The Best Way to Soundproof A Small Room

The Best Way to Soundproof A Small Room

Looking to soundproof a small area but,  you don’t have any soundproofing ideas? whether it’s your study room or small office these tips will surely help you reduce noise inexpensively.

The Windows.

A common area which is vulnerable to outside noise is the window. soundproofing a window will dramatically reduce  vibrations, bass, and unwanted noise, there are a few ways to do that inexpensively (If the area has a window)

1. Hang Noise Cancelling Drapes


sound blocking drapes are incredibly great because they are made from a thick and dense material which is specifically designed to absorb noise, and the cool thing about noise reducing curtains is that they are pretty cheap and if you are into design and,soundproof curtains, these will be a great fit for you. Although there are a lot of soundproof curtains, not a lot that really works but luckily I have an article on the best noise reducing curtains and a buyers guide.

2. Window weatherstrips

Window weatherstrips are great for closing the small gaps that windows are usually exposed to, using weatherstrips will furthermore improve the quality of reducing noise that comes through the window. Window strips are usually very affordable and you can get a packet really cheap ( click here to see the price on Amazon ).

The Wall.

If you have the budget I recommend soundproofing the wall because of not will reduce noise, but will also improve the overall white noise levels. Generally to soundproof the wall the use of acoustic foams will be advantageous.

1. Acoustic Foam Panels.

Acoustic foams panels are great for absorbing noise. Usually used by studios to help reduce noise and also control the acoustic levels which also reduce echoes and white noise. I recently posted a guide on how you can install acoustic foam without damaging the wall. These are great and I would personally use them especially if you want to soundproof a small area.

The Door.

There are plenty of options you can go about blocking noise that comes through the door. The first option is using sound-reducing blankets which I already covered in the previous post, Another way is to use door seal weatherstripping to close off all exposed gaps which I will be showing you in this post.

1. Door Weatherstripping:

Sound reducing door weatherstripping works like magic. It is commonly used for closing the door gaps. One of the best things about these door weatherstrips is that not only reduce noise but also insulate a small area to keep it warm during the cold winter days. You can get these from Amazon click the image to see the latest price.

The Floor.

Soundproofing the floor can be really expensive, complex and time-consuming however there is one fast hack to reduce noise on the floor especially in a small area.

1.Thick Noise Absorbing Carpet.

If you have done enough research, I am sure you know that thick dense material tends to absorb noise really quickly.

So using the right thick carpet is the best shortcut to soundproofing the floor fast instead of starting over and hiring an expert which can cost you hundreds of dollars for something you could actually do for under $80, the carpet will work really well especially in a small place. I recommend you purchase a Rug pad central on Amazon ( Click here to see the latest price).

Extra Tips

Get Indoor Sound Reducing Plants

Did you know that some indoor plants are great for sound reduction?, There are certain plants you can get that not only will help you reduce noise but will also make the room nicer.

Try a White Noise Machine

Another thing that you can do to minimize the amount of noise in the room is to used a white noise machine and play sounds that are relaxing and peaceful


These are the main quick tips to soundproof a small room area fast.

I hope you found this quick tips helpful and I would encourage you to check out some of my other articles on soundproofing, who knows might find something you really like and please don’t forget to share to help other people find this post.

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