The Best Way To Soundproof A Door With Blankets

The Best Way To Soundproof A Door With Blankets

Noise coming through the door is often a problem a lot of people face and yet only a few ineffective solutions are provided. In this article, I will share with you how to soundproof a door with blankets the right way.

Let me be honest right off the bat, Soundproofing a door using normal blankets won’t cut it.

It is scientifically proven that in order to sound deaden any object, you will need to use thick sound absorbing material.

Fortunately, there are sound barrier blankets for doors designed specifically to reduce noise and the cool fact is they are pretty affordable too.

Instead of using normal blankets to reduce all the white noise coming through which is ineffective, I really think it’s best if you opt for blankets designed specifically for getting rid of unwanted noise.

What is a sound blanket?

sound blankets also known as an acoustic blanket or soundproof blankets are blankets that are designed to reduce noise and are mostly made out of fiberglass.

How to sound dampen your door with a blanket.

Well to soundproof a door with a blanket effectively is really easy and you can do it yourself fast. It doesn’t take a lot of time and really doesn’t cost much.

You are going to need the following things:

  •  A soundproofing blanket the one I personally recommend for you is Door Cover Quilted Microfiber (Click here to see the current Price on Amazon)
  • A Measuring Tape for accurately measuring your door.
  • A pair of strong big scissors to cut the blanket to the right size.
  • Tacks or T pins for mounting the blankets on your door.

The Best Soundproofing Blankets For Doors.

There are many soundproofing blankets that can be used for doors and unfortunately, not all are effective and can be a waste of time, money and effort.

I took it as my best interest to find blankets that are proven to work and will definitely help with soundproofing a door.

Another thing to note is I haven’t personally used them and unlike other websites that are not honest with you and do reviews just to earn commisions. I really did tons of research to find you the best ones that work and I am 100% confident that these blankets will soundproof your door.

After spending hours on research, I found out that only 2 blankets are worth the effort and money.

1. Door Cover Quilted Microfibre

One of the simplest ways to reduce noise coming through your door using this Cover Quilted Microfiber. What makes this great is the fact that it takes less effort to install and looks decent. Another great thing is it covers both front and back side of your door and great for insulation in cold winter days ( Click here to get more info on Amazon).

2. Sure-Max Moving Blankets.

I realized not everyone can easily afford Singer Safety Fiberglass Panel, So I had to find the cheapest solution and using sure-max is a great alternative which is way cheaper.

Although using sure-max moving blankets won’t be as effective as Quilted Microfiber or Singer safety fiberglass panel, It is still good for soundproofing a door. (See Reviews on Amazon)

In order to successfully soundproof your door using sure-max moving blankets, you must overlay them to build a number of layers don’t worry this is really cheap and should cost you under $100.

Safety Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel

fiberglass blanket

Singer Safety Double Faced Quilted Fiberglass Panel is my number one recommendation. It is one of the best( if not the best) soundproofing blanket. It is highly rated and gets a lot of positive feedback from Amazon. I would personally recommend it however it is slightly expensive but worth it, you should expect to get one in this range between $ 200 and $ 300 but absolutely worth every penny.

In order to soundproof a door with blankets, all you have to do is:

  • Carefully measure your door.
  • Cut the sound deadening Blanket according to the measurements.
  • Use Tacks or T pins to mount the blanket to the door.

2. Use Weather Stripping For Doors.

weather strip to close door gaps

After successfully soundproofing your door with a blanket, you will notice that there are still small gaps between the door and the door frame, These gaps shouldn’t be left untreated as noise will exploit them making the whole project a failure.

Luckily using weather strips to close off the gaps is very simple and costs less than $20 check the latest price on Amazon here.

To use a weather strip to close off gaps follow this simple steps:

  1.  Measure the gap between the door and frame.
  2. Cut the weather strip accordingly.
  3. Attach them to close off the gaps.

when you are done with this step your door should be soundproofed and noise will be reduced dramatically. I really hope this helped you out a lot and don’t forget to share to help others.

Can You soundproof a door with moving blankets?

Yes and no, well it depends on the noise level you are trying to reduce, But moving blankets are thick and dense which can block out the noise

Final thoughts on sound dampening from Blankets.

There are many ways to do it and I really hope my method helped you to soundproof your door. and get rid of all the unwanted noise. If you are looking for more soundproofing tips click here.

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