How To Soundproof A Closet: 8 Simple Steps

Written by Michael Harris
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In this article, I will share with you things you can do right now to soundproof a closet without wasting time and money so you can enjoy a quieter noise-free walk-in closet.

Whether you want to create a quieter sound booth or for vocals without disturbing your family or neighbors this article will help you.

It can be really expensive and complicated to truly soundproof something, Luckily there are a few cheaper methods that I am going to share with you. Without further or do let’s jump right straight to it.

1. Attach Some Acoustic Foam Panels.

Acoustic panels are one of the most cost-effective ways to sound dampen in a closet. Foam panels are great because they are easier to install and help absorb most sounds and echoes which is responsible for making sounds and noises more louder than they actually are.

If you are looking for something cheaper then these will work just fine.

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Now, with that said I think it is important to know that foam panels alone won’t completely sound dampen your closet but dramatically cut down the noises and echoes.

You use these on the walls and you often see them in studios because they help acoustically treat a room.

2. Use Moving Blankets

Yeah, it is true that you can soundproof a closet using blankets. In order to sound dampen something thick dense material with absorbing properties work like magic.

Really, you can use any blankets to cover the walls with, but the golden rule is to make sure that the blankets are thick enough. That is why I would personally recommend using moving blankets because they are really thick and absorb most sounds and reverbs.

Again, without spending a lot of money it’s harder to fully soundproof something, However moving blankets will significantly reduce the amount of sound transferred.

There are a lot of moving blankets on the market, and to be fair they work just fine but the one I recommend is Sure Max because they are ridiculously cheap and come as a pack of 12.

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3. Add Some Bass Traps

Bass Traps help sound dampen low-frequency sounds and vibrations coming in and out through the wall. This will help you get rid most of the bass noise and vibrations leaving your room and furthermore prevent it from entering the room.

You don’t really need bass traps if you won’t be producing any low-frequency sounds. These are designed to specifically combat that.

4. Add a Carpet

Adding a carpet to your closet can make a huge difference. Sometimes small little things yield the biggest results. Now, what a carpet will do is incredible ( Especially if its Thick).

By simply placing a carpet on the floor it will soundproof the floor but also prevent sounds from bouncing which is usually the biggest cause of echoes.

As you know that echoes are the biggest culprits of making noises sound louder than they actually are. If you don’t have one it is best if you consider adding a carpet.

Instead of the ordinary one, you can also opt for the interlocking carpet which is incredibly great at sound absorption.

5. Install a layer of Drywall

This is probably the most effective method but with that is a bit costly too. Adding an additional layer of drywall works well because you are actually doubling on the mass which is what sound dampening is about.

Now, adding an extra layer of drywall on your closet won’t work on its own it requires a noise-proofing sealant like Green Glue.

If your walk-in closet is not that big, then It might be a viable option because it’s a bit costly and for a smaller space.

However, If you do have a budget, I would recommend you actually go for it because by far it works like magic and will keep your closet quieter.

6. Get a Reflection Filter

Now, if you want to sound dampen your closet for recording, you can alternatively get a ready-made soundproofed reflection filter. Reflection filters are great because they are acoustically treated and do pretty much what you want.

If you are living in an apartment, probably you are not allowed to change the structure of your closet then the reflection filter will do the magic for you.

Now, the only downside to this is the fact that reflection filters will work great if you only need a small space or recording vocals/voice over. I recommend Monoprice Isolation shield.

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7. Use Mass Loaded Vinyl

Mass loaded vinyl is well known for its soundproofing properties and can be a great alternative to using green glue and drywall in your closet, how this works is also very simple, since MLV is self-adhesive, all you have to do is close all the gaps using MLV.

8. Try a Pair of Noise Canceling Headphones

I am sure that this might be as helpful for some of you, but this can actually make a day/night difference, depending on why you are trying to soundproof your closet.

If you are doing to avoid outside external noise from disturbing then getting a great pair of noise-canceling Headphones can save you all the effort of sound dampening.

They are a ton of great noise-canceling headphones just make sure you get the right pair for you.

Final Thoughts

Soundproofing a closet can be a really daunting and expensive job, But I did my best to find you the cheapest possible way to do it.

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