nuisance since it tends to fade away before reaching your house.

In case you own a small yard, then you will be expected to shop for high sound blankets that will protect you from noise.

Ease of Use

Consider a sound barrier fence that is extremely easy to install and secure. This will save you a lot of bucks since you will not hire an expert to do the work. I recommend you consider other soundproofing methods to block noise from reaching your doorstep.

The Right Materials

There are plenty of soundproof fence materials in the market, and each of them performs differently when it comes to soundproofing. I have done a couple of research.

I recommend materials that are flexible and simple to install. Flexible materials are excellent in attenuation of specific frequencies; thus, they tend to perform better than rigid sound barrier fence.

Why Get a Soundproof Fence?

Going for a soundproofed fence is an ideal solution for those people who are experiencing a lot of noise from the traffic, roads, or even noisy neighbors.

But does it really work? Of course yes but in some cases. There are a lot of factors that determine the efficiency and functionality of soundproofed fence.

All in all, the right sound barrier fence will help to protect your home from noise reaching the doorstep. These fences create an ideal place for sleeping and even reading a novel. The peace of mind is the main factor in a human’s life.

How Do Soundproof Fence Work?

Sound tends to travel in a straight line regardless of the direction, and it tends to bounce back after hitting a surface inform of echoes.

Therefore, if you have a soundproof fence around your property, then be assured of noise not reaching your house since it tends to bounce back.

Most of the sound barrier fence is made from thick materials which cause them to have a hard surface. The feature makes them be an excellent insulator which prohibits noise from landing in your household.

The impact of sound will depend on the source of noise and the location of your house. If the soundproofed fence is installed well, then the chances of hearing loud noise are almost zero.

I recommend installing a high sound barrier fence since they will help to block sound from all angles and make your house untouchable.

However, some noise will be absorbed, and the rest may bounce back to the source. Pick a material that has the highest ratings in terms of efficiencies.

Mistakes to Avoid When Installing a Sound Barrier Fence

There are a lot of mistakes homeowners make when installing a soundproof fence around their yard. These mistakes tend to haunt them later. Let’s find out the common mistakes to avoid:

1. Buying a Sound Barrier Fence of Wrong Material

I recommend buying a soundproofed fence made from thick and high-density material to block sound from reaching your property.

Also, put into consideration the quality of material depending on the type of noise and the climate of the area you reside in.

2. Installing a Short Fence

You need to install a high fence so that they can completely block the noise. This is because sound tends to travel in a straight line, and they cannot maneuver around the high fence.

Short fence tends to have a poor sound protection performance, and the noise nuisance can distort your peace while relaxing.

3. Ignoring Fence Gaps

Develop the habit of inspecting your fence occasionally. This will help spot any damage that results in the entry of unnecessary sounds.

Failure to the addressee, the gaps between the sound barrier fences, then expected an added stress of repairing and noise emanating from the neighborhood.

4. Failure to Ground the Barrier

A sound barrier fence with gaps underneath tend not to be active, and this might add extra costs since you will be expected to close the gaps.

If you want to install the perimeter, level the landscape, and try to ground them deeper to prevent any gap from occurring.

This will make your fence to be effective in blocking the sound. Wrong Understanding of Noise Takes time to analyze the source of the noise before picking any design of the soundproof fence.

This will help in making the right choice fence and block the sound from all angles. Some people tend to have an improper understanding of noise and pick on any fence but still experience noise nuisance.

You should first understand the source of the noise and since noise travel in a straight line figure out the appropriate measure to put in place.

Final Thoughts on Soundproof Fence

From our discussion above, a soundproof fence indeed works, and they do a fantastic job of preventing noise from reaching your home.

However, there are several factors to consider and things to avoid to experience adequate peace while relaxing your house.

Although some factors might be beyond your control, take time to implement others, and experience the best performance of your soundproofed fence.

I hope the post has offered great insight on sound blocking fence, and you will experience a cozy comfort in your home free from noise. Good Luck!

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