How To Soundproof A Condo: 4 Easy Ways

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Now, you just brought a condo or renting one and you are looking for the best way to soundproof it and get rid of the unwanted noises and sounds that can be disturbing and unpleasant to experience.

Fortunately, there are a few things you can do right away to significantly reduce loud noises and prevent them from escaping or entering your condo.

Before going any further it is important to know that, soundproofing an already built condo can be really difficult since the condo already exists, however, the methods below will help you sound dampen the noises dramatically and cheaply.

1. Begin with the Doors

When soundproofing a condo it is essential to sound dampen every object that may be vulnerable to sound waves and doors are one of those objects.

Sound dampening the condo door is as simple as finding and closing the gaps on the door, this can be done by using the following techniques:

Sealing the Door Gaps with a Weatherstripping kit.

One of the most straightforward and simplest ways to seal the gaps on the door is by making use of a soundproof weatherstripping kit.

This is probably the best way to seal the gaps on the door, all you have to do is get a quality soundproof weatherstripping kit, the one I personally recommend is by Kanzy (Click here to see the current price on Amazon).

After getting the door weatherstripping kit, all you have to do is simply close off the gaps, what I like about Kanzy Soundproof Weatherstrips is the fact it is very affordable and also self-adhesive.

2. Sound Dampening Condo Windows

Just like the doors, windows are very vital to sound dampen if you are looking to create a quiet space in your condo.

Sound waves usually exploit the window gaps that is why it is so essential to seal them and sound dampen the area near them.

Fortunately just like the door sound dampening the windows is very simple, but I think it is very important that the following methods won’t soundproof the windows completely but will significantly cut down the sound waves coming in and out.

Here are some of the things that you can do to soundproof your condo windows.

Make Use Weatherstrips:

Just like the door, to close off the gaps on the windows the best way to go about it is to install weatherstrips, fortunately, the same soundproof weatherstrips you used to close of the door gaps you can use them to seal the windows in your condo.

Hanging Sound Blocking Curtains:

Did you know that the material and thickness of your curtains determines the number of soundwaves that it can block out?

Installing soundproof curtains can dramatically reduce and cut down some external noises, what is great about these drapes is the fact they come in different colors and designs which makes it easier to blend in well with any interior design.

Sound dampening curtains are much thicker and denser than average regular ones, that is why they have the ability to absorb and block sound waves.

There are many thick sound-absorbing curtains and you can use any of them be fair, but the ones I personally recommend are the yakamok 2 layer soundproof curtains.

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After hanging these drapes your condo should be a little bit quieter and more elegant.

3. Soundproofing the Condo Floors

Now, Sound dampening condo floors can be a challenge because the floors already exists and if you are renting it can cause trouble between you and your landlord if you decide to use the real soundproofing techniques.

Luckily, you can simply make use of thick soundproof floor mats and these mats will sound dampen the floor and prevent echoes from forming which usually is a culprit of maximizing unwanted sounds.

4. Work on Your Condo Walls

When it comes to soundproofing condo walls, there are many ways to go about it including:

  • Using Green Glue and Drywall.
  • Installing Acoustic Foam Panels.
  • Hanging moving blankets.
  • Placing bass traps on the corners of the wall.

Acoustic Foam Panels

Foam panels are sponge-like objects that are designed to absorb and reduce sounds and echoes in a room, you often see them being used in studios to help balance the sound and eliminate reverbs. One thing you can do to your condo walls is to attach foam panels.

These are great because it can be a temporary thing and you don’t have to reconstruct the walls which can be tedious and expensive. Foam panels are cheaper compared to most soundproofing methods.

With that said it is important to know that foam panels will not completely soundproof your walls, but serve as something that will drastically reduce the noises on your walls.

Advantages of using acoustic foam include: Cost-effective Doesn’t damage the walls Temporary solution (Can be easily removed).

Using Green Glue Noise-proof Sealant

This is by far the best sound dampening solution. What this does is create a room within a room using drywall and green glue to help sound dampen the walls.

Green glue is a noise-proofing solution that was designed to significantly reduce noise by transforming the sound waves into heat.

To soundproof the common walls using this is not difficult and you don’t need to hire an expert to get the job done.

All you need to do is to get enough drywall and add green glue then attach it to your walls. The only two downsides about using green glue are:

It can be a bit costly Not a temporary solution (If you stay in a rented condo it can be a problem for your landlord)

Apply Soundproof Blankets

If you are staying in a rented condo then this might be another solution for you. Did you know? blankets can significantly sound dampen noise? well, it is true however the blankets have to be thick in order to have some effect.

You can any kind of blankets really however what I recommend is using moving blankets due to the material used to make them, it makes it easy to absorb sounds and noises from the wall.

One downside I can think of using blankets for your walls is the fact that it might not be visually appealing. But if done right it can work and still look great. Moving blankets are not really expensive too.

Get Bass Traps

Now, to strengthen the soundproof you want to get Bass Traps. As the name suggests bass traps are meant to help combat low-frequency sounds and noises like bass.

They are great and very easy to install( You literally have to just place one on every corner of the walls) and pretty affordable too. Low-frequency sounds travel really far that is why it is easier to hear bass from far than any other high-frequency sounds.

Placing each bass traps on every corner of your walls will help eliminate the sound especially when you share a common wall.

Finding the Gaps and Seal Them

This may be a tedious process but can help sound dampen your walls, a small crack or gap on your walls can have a significant impact on the overall noise-level coming inside your condo.

That is why it is so important to seal every crack on your wall. Once you spot any cracks you can continue and use green glue or any soundproof spray to close of the cracks. This can take a while so it is essential that you have the whole day to do this.

Attach Decorative Items on your wall Instead of hanging blankets or acoustic foam panels, you can alternatively hang art to help sound dampen the walls or any other visually appealing item.

Final Thoughts

I hope this article helped you understand the different things you can do to soundproof your condo. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via the contact form.

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