hanging acoustic foam without damaging the walls

How To Mount Acoustic Foam Temporarily Without Damaging Walls

In this article, I will show you exactly how to mount acoustic foams temporarily without using any glue and damaging your walls.

Acoustic foams are great because they help reduce echo’s, reverb and deflect unwanted noise whether you are recording voice-overs or mixtape drops.

However, many methods used to hang the acoustic foam are the most damaging to the walls and normally permanent.

Fortunately, there are better ways to hang foam panels to your wall without any noticeable harm to your walls and in the article, I am going to share with you how to hang acoustic foam panels without damaging walls, without further or do let’s jump straight to it.

What you going to need to mount the acoustic foam temporarily.

t pins for acoustic foam mounting
Works great, But still leaves tiny holes

Most people would recommend using the T-pins to hang the acoustic foam, Without a doubt, T-pins are great and are less drastic in terms of wall damaging, however, they still leave tiny holes on the wall which is not great at all especially if you are living in a rented space.

For this method, you are going to need:

picture hanging strips for acoustic foams
Stronger and affordable. I Highly Recommend them for mounting foam.

Although 3M hanging strips are used for pictures, they are strong enough to hold acoustic foams onto the wall what I like about these strips is they are quite incredibly cheap ( check price on Amazon)  and they do the holding job quite well.

3M hanging strips are effective and removable so you don’t have to worry too much about using hanging strips to hang acoustic foams because they will not damage your wall at all.

How to use the hanging strips to attach acoustic foam.

Please do note there are 3M hanging strips comes in different sizes so depending on how big is your acoustic foam you will have to select a correct size that will be able to withstand the pressure.

Usually, normal square shaped acoustic panels use the medium size but if they are heavier I recommend you buy the Large hanging strips. You can check them on Amazon (See More info on Amazon).

Follow the following steps to successfully mount foam panels temporarily without damaging the wall.

  1.  Take the hanging strips and open it and cut small pieces (depending on the size of foam).
  2. Paste the hanging strips in a separate corner at the back of the acoustic foam.
  3. Carefully decide which part of the wall would you like to attach the foams.
  4. . After pasting the hanging strips into each corner of the foam simply mount the foam into the wall.
  5. Repeat the whole process until you have covered the whole area.

It’s simple, right? I thought so too, in fact, this is the exact method my friend and I used to soundproof his small home studio, it’s been over two weeks now and the acoustic foams are still stationary and mostly what I really like about this method is it’s really temporarily and does not damage walls at all.

Common Questions You Might Have Regarding Hanging Acoustic foams Temporarily.

How Long Does It take to mount acoustic foams around the room?

This depends on the size of the area you want to sound dampen. but it took us about 35-50 minutes to complete a small home studio, Really this will not take you long and it’s really simple to do.

Can I use this Method to Install Acoustic Foam in a rented place?

Definitely, Using hanging strips instead of adhesive and t pins makes it easier to mount the foam without doing any damage to the wall and it is very simple to remove.

Where do you put acoustic foam in a room?

There is no right or wrong place to hang foam panels, however, it is best practice to mount the foam panels on the walls, ideally, next to where you going to be recording since the foam panels are a part of acoustic treatment, it is important to include other forms of acoustic treatments for better acoustics in your room.

How much does it cost?

Again this depends on the size of the room you want to attach foams on and also the type and size of the acoustic foam. The hanging strips are really inexpensive and you should get enough under 40$ ( could be more or less.)


I hope you found this method useful I actually did it myself and thought I should share with you because I have been asked a lot about using acoustic foams on the wall and the easiest and cheapest method. If you found this post useful please don’t forget to share to help others you need a solution to this problem.

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