Why Is My Computer Making A Grinding Noise? How To Fix It

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If you suddenly start hearing a grinding noise coming from your computer, it’s definitely a cause for concern. After all, grinding sounds are usually indicative of some sort of mechanical problem.

The good news is that, in most cases, a grinding noise coming from your computer is actually fairly easy to fix.

In this article, we’ll run through some of the most common causes of a grinding noise from your computer, as well as some simple steps you can take to fix the problem. Let’s get started.

Is It Normal For PC To Make Noise?

Well, is it true? Not really. A high-quality computer is not supposed to produce any kind of noise while working. The noise emerging from the PC is usually a clear indication that there could be a problem with the hard drive or the fan among many other issues.

The grinding noise can be disgusting primarily if you work in an open-air office. This can distract many people who are trying to concentrate on their work.

The best way to handle the issue is to call upon a tech expert to examine the cause and the source of the noise. Fixing the issue as early as possible will save you from a hell of problems and even a couple of dollars.

I recommend you service your PC every month and this will help to curb issues relating to noise production liking buzzing and grinding.

Last but not least, grinding or buzzing noise from a computer is not normal. But this usually depends on the make and model of your computer.

There are some PC that tend to make a grinding noise, and this is considered to be reasonable, according to the manufacturer.

Always check on the manufacturer’s instructions on the label and get to know if your computer falls under the category of making the grinding noise.

If there is no such a warning on your computer label, then it could be an early warning of an impending danger that needs a quick fix.

I always recommend you consider giant brands in the computer industry since they have a reputation for producing high-quality products and excellent customer service in case of a problem like the grinding noise.

Is It Bad If My Computer Fan Is Loud?

Computers are prone to overheating primarily if you work for long hours without giving the machine enough time to cool.

The heat makes the electronic parts also to experience the excitement. This is the reason why a fan is an essential component of a computer.

The fan will help to cool down the overheated components, and this is the reason behind the loud noise. Now, the constant whizzing inside the machine that is accompanied by the hot air is probably the reason behind the loud sound of the fan.

According to experts, computers are not supposed to make any sounds when operating; hence, all the components are required to work in silent.

However, some laptops tend to be quite thin and lack a fan. This makes the entire processor get overheated, resulting in the grinding noise.

The most beautiful thing is that many manufacturers design these laptops in a way that the process takes low power to prevent overheating.

The noise can be bothersome, and it is recommended to do away with applications that make the processor to require more power.

This will also give fan little work when it comes to cooling down the heat. All-in-all, if then a fan of your computer is loud then it is an indication that it needs replacement or lubrication.

This will help it to work efficiently and effectively. Fixing and oiling the computer fan is quite easy if you are not tech-savvy, then call upon an expert for assistance.

What Causes Computer to Make Grinding Noise?

Grinding noise is quite disgusting. But it is usually an early warning about the health of your computer. If the condition is not addressed on time, it could result in complete failure.

Here are some of the possible components in a computer responsible for producing grinding noise. They include:

1. The Disk Drive

A laptop can either be fitted with a CD-ROM and DVD. Accessing this component on your PC will result in the production of noise.

The noise tends to be soft, and it is supposed to happen only when accessing the disk drive. It becomes abnormal when your drive disk produces a loud noise when it is not being located.

If you notice your disk drive producing a lot of noise, then it is recommended to replace it since it is a sign of being defective.

You can fix the issue on your own or call upon an expert for replacement. Ensure you understand the model and make of your PC before buying the spare part.

2. Computer Fans

Computers are run by power, and this implies that they tend to experience overheating after subjecting them to long hours of usage.

Therefore, the presence of fans helps to cool the system down in case of overheating. Usually, computers are fixed with two types of fans to offer maximum ventilation.

Case fans are located on the front or back of the computer, and these are the ones responsible for the soft humming noise.

On the other hand, the CPU fan is found the processor, and it is responsible for keeping the area cool during overheating.

Therefore, if you start hearing a grinding noise from your PC, then it could be due to defective fans. It is good to check and confirm if they are loose or damaged.

3. Computer Hard Drive

The hard drive in a computer is responsible for making a grinding noise. However, this is considered to be healthy. The noise is generally low humming or quiet whistling sounds.

If you notice your computer is making a recurring grinding noise, then it is an indication that there is a problem. A good condition computer is not supposed to make any repetitive noise.

I recommend you look at the hard drive and identify the problem. If the hard drive is ultimately damage, then extracting your vital data could be a problem. You will be expected to check the model and get the quietest hard-drive.

4. Computer Power Supply

Did you know the power supply is also responsible for enhancing ventilation on your computer? Well, this is the reason why you hear some noise from your PC.

The power supply component is fitted with a fan. If the fan becomes dirty or wrong, then it could be possible result in grinding noise.

Listen to the noise and identify where it is coming from. If the sound emanates around the power supply fan, then use compressed air to remove the dirt.

If the grinding noise does not resolve, then you will be expected to replace the power supply. The good news that it is quite affordable.

How Can I Quiet a Computer Making Grinding Noise?

The main components in a computer that are highly susceptible to noise are the fans and the hard drive.

The production of a loud grinding noise from these components needs a quick fix, or else your computer might get damaged in the long run.

Keeping your computer is a crucial thing to consider primarily if you work in a shared office since the noise can be annoying.

I have compiled steps on how to get rid of computers making noise grinding. Take your time to read through the steps and fix the issue permanently. The steps include:

Step One

Computers are prone to overheating. Therefore, ensure the rubber feet of your computer are resting on a flat surface. Also, place some cooling pads on the computer in case you are operating in a warm office environment this helps to prevent overheating.

The rubber feet and cooling pads allow the fans to work long and hard. Therefore, if your computer lack these two components try to fix them and you will not hear any grinding sounds again.

Step Two

If the issues highlighted in step one does not resolve the problem, then you need to diagnose the computer further. You will be expected to check all the screws, grommets and gaskets.

If they are loose or worn out, try to tighten and even replace them. Ensure there is no power supply when opening the computer system.

Use a blower to get rid of accumulate dirt inside various components. In case the hard drive is responsible for the grinding noise then consider upgrading the solid-state drive.

If the sound is not resolved, then replace the entire hard drive system.

Step Three

Resolving the noise issue in a computer can be a daunting experience. If the noise becomes recurrent, then check on all the fans in the network.

Replace the old fans with new ones. Ensure you buy the exact model and size fans for replacement. If the fans are not damaged, then you can consider lubricating them. This enables them to work efficiently and effectively.

Final Remarks

The grinding noise from a computer can be disgusting and annoying. Sometimes the sound tends to be an early warning about the impending death of your computer.

I recommend you diagnose the issue immediately and identify the parts that are responsible for the noise. I recommend you adopt a backup system of your data so that vital data cannot get disappeared beyond recovery.

You can call upon a computer expert to help in diagnosing the problem and help to keep it quiet again. Also, you can use the steps highlighted in our guide and learn how to fix the issue on your own.

This will save you from spending a couple of dollars. Can soundproofing computer help to get rid of the grinding noise? Absolutely yes. But this will subject your PC to more dangers. Good luck.

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