The 5 Best Soundproof Room Dividers In 2022: Do They Really Work?

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If you’re looking for ways to reduce noise in your home or office, soundproof room dividers are a great option. They provide a physical barrier that can block out a significant amount of noise.

But not all room dividers are created equal. Some are more effective than others at reducing noise.

To help you choose the best soundproof room divider for your needs, we’ve compiled a list of the five best soundproof room dividers currently on the market. We’ll also walk you through some of the important features to look for when picking one. Let’s get started.

Quick Answer: The Top Soundproof Room Divider Curtains

Why Do You Need Room Divider Curtains that are Soundproof?

Sound deadening curtains can be used on walls and windows. The dense and heavy properties make them ideal for block light through the windows.

Besides that, they can be used to improve the general décor of the house since they occur in amazing colors and designs.

The curtains can be used to divide sleeping areas from the living room in case you live in a one-room house. This helps to enhance bedroom privacy from visitors.

Another fantastic thing with soundproof room divider curtains is that they can be used to block excess noise and light from reaching your room.

This happens because they are thick and dense. Lastly, the curtains are highly versatile. This implies that they can easily be used in office windows or even a shared bedroom for splitting spaces.

How to Choose Soundproof Room Divider Curtains

There are a lot of factors to put into consideration when planning to buy soundproof curtains for your home or office. These features will help you make the right decision when shopping for a soundproof curtain for your home or office. They include:

Weight of the Curtain

Not all soundproof curtains are thick and dense. Some tend to be lightweight, making them not ideal for blocking noise and light from reaching your room.

Therefore, when shopping for soundproof curtains, go for those that are heavy since they have been proven to be ideal for soundproofing.

Quality of Material

There are a lot of curtains in the market made from different materials, and this tends to result in a daunting experience when shopping.

A good curtain material tends to be dense and thick so that they can quickly dampen noise from entering the house or office.

Also, thick material helps to block light from reaching your bedroom or working station to enhance cozy comfort. This should be the main thing to put into consideration when shopping.

Installation Process

Consider curtains that have rods and hooks since these features are essential when it comes to installation. There are plenty of curtains in the market, and most of them tend to be quite different when it comes to installation.

Cost of the Soundproof Room Divider

I tried to keep the factor at the end since many people tend to make a mistake and focus on it a lot. Although it is a minor factor, it is crucial when setting up a budget.

I recommend you consider affordable curtains that do not result in extra installation charges.

Here are 5 Top Soundproof Room Divider Curtains

1. Rose Home Fashion RHF Privacy Room Divider Curtain

Rose Home Fashion RHF Privacy Room Divider Curtain 10ft Wide...
834 Reviews
Rose Home Fashion RHF Privacy Room Divider Curtain 10ft Wide...
  • Totally privacy - These blackout room divider curtains are thick and heavy. It can...
  • Space master -These room divider curtains can divide and conquer your space with...
  • Great fabric - This blackout curtains are crafted from high quality thicker durable...

The room divider curtain happens to be the first entry in our list since it has excellent features and made from high-quality fabric.

The curtain tends to measure 8ft tall x 10ft wide, and the black coloring is made to improve the general outlook of the room.

The most beautiful thing about the room divider is that it can correctly be used to create personal space when separating a shared room.

Besides that, the thickness and high-density help in sound absorption alongside blocking sunlight from reaching the created room.

Also, it is quite easy to care for the divider curtain since they are machine washable. Both the front and the back have the same colors.

If you’re thinking of soundproofing and reinventing the shared room at a low cost, then consider using this room divider curtains since they are much affordable.

The curtain has a perfect length hence help to offer maximum privacy after splitting a shared room. The quality of the fabric is highly reliable.


  • Thick and heavy fabric hence durable
  • Help in sound absorption and blackout
  • Relatively cheap
  • Come in five solid colors
  • Made from high-quality polyester


  • Time-consuming during installation
  • Grommets are prone to wear and tear

2. NICETOWN Room Divider Curtain

NICETOWN Room Divider Curtain Screen Partitions, Hide...
4,279 Reviews
NICETOWN Room Divider Curtain Screen Partitions, Hide...
  • CURTAIN DETAILS: The room divider curtain's fabric is super soft, thickness and heavy...
  • SPACE SOLUTION: Curtains can be a clever and temporary solution for creating new...
  • MULTIPLE FUNCTION: Just draw ROOM DIVIDER CURTAINS shut when either side needs...

The room divider curtain is not a typical curtain. It is a designer curtain made from soft polyester that is quite excellent for sound absorption and blackout in the room.

This is among the divider curtains that come with divider kits to enhance easy installation. The grommets have a modern touch and are easy to hang when splitting a room.

Apart from that, the dividers can easily be packed up, moved, and reused. It is the reason why they are famous for offices, shared rooms, hospitals, and factories.

Besides that, the stitching of the curtains is quite durable, and this helps to improve durability. They are capable of withstanding wear and tearing for a couple of years.

The most beautiful thing about the divider curtains is that they are machine washable, and this helps to enhance natural care.

The curtains are relatively affordable, despite the high-quality material of the fabric. They are worth the value of your money.


  • Blackout and sound absorption
  • Made from high-quality polyester
  • Come in different colors
  • Highly portable and suitable
  • Machine washable for easy care


  • Does not upgrade the outlook of the room
  • Tend to look similar to shower curtains

3. RYB HOME Gift Gray Room Divider

RYB HOME Gift Gray Room Divider Screen Partition, Energy...
6,819 Reviews
RYB HOME Gift Gray Room Divider Screen Partition, Energy...
  • WELL MADE: Sold as 1 pack. Sizes: 15 ft Wide x 8 ft Long ( W 180 x L 96 inch). 16...
  • AMAZING MATERIAL: 100% high-quality durable polyester and super soft triple woven...
  • GOOD PERFORMANCE - Split your room harmoniously, and create a personal space. Block...

The room divider screen is imported, and it is made from high-quality polyester material. It comes in different sizes and a full kit for easy installation.

The most wonderful thing about the divider screen is that it is ultra-soft but quite effective when it comes to soundproofing and enhancing privacy.

The screen divider has a luxurious appearance, and this can help to improve the general outlook of your room. These curtains are ideal for creating personal space and blocking sunlight hence the reason why there are popular in many homes as well as offices.

The fabric material is washable, and they tend to be similar both from front and back. Besides that, it comes with everything for easy installation in the room.

The noise-damping factor help to enhance cozy comfort and relaxation while living in a noisy neighborhood. Lastly, the massive duty divider screen comes in different colors hence the reason behind their compatibility with many home decors.


  • Come with divider kit Made from high-quality materials
  • Has excellent performance for soundproofing and insulation
  • Highly compatible with many home decors
  • Easy to install and maintain


  • Not offering full noise-proof
  • Fabric produce a terrible smell after some time

4. RoomDividersNow Premium Heavyweight Room Divider Kit

Room/Dividers/Now Premium Room Divider Curtain, 8ft Tall x...
1,465 Reviews
Room/Dividers/Now Premium Room Divider Curtain, 8ft Tall x...
  • Premium Heavyweight Room Divider Solutions – Attractive, perfect for privacy, &...
  • Fix a Problem Space – Shared bedroom, apartment, storage, studio, dorm, loft,...
  • Create Privacy in Minutes - Our Premium Heavyweight Room Divider Curtains...

These heavyweight room divider curtains are offered by RoomDividerNow Company, which has the most significant reputation in the industry.

The curtains are quite attractive, and they tend to add extra beauty to the existing home décor. The luxurious outlook can make your house more appealing to the visitors.

One thing that makes the divider curtains receive lots of praise in many forums and Facebook groups is the versatility.

The curtains can be used in shared rooms, offices, and workstations. It helps to block noise and light from reaching the places.

Besides that, the thickness and density of the fabric help to enhance privacy in case of splitting shared rooms. The most beautiful thing is the ease of install. The room divider curtains come with everything necessary for fixing.


  • Made from premium heavyweight material
  • Quite easy to set up
  • Help to reduce light and enhance privacy
  • Ideal for space management


  • Have limited colors
  • Relatively expensive

5. Deconovo Privacy Room Divider Curtain

Deconovo Room Divider Curtains 15ft Wide (15ft Wide x 9ft...
777 Reviews
Deconovo Room Divider Curtains 15ft Wide (15ft Wide x 9ft...
  • PACKAGE INFORMATION: 1 Room divider curtain panel measuring 15ft wide by 9ft tall...
  • LIGHT BLOCKING: With its triple-weave techonoly, this room dividers could obstruct...
  • NOISE REDUCTION: Our soft room dividing curtains are not see-through once fully...

The room divider curtain offered by Deconovo is quite suitable for managing space, enhancing privacy, and blocking light.

The most exciting thing about the divider curtains is that they are made from soft polyester but quite efficient in insulating against heat and blocking light from reaching the room.

Besides that, the curtain has a sleek design and adequate height that can easily suit any layout of the room. Also, the curtains are attached with large grommets that can easily fit in any rods, thus making it possible to move the rod with the curtains.

Despite being made from soft polyester fabric, the stitches are quite sturdy, and this helps to enhance durability. The fabric is machine washable, and this makes it simple to enhance the tidiness and care of your home.

The elegancy of the curtains brings out that luxurious appearance of the house. Lastly, the divider curtains come in different sizes and colors to suit the tastes and preferences of the users. Also, the prices are relatively low.


  • Made from high-quality soft polyester
  • Ideal for thermal insulation and light reduction
  • Machine washable for easy care
  • Help in the management of space
  • Quite affordable


  • Colors not suitable for some people
  • Tend to wrinkle after washing with machine

Do Soundproof Room Divider Curtains Work?

Noise blocking curtains do work. They tend to be too heavy and dense when compared to other curtains in the house. There is no specific material that is behind the construction of the curtain, but the main focus is on the ability to block noise and light.

The thickness and high density make it easy to reduce noise enhance fostering cozy comfort in your sleeping room. However, it is advisable to consider color, material, thermal, length, and washable curtains when shopping for them.

These curtains have been proven to be useful when it comes to splitting a single room to enhance privacy. Recently, it tends to be quite challenging to differentiate between regular curtains from these noise blocking curtains since the fabrics are almost the same.

Lastly, it is not advisable to depend on these curtains when it comes to soundproofing since they are not that effective.

Final Thoughts on Using Room Divider Curtain

Room divider curtains are highly versatile since they can be used to split rooms and also cover windows or doors. The curtains help to minimize noise from reaching your comfort room, especially if you live in a noisy neighborhood.

Also, it can help to block light from reaching your work station. However, research shows that they are highly suitable for apartments and offices.

This is because they help attain small noise-free space. All the above mentioned soundproof room divider curtains are worth the value of your money and ideal for selection.

In precise, choose the curtains that will match the house or office décor and also focus more on quality.

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